Monday, May 16, 2005

What the Fuck is a Blog?

Well I'm off to a good start on this fucking blog! I made my first post and then lost it before I could even publish the goddamn thing! Let me try again. My name is Mike and I'm a self confessed horny old guy, 64 years old, living in the Northern California city of Stockton. I'm retired now but worked most of my career in the military aircraft electronics field. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this blog thingy. Since I'm a horny old guy I think I will write mostly about my sex life or at times like now, with the exception of masturbation my complete lack of a sex life. I think I'll start with my childhood and write about all of the significant sexual activity that I can remember up until the present day. I haven't been laid for quite a while (don't ask how long!) but my right hand still works as good as it did when I was a horny teenager. Okay would you believe ALMOST as good as it did when I was a horny teenager?  Anyway as long as my right hand keeps working and my ancient but still functioning pecker continues to cooperate with the right hand I don't have to be and am not completely celibate even now!

Yeah folks I freely admit it...I am still jacking off after all these years! Masturbation has been a passion of mine throughout my life, even while I was in relationships which include two marriages in my younger days. I'm not ashamed it admit it, I just LOVE to jack off! Yeah that's really me "spanking my monkey" in the picture above. At my age I have no shame!

I've never told most of this nasty stuff to anyone in my life so it might be fun to write about it, "letting it all hang out" (in every sense of that phrase!) for the first time in my life. Not really understanding blogs, I have no idea whether this is a private diary or if anyone can or will read it but that doesn't much matter. It's just something that I want to do. I'll get started soon but right now I think I'll find some porn on my computer, pull out my dick and jack off before I go to bed! Now let me see if I can post this goddamn thing without fucking it up! Oh yeah, one more thing...I freely admit that I can't write worth a shit! If anyone is out there (which I truly doubt!)...well hello to you whoever you are and wherever you are out there in cyberspace! Thanks so much for reading this crap! If you are already offended I sincerely apologize! On second thought no I don't! Goodnight y'all!