Saturday, July 23, 2005

My First Blow Job

Going way back in time again to the mid 1950's, right after I lost my virginity to Barbara. the mid thirties divorcee customer on my paper route. I felt weird after that first Saturday afternoon fuck, even though I enjoyed it and wanted some more pussy, even if it was from a woman old enough to be my mother. I suppose it was the age difference that made me feel guilty and the fact that if my parents should find out they  would not be amused. My friends would certainly get more than a chuckle out of it though which was another reason to be concerned about keeping things a total secret! Barbara worked at the Mare Island Navy Base in Vallejo, about 15 miles from Napa and I generally didn't see her during the week. She wasn't home when I delivered my papers and I rarely got into her neighborhood after dinner which was the time she would normally be coming home from work. I wondered all week if there was going to be a repeat performance on Saturday afternoon...and there was to be one indeed! Not the second piece of tail that I was anticipating but something even more first blow job!

On Saturday afternoon while delivering my papers I saw Barbara looking out of her window when I was approaching her house. She immediately waved and motioned for me to come up to the house. Inside she gave me a big hug and a sloppy kiss on the lips which made me feel uncomfortable but also horny  once again. She asked me if I told anyone about what happened and I told her of course not which was the absolute truth.

Barbara got some Cokes and we sat down on the couch. Unlike the previous week, I don't think she had been drinking but she was just as amorous. She sat close to me and stroked my arm and leg and then her hand moved to my crotch and of course by then I had a throbbing hard on. She then told me we couldn't fuck that afternoon because she was on her period. I asked her if that because she could get pregnant and she said no it was just a little messy and she didn't like to do it then. I asked her if I could have got her pregnant when I fucked her the first time. I had been worrying about that ever since I pulled by cock out of her after my ejaculation. She said she had an operation while she was married because the doctors found out it would be dangerous if she got pregnant. She told me I didn't have to worry about ever getting her pregnant. I felt relieved and then got the courage to ask her if she would just give me a hand job since we couldn't fuck today. She smiled and said sure she would.

We went into Barbara's bedroom and we both took all of our clothes off. I already had a throbbing erection which Barbara took in her hand and started rubbing up and down. Just like it did when my sister did it for me in that motel room in Santa Cruz, it felt a whole lot better than doing it myself. Then she surprised me by putting her mouth on my cock and started licking and then sucking it. I knew what a blow job was but I thought it was something that only whores and sluts did. Come to think of it, back in those days I probably wasn't too far off! Her warm mouth did feel so good though, even better than her hand! In fact it even felt better than her pussy when we fucked! In a few minutes I could feel I was about to cum and told her that but she just sort of nodded and kept sucking.

SPURT! I shot a heavy load of cum into her mouth. I don't think I'd jacked off all week in the hope of getting laid again so needless to say my pump was primed! She took it all and then ran into the bathroom and I could hear her spit it into the sink. The cum was still dripping onto my Levis and I followed her in to get some tissues to clean it up. I really didn't know what to say except "That really felt good Barbara!" and "Thanks a lot!" as she rinsed her mouth with mouthwash). She smiled and said "You're welcome honey!" and then promised "Next week we can fuck again!" I finished my Coke and when my cock finally went limp again crammed it into my still cum stained jeans and we kissed goodbye and I went back to my paper route. That's the true story of my first blow job and just like your first fuck, you just never forget your first blow job! The affair with Barbara was only to last for a few more months and I will write about that next time.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Lust for a McDonald's Girl

Sometimes I go for lunch at McDonald's my favorite gourmet dining establishment! (Oh not really!) There is this young Hispanic counter girl (okay counter person!) at our local Mickey D's that just drives me wild with lust! I know there is no way in hell I could ever get even close to her sweet young pussy but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about her and jacking off. I would guess she is between 18 and 21, tall and thin with dark black hair and lovely smooth, clear light brown skin and one of the most luscious mouths I've ever seen in my life. Small to medium sized breasts (and that's fine with me!). When she turns around I always stare at that cute round little butt and sometimes see the panty line. By then I can always feel my dick getting hard. She's very friendly and always says "Have a nice day!" along with a nice warm smile as she delivers my order.

This Latina burger joint princess been in my jack off fantasies quite a bit lately. I fantasize what it would be like to feel and suck those lovely, firm brown tits, to spread those long legs and bury my face in her warm sweet muff, to have her suck my cock until I almost cum and finally to stick my cock in that tight young pussy and fuck her until I explode inside her and pump her full of cum. Like I say, no way in hell that's all gonna happen but it sure gives me some nice jack off fantasy material. My cock is throbbing as I write this! Excuse me while I take care of business...and then I'm on my way to McDonald's where what I'd really like to eat will unfortunately be between her legs, covered up and off limits to horny old white guys! Damn the bad luck!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Losing My Virginity!

Okay now I'm going to tell you the true story about how I lost my virginity! My jack off fantasies always had me losing my virginity to one of the cutest girls in school. Every night when I jacked off I fantasized fucking Teresa or Mary Alice or Jean, three cute girls who I most lusted after at Napa High School. I would fantasize popping their cherries and at the same time losing my own virginity. However I was too shy to even approach those three babes or any other babes so I wasn't sure when the big event (my first fuck) was to take place...if ever! Getting laid was no easy task back in the 1950's. I suspect the great majority of my classmates, male and female, were  virgins when they graduated!

Many times at the Uptown Theater in downtown Napa I sat up in the last row of the stadium balcony and jacked off while I fantasized about fucking and losing my virginity to Marilyn Monroe, Kim Novak, Jayne Mansfield and every other starlet who was up there on the big silver screen. Remember there was no nudity back then in the movies and barely a mention of sex but even a little cleavage was enough to make me unzip my pants and pull out my dick, assuming there was nobody close to me in the theater. Yup long before the porno theater age, I was jerking off at the movies! Thank God that asshole Uptown Theater manager never caught me playing with me weenie in the balcony!

The big event, losing my virginity, finally came in the fall of 1955 when I was 15, just starting my sophomore year at Napa High. It came in a way that I never would have expected. I had a paper route delivering the Napa Register in the outskirts of Napa. One of my customers was Barbara, a pretty red haired, divorced lady in her mid 30's. She lived in half of a duplex and was always very friendly to me. She was the only customer who ever give me a tip when I collected and sometimes invited me in for a Coke on hot Saturday afternoons. I never had any sexual feelings toward her in the beginning. She was after all as old as my mother! She always seemed sort of lonely and I thought she just needed somebody to talk to. I'm not sure how long she had been divorced but it had been a while. She started being a little affectionate (putting her arm around me) as we sat on the couch drinking our cokes sometimes but I didn't even pay that much attention to that. She just seemed sort of like my aunt, who was also very affectionate. The attention from both women made me sort of uncomfortable but I figured it was just something you had to put up with as a teenage boy.

One Saturday afternoon we were sitting there watching some old movie on TV and drinking Cokes. Barbara had some rum in her Coke I think because she seemed a bit tipsy and I could smell the liquor on her breath. She was asking me if I had a girlfriend and when I told her no she said I wouldn't have any problem because I was so cute. My face turned beet red (a common thing back then!) She put her hand on my knee and laughed at my embarrassment. Then she moved her hand to my thigh and I started to feel my cock becoming erect. For the first time I was starting to get turned on by her and I wondered what was in store...another hand job perhaps...and that made my cock even harder. Her hand brushed against my erection and she said something silly like "Oh Mike! Did I do that to you?" I was just speechless. I don't think spoke a word but my red face said it all! She rubbed my cock up through my pants for a couple of minutes and then she kissed me. This was the first full on the lips kiss of my young life I think. I'd had pecks on the cheek from my mom and aunt and even my sister but nothing like this.

As Barbara kissed me I felt her unzip my jeans and reach in and take out my cock. She stopped kissing and we both looked down to see it standing up like a flagpole. "Ooooh that's a nice one Mike!" she said. "Big too! The girls are really going to like you!" She got up and pulled me up, still holding on to my cock. "Come on honey, let's go into my bedroom!" I remember my legs were shaking when I got up. I was scared and yet extremely turned on. There was no way I was going to back down now. We went into her bedroom and I sat on the bed as she took my shoes and socks off and then pulled my jeans and shorts off. She told me to take off my T shirt off which I did. Then I laid there as she undressed. She had slacks and a light blouse as outer clothing and bra and panties underneath. She came over and asked me to unhook her bra. After some fumbling I finally managed and her big tits were released. Then she lay down beside me and pulled her panties off and I got my first look an adult pussy. A big patch of red hair covered her slit. It was both sexy and a bit scary!

She took me in her arms and we kissed some more. She continued to rub my cock slowly as we kissed. I put my hand on one of her tits and felt her nipple become erect. I asked her if I could suck it and she said sure. As I was cupping her breast in my hand and sucking the nipple, she took my other free hand and guided it down to her pussy. I soon found the slit and felt the same wetness I had felt with my sister in that motel room. I even found the clit and rubbed it as I did with my sis. She kept saying things like "Oh that feels so good honey!" Her hand was starting to bring me close to cumming and I told her that. She said "Not yet baby!" and stopped rubbing me. I continued to rub her clit and wondered if I was doing it right. The look on her face made me believe that I was doing okay for the first time. Finally she laid back on the bed, spread her legs and pulled me on top of her. She guided my cock into her slit (good thing because I wasn't really sure where it went!) and I started fucking her.

Oh my God fucking felt GREAT, so different from my own jacking off and even the hand jobs I had received from my sister and my friend Darren. My dick fell out a couple of times and Barbara guided it back in with a giggle. She was saying things like "Oooh you feel so good honey!" My pump was primed and I knew I wasn't going to last very long. I told her I was going to cum and she wrapped her legs around me and told me to do it whenever I was ready. I didn't even think about the possibility of getting her pregnant and I was beyond "the point of no return" anyway! A few more strokes and my volcano erupted! SPURT!!! My cock throbbed and throbbed as I shot my first load into a woman. My first fuck was over and I felt great! I wasn't a virgin anymore! Hallelujah! A day to remember for the rest of my life! When I finished cumming, I started to pull my dick out but she told me to stay in her and let it go down inside her. She was kissing me on the lips some more and suddenly I felt a bit uncomfortable again. Finally she released her legs from around me and I pulled my still partially erect cock out of her pussy. I looked down to see a big wet spot on the sheets.

Afterwards we laid there in bed for a while. Barbara cried a little bit, something I really didn't understand at the time. I apologized for what I did but she said it was all her fault and asked me to please never tell anybody what happened. I told her I would never tell. It was getting almost dinner time so I told her I had to go and finish my paper route. She took me into the bathroom and washed my cock off for me. We got dressed and she kissed me goodbye, again pleading that I not tell anyone what happened. It was really a weird feeling walking home. I had some more papers to deliver but my mind was of course on what just happened.

When I got home I went into the bathroom to piss and I could still smell Barbara's perfume and that new to me aroma of  pussy on my fingers and I thought even my clothes. I was worried my parents might be able to smell that too so I took a shower and changed clothes before having dinner with the family. I think I was really quiet around the house that night and for several days thereafter. I remember my mom asking me if everything was okay and I said sure. Fifty years later I still remember that afternoon as vividly as if it was yesterday. You just NEVER forget your first fuck!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Youthful Weenie Wavers

I want to get to the unexpected way that I lost my virginity but one more thing came to mind as I wrote about the cheap thrill of jacking off in front of the nude gals at the Lusty Lady Peep Show. You can charge this one up to youthful stupidity I guess.

Darren was my best friend in Napa, the kid I introduced to the wonderful sport of jacking off right after I had it introduced to me by the older boy Dwight. We'd enjoyed the sport together at his house many times while watching TV on their couch before his mom got home from work. In retrospect as wrapped up in beating our meat as we were it's amazing his mom didn't catch us in the act at least once during that time. One day Darren and I were riding our bikes one day down by the Napa River when we discovered a spot underneath a bridge where the main highway into town ran overhead. We could see the cars overhead and the faces of the people in the passenger seats, usually women. There was no immediate way they could get down to where we were at. We decided it was a good place to take our peckers out and take a leak and maybe give the ladies a show at the same time.

Most of the time the people in the front and rear seats on the side of the car closest to us were looking straight ahead but sometimes they would take a look down towards the river and spot us looking back at them with our dongs hanging out taking a piss. We got the desired look of shock once in a while and it gave us a cheap thrill! Like I said chalk it up to youthful stupidity! It just seemed like a good idea at the time! Today? Uh not so good

We decided to carry our juvenile weenie exhibit one step further by rubbing our dicks to make them hard and then showing our boners sticking straight out. This really got a shocked reaction from those who looked down at us, and fortunately it seemed to be mostly women on the passenger side. We could see every sort of reaction from smiles to shock on those faces. We didn't want to stay too long in case somebody found a pay phone (no cell phones in those days!) and reported us! So we just held our boner exhibitions to about ten minutes and then got on our bikes and got out of there quick.

More often than not we would finish our little weenie waving exhibition by jacking off all the way to ejaculation and hope somebody would be looking down as our volcanoes erupted. One night a Greyhound bus went by and gave us our biggest audience yet. What a rush that was! We sometimes stripped completely naked for our performances. I remember one time we thought we saw the station wagon of someone we knew, a neighbor of mine in fact, go by up there and a female face, who we thought we recognized as our neighbor's wife peering out from the passenger side. That scared the hell out of us until we rode our bike by the neighbor's house a few minutes later and saw the station wagon was still in the driveway. The car we saw on the freeway was headed in the other direction. There was a big sigh of relief from both of us that night but we soon went back to waving our weenies at the cars. It was just to much of a rush to stop!

Our silly little game came to an abrupt end one evening when we spotted a California Highway Patrol car slowly cruising by with an officer peering out from the passenger side. I'm not sure if we finally got turned in or if they were just cruising by. You never saw two little bastards lose their erections, put their clothes back on, jump on their bikes and ride like hell in your life! Our youthful weenie waving days were over for good! We definitely got scared straight that night!

Looking back, all of that weenie waving was a definitely a stupid and dangerous thing to do! We could have easily been caught and totally embarrassed when our family and friends found out. My parents in particular would NOT have been amused! Kids do some stupid things though and this was relatively harmless compared to some of the vandalism and criminal activity kids get involved with today. Yeah a few women and maybe even a few kids saw our boners and maybe even a little jacking off but that's really not that big a deal I suppose. Most of the people were probably more amused than anything else.

I certainly wouldn't advise any modern lads to try this stunt though. Remember this was fifty years ago, long before everybody had cell phones. Best to keep it zipped and save your weenie waving for the web today dudes! Females are welcome to moon me or show me your private parts any time and any place! Thanks for reading folks, see you next time!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cheap Thrills at the Lusty Lady

I was in San Francisco this past weekend. I decided to walk out to North Beach to visit an old haunt, the Lusty Lady Peep Show! It's a strip joint where you go in little booths, put quarters and dollars into a slot to open a window and then watch several completely nude young women dance around in a mirrored room on the other side of the booths. This place became unionized after a strike and battle with management several years ago. The battle for union representation is the subject of a documentary film, called "Live Girls Unite!", made by one of the strippers at the time. Later the strippers and staff bought the place from the former now it's a co-op I guess. The girls can see you through the glass and frequently come up to the windows to give you a close up view of their privates. Of course most of the guys (including myself) are jacking off in the booths, as is most evident by the wet spots on the floors (although they mop often and keep the place fairly clean). There is even a tissue dispenser outside the booths for those with the good manners not to shoot their load all over the floor.

The girls vary in looks, from just average to stunning but all are enough to give you a throbbing hard on and plenty of inspiration to beat your meat. They of course can see you jacking off and that's part of the cheap thrill. It's legal exhibitionism for both horny young studs and horny old farts like me. They don't hustle you for tips at all and for about $3 or $4 you can have about a 10 minute jerk off extravaganza in front of a live babe. For about $20 you can have a private chat with a gal in a private booth. She is nude and you can jack off in front of her but I understand any touchee-feelie stuff is strictly prohibited. Don't expect to go in and get a hand job or a blow job! Again that's just what I've heard. At other sleazier places around town, that apparently is not the case...although you will pay big bucks for those illegal sex acts, and by all means use a condom for any blow jobs (or maybe even hand jobs!)

As for me, I'll just go into one of the regular little booths at the Lusty Lady once in a while when I'm in town, pull out my dick and whack off in front of a live babe for a cheap and safe sex thrill. A sweet young Asian gal gave me a nice show today and even smiled as she watched my cock erupt. At my age you have to take your cheap thrills where you can find them! The Horny Old Guy says check out the Lusty Lady when you're in Frisco town! Tell them the Bay Area Horndog sent you!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kids These Days!

I had to go to the Bay Area from Stockton yesterday. I was riding a fairly crowded BART rapid transit train into San Francisco. There was a teenage girl (16-18 I would guess) riding with her boyfriend. She was what used to be called the "girl next door" type, blond, blue eyes, a lovely complexion, very pretty. I suppose there were some tattoos and piercings somewhere on that lovely young body but at least they weren't visible with her clothes on. She talked very loud and you could hear her all over the car. Across the aisle from her was a punker type with a sweat shirt that had "FUCK CUNT" hand written in large letters on it (lots of class there!). She was talking to her boyfriend as well as the "FUCK CUNT" dude across the aisle. Every other word was "fuck", mostly in the non sexual sense. "You won't fucking believe this!" "No fucking way I was going to do that!", etc. Once in a while, the fuck word was used in the sexual sense. "The bitch should have just given you a blow job instead of letting you fuck her!"she told "Mr. FUCK CUNT". That comment received several shocked and annoyed looks from the other elderly passengers but just a chuckle from me. I was also starting to feel a rising in my shorts!

The hottie had on tight jeans and every time she stood up (she was sitting in the sideways seats by the door and moved around quite a bit) you could see a little of the crack of her cute young butt which was giving me a hard on. Once when she was sitting down her boyfriend stuck his finger down that butt cleavage. She gave him a dirty look and he pulled his finger out, only to stick it down there again. A few minutes later, she got up, unbuckled her belt and unzipped her fly to show her boyfriend what panties she was wearing, then she gives the same view to her new friend (the punk) across the aisle. I just got a short glimpse of some bright red panties and my dick really started throbbing! Kids these days! She and her boyfriend got off at Montgomery Street and the show was over. There was just time enough to get my dick to go partially limp before my stop at Civic Center.

Last night in bed I thought about that hot young babe on the BART train...she became my jack off fantasy and if anybody ever deserved being jacked off to she did! Yeah it's very true she's jailbait but there is no law against jacking off to jailbait, in particular when they look, talk and act like she did! In my fantasy I was back there on the train fucking her in full view of all the other passengers. Now THAT would be fun!

Kids these days! You know I think I was born fifty fucking years too soon! I recently read an article that said girls are now starting to suck cock at 12 or 13 years of age and don't even consider blow jobs as actual sex (Bill Clinton was right?)  They apparently now suck you off as casually as girls of my generation gave us good night kisses. Yup I was definitely born WAY too soon! Am I envious of today's horny young studs? Oh Hell yeah I am! Thanks for reading, see you next time!