Thursday, June 23, 2005

Puberty Attack!

I believe I was 12 or maybe 13 when I started to notice the changes "down there". In the beginning just a little peach fuzz hair was growing above my weenie. My penis itself was starting to look different too. It was getting bigger and the color seemed to be changing from white to sort of a red. My balls and nutsack were also getting bigger. I wondered if all the jacking off had anything to do with the changes. No way was I going to stop performing that wonderful activity though, no matter how big my dick got! By then jacking off was the highlight of my existence! I was now jerking off several times a day and finding it a great stress reliever after school in particular. I couldn't wait to get home, go in my room, unzip my jeans, whip my dick out and jack it off! I was also getting a lot more boners, day and night, and fantasizing more and more about doing nasty things with girls. Mostly it was girls at school I was fantasizing about but  sometimes I even thought about fucking my sister Karen and I felt guilty about that.

I didn't have a lock on my bedroom door and looking back on it I was no doubt living dangerously. It's amazing that my mom or sister Karen didn't barge in on me at least once during those thousands of afternoon jack off sessions. Karen did finally catch me jacking off in the bathroom but more about that later in this post. In addition to my afternoon wank I'd usually jack off again in the bathroom right before my nightly shower and sometimes again before I went to sleep...and frequently again when I woke up with morning wood. Yeah I was a jackin' off fool back then...but probably not too much different from teenage boys of any generation. Some say I'm still a jackin' off fool...but that's a different story! LOL

One afternoon I was jacking off in a stall in the men's rest room of the Greyhound bus depot in Santa Rosa and at the climax a little bit of almost clear liquid oozed out for the first time. I knew immediately what it was. My first ejaculation! Up until then all of my climaxes had been dry. Each subsequent ejaculation produced more and more fluid which was now milk white in color rather than the initial clear liquid. I was soon shooting big gobs of jism just like Dwight, the older kid who had given me that jack off demonstration by the creek about a year earlier. I liked to watch the cum squirt out and it made the jacking off even more fun.

The amount of pubic hair steadily increased and my penis got even bigger. It seemed like just overnight that I went from having a little boy's "weenie" to a fully developed man sized COCK, although I suppose it all took place over several months.I still wondered if all of my compulsive jacking off had anything to do with making my cock bigger. The only other post puberty boner I'd seen was on Dwight, the guy who showed me how to jack off initially. His cock had looked big that day but mine now seemed to look even bigger as I looked at it while jacking off. In the shower room at school I could see that my flaccid penis was pretty much the same size as the rest of guys my age but it was those boners I was concerned with. Was my excess jacking off making my erect penis even bigger and would I be considered a freak or not be able to get my dick inside a girl if it got too big. I certainly didn't want THAT to happen!

As I was  eventually to find out, but probably not until I saw my first hardcore porn magazine with images of erect penises. my dick was completely normal and average in size and appearance, both in it's erect as well as flaccid state.  I was now jacking off two or three times a day and looking at all of the girls at school as well as everywhere else with lust, wondering what was under those blouses and skirts. I fantasized when I jacked off as to what it would be like to feel their tits and suck their nipples, to lick them between their legs and have them suck on my newly acquired big dick and finally to stick that big dick in their tight young pussies and fuck them until I pumped them full of cum. The possibility of an unwanted pregnancy of course never was an element  in those fantasies. Unlike real life where you should definitely use protection when it's needed bareback fucking is perfectly acceptable in your jack off fantasies!
Remember that this time period was still the early 1950's and there was very little of that forbidden female skin to be seen, even in printed form. Men's magazines showed only tits and ass and unless your dad subscribed (most didn't!) to those things you were lucky to get a look at them, except on newsstands, and that was only until until the proprietor told you to "put those damn things down"! Pornography? Unless you were really fortunate just forget it!  If you found a copy of a National Geographic magazine with a picture of a topless African or Tahitian maiden in it you thought that you had died and gone to heaven! Those National Geographic magazines made many a trip to the bathroom with us horny young dudes!

Another good source of jack off material were the amateur photography magazines like U.S. Camera and Popular Photography which at the time frequently featured topless and/or bare butt pictures of models. Pubic hair and genitalia were of course still prohibited in the camera magazines just as they were in other print media. Even the nudist magazines had both male and female crotches were airbrushed out! You tried to get to the latest issue of those photography magazines at the library before some other horny bastard, young or old, tore out the nude pictures before you did. One of those particularly alluring nudes stayed in my wallet for years...until my mom found that cum stained treasure and thew it away! Thanks a lot Mom!

Only at the beach or the swimming pool did you get to see anything at all of REAL LIVE flesh, and that wasn't much with those mostly one piece bathing suits of the era. Of course in those days even that glimpse of cleavage or thigh was enough to give me and my fellow boy horn dogs raging hard ons! Even in the swimming pool men's locker rooms while just anticipating the sight of young female flesh in the pool I was known to occasionally spring a boner! Out by the pool I had to stay in the water most of the time to avoid displaying a big bulge in my swimming trunks!

I must have shot gallons of semen out of my cock in my teenage years while jacking off to fantasies about all of those sweet young babes at school and in the neighborhood and at the beach and in the pool...and anywhere else I saw them! Just walking down the street in downtown Santa Rosa (and later Napa) I would mentally undress and fantasize fucking every post pubescent  babe I saw on the street. Come to think of it I'm SILL doing that but that's a different story! Sometimes I would get so horny I'd have to go into a department store rest room and jerk off to relieve my throbbing hard on that was the inevitable result of my nasty fantasies. Yeah that still happens occasionally but not nearly as often any more. I can usually make it home before I have to beat my meat nowadays! No doubt about guys are never more horny than in our teenage years! Sometimes I wonder if I wasn't just a little hornier than the norm though! I mean I was one jacking off fool back then! Yeah I know...I'm still one jacking off fool!

It wasn't only at home or in public rest rooms that I was whacking off in either. If I was on my bike and started feeling horny I would simply just ride to a secluded place, whip my dick out and jerk it off right then and there. Same with when I was on foot. A place to find the privacy to jack off seemed to be always near by. Good thing I never got caught with all of that outdoor jerking I was doing in those days! I remember one time I came close to being seen. I was jacking off down by the Napa River and suddenly heard some female voices approaching on the trail. I barely got my throbbing dick stuffed back into my pants when a couple of middle aged women came strolling by. I'm not sure if they noticed the prominent bulge in my jeans or not. I did hear some hushed chatter and giggling as they went on their way.

Shortly after I turned 13, in the summer of 1953, we moved from Santa Rosa over to Napa California, about 40 miles away. It was a real bummer leaving my friends and the school I was used to but my dad got a better job in Napa so we moved. It didn't take long before we all adapted to life in Napa though. I made new friends, found new girls at school to fantasize about in class and jack off to at night. Napa was to be my home all through my high school years and up until the time I graduated and left home to joined the Army in the summer of 1958.

Not too long after we moved into our new home in Napa, the most embarrassing thing of my young life happened. My sister Karen, who was now 12 and just starting puberty herself caught me jacking off. I was sitting naked on the toilet one night enjoying my regular nightly jackoff session before my shower when the door opened and Karen started to barge right in. HOLY SHIT! I forgot to lock the fucking door! Karen shrieked at the sight of her stark naked big brother and what he was doing to that.... BIG THING between his legs! I jumped up to close the door on her but there was just no way to cover up my full erection. It was sticking out like a flagpole!
The only thing worse would have been for it to be squirting cum out which I had been pretty close to doing! I'll never forget that look of surprise and shock on Karen's face! I think she almost fainted! Remember this was before the internet or any kind of hardcore porno (at least that any of us had access to.) I'm sure that her brother's big stiff cock that she had previously seen only as a little "weenie" was indeed a major shock to her!

You have to understand that girls of Karen's generation usually saw their first mature hard on when their boyfriend (or even new husband!) pulled it out of their pants and more than likely asked for a service to be performed on it! Rarely did this kind of visual sex education come from their big brothers as it did for Karen that evening! On the other hand I'm certainly not the first teenage boy that got caught in the nude or with a boner or jacking off by sis! I'm sure that same thing is happening right now somewhere in the world. I'm also quite sure that most modern day girls wouldn't be all that surprised or shocked at such a sight! Thanks to pornography and the worldwide web you would have to lead a very sheltered life to not know well before puberty what a hard, hairy cock looks like and what boys and men do with it!

I finally got the door closed on Karen but not before she got a good look at my new king sized play thing. I was really embarrassed and afraid she would say something about it in front of mom and dad (she did like to tease me!) but thankfully that didn't happen. She sort of smirked at me for a couple of days but that was it. She never said a word about it! I suppose she told her girl friends and they giggled about it. I thought the incident was forgotten but a few months later we were having one of our many brother-sister arguments and at one point she looked down at my crotch and said "Mike, there is only one thing that's BIG about you!" I knew what she was talking on but didn't have a comeback. I do vividly remember that after hearing that comment I immediately went in my room and jacked off. That was the first time a girl told told me that I had big dick and even if the comment was from my sister and intended as an insult I got a turned on when I heard it!

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