Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Major Discovery...Jacking Off!

I'm continuing my remembrances of early sex experiences. I think I was 8 or 9 when I first heard the term "jacking off". A neighborhood friend named Evan and I were out in his back yard talking about nasty stuff like fucking girls one day and he said something like "There is some nasty thing you can do to yourself called 'jacking off' but I don't know how to do it!" He then pulled out his little erect pecker and gave it a few strokes and then put it away. It didn't make much sense to me at the time. I don't recall that "Being Born" book sex education book even mentioning masturbation and this being the prudish late 1940's that probably was indeed the case. Telling kids about playing with their privates was still very taboo!

A couple of years after Evan mentioned "jacking off" and I heard that term for first time, I was down by a creek with an older neighbor kid named Dwight. I believe he was in about the 9th grade and I was in the 7th, about 11 years old and for sure still in the little weiner pre-pubescent stage. Dwight had a reputation as a tough guy and was always getting into fights. He took out his dick to take a piss and I noticed his dong was quite a bit bigger than mine. He saw me looking at his dick and asked me if I had a "big one". I knew he was talking about my penis and I honestly answered no. He told me to show it to him it and since I was a little bit scared of him I did what he said, unzipped and pulled my little wiener out.

Dwight's own big cock was still hanging out and starting to get stiff. He asked me if mine ever got hard and I told him that sometimes it did. He asked me if I knew how to "jack off" and I honestly told him that I'd heard that term before but I didn't know what it meant. He said "Watch this!" and put his hand around his dick shaft and started to rub it up and down. His cock soon got even bigger and stiffer and was now sticking out like a flagpole. It was the first post-pubescent erection I'd ever seen and at the time it seemed fucking huge although in reality it was probably the usual 6 or 7 post puberty dong. Compared to my own little weenie it was definitely huge though and frankly a bit frightening.  He pulled his pants and shorts down and I could see a patch of black pubic hair and a big red nutsack. He told me to do what he was doing to his dick to mine. I tried but was so nervous that I couldn't even make my limp little pecker get hard. He was rubbing his own big dong furiously and in a couple of minutes said "Watch this". This is the stuff that makes babies when you fuck girls!"

Dwight yelled "Ahhhhhh!!!" and at the same time a big bunch of thick milk looking stuff squirted in spurts out of his dick. He told me to keep rubbing my own dick but there was just no way that I was going to even get that little sucker hard. I was still just too fucking shocked and nervous! He finally told me to try it later when I was alone and pulled his shorts up over his still hard and cum dripping erection. He told me to never tell anybody what he had just showed me or he was going to kick my ass. I promised I would never tell a soul...and up until now I kept that promise! Sorry Dwight dude! You're busted a half century later! Oh yeah I asked him if it hurt when the white stuff squirted out (I wondered about that "Ahhhhhhh!") and he laughed and said it felt better than anything you could do except fuck a girl or having her suck your dick. I asked him if he ever fucked a girl and he said yeah he fucked lots of them. At the time I thought that was bullshit but a couple of years later the rumor around school was that he had knocked up Angie Travalino and that caused her to drop out of school to have her baby. I'll always remember Dwight as the dude who showed me how to do what became one of my favorite activities throughout my life. Not that I wouldn't have discovered that great sport soon anyway (we all discover it one way or another!) but thanks anyway to Dwight for giving me a little bit of a pre-puberty head start!

I'm not sure why but that jack off demonstration was a rather traumatic experience for me and yet I couldn't get that picture of Dwight's big dick and what he did to it and the end result out of my head. I decided to try it on my own hairless little pecker as I sat on bed that very same night. I had no trouble becoming erect this time and as I rubbed my dick up and down like Dwight had done it felt better and better. It was a sensation unlike anything I had ever felt before. It started to feel sort of strange as my dick became suddenly more sensitive and I almost stopped rubbing but then I started to get that wonderful tingly, relaxing feeling all over my body...a little more rubbing and...WOW! Of course I was too young to have an ejaculation but that final part sure felt good! Better than anything I'd ever felt in my life in fact! That GREAT relaxing feeling all over my body! WOW! Suddenly it was all over. My penis felt real sensitive and I had to stop, but everything sort of came together that night. I knew this must be the feeling boys got when they fucked girls and this was the reason Dwight and the other older guys liked to "jack off" when they couldn't fuck! JACKING OFF! Absolutely the greatest discovery of my young life and I suspect the greatest discovery of any boy's life!

The next day I went into the bathroom, sat down on the toilet, pulled my pants down and started rubbing my dick again. Knowing what was going to happen at the end made the whole experience feel even better the second time! Jacking off instantly became an at least once daily and usually more than once ritual for me. The fist wank of the day was almost always as soon as I woke up in the morning, usually with some morning wood to inspire me to take things in hand. Then I would frequently jack off again in my bedroom right after I got home from school. That was sort of dangerous with no locks on my bedroom door but thankfully my mom or sister never barged in on me. In addition on most evenings I would go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet and jack off before or after my nightly shower or bath. I did get caught there once by my younger sister...but more about that embarrassing incident in an upcoming post on puberty. If I wasn't too tired or my pecker wasn't sore from the day's activities a final wank of the evening might even take place right before I drifted off to sleep.

It wasn't only at home I was jacking off either. I would often ride my bike to a secluded spot, lay in the grass or sit on a log in the woods or just stand by a bush and whip out my dick and jack myself off. Any place with a public rest room also provided the privacy needed to indulge in my favorite sport whenever the urge hit away from home. There was hardly a private toilet stall in the city of Santa Rosa (and later Napa) that I wasn't familiar with and didn't jack off in during those years. The department stores, the bus station and the local library were particular favorites as was the last row of the balcony of the downtown movie theater.  I was jacking off anywhere and everywhere! I also began to combine the jacking off with fantasies about fucking and being sucked off by all of the cute girls I saw at school...or any other place around town. I was a jacking off fool back then...and yeah I'll admit some people say I still am!

I shared my new discovery with my friend Evan, the guy that had first mentioned "jack off" to me but wasn't sure what it meant himself. I showed him that you had to keep rubbing it, not just give it a few strokes like he had done to get that really good feeling. Evan and I were soon jacking off together. His mom worked so we had the house to ourselves in the afternoon. We would watch TV and try to find a pretty girl or woman on the TV screen and jack off while we pretended we were fucking her. There weren't too many pretty women on TV in those days (no newsbabes!) so we usually ended up jacking off to Lucille Ball on a "I Love Lucy" re-run or one of the daughters on "Father Knows Best". We would argue while jerking off to that show as to who got to fuck the older daughter Betty who had tits if she was here. The loser would have to fuck titless little Kathy. At our age we would have banged either of them in real life or even Jane Wyatt who played their mother. We were at an age where we would have fucked anything that moved. Our hairless pre-pubescent peckers will still only giving us dry climaxes but we sure did enjoy our new found use for our peckers!

At the urinal at school and in the shower room at the local swimming pool I noticed that the guys just a year or so older than me had much bigger penises than mine. Their flaccid penises were as big as Dwight's and my dad's and hair around them too. I was envious and couldn't wait until I got one of those big, hairy cocks like they had. I wanted that white sperm stuff to come squirting out at the end of my jacking off experiences just like it did from Dwight's big dick when he gave me that jack off demonstration. Puberty was just around the corner and then things would REALLY get interesting! I'll write more about that very soon! Until then enjoy the weekend and thanks for reading this crap...if anybody is really out there!

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