Sunday, July 10, 2005

Cheap Thrills at the Lusty Lady

I was in San Francisco this past weekend. I decided to walk out to North Beach to visit an old haunt, the Lusty Lady Peep Show! It's a strip joint where you go in little booths, put quarters and dollars into a slot to open a window and then watch several completely nude young women dance around in a mirrored room on the other side of the booths. This place became unionized after a strike and battle with management several years ago. The battle for union representation is the subject of a documentary film, called "Live Girls Unite!", made by one of the strippers at the time. Later the strippers and staff bought the place from the former now it's a co-op I guess. The girls can see you through the glass and frequently come up to the windows to give you a close up view of their privates. Of course most of the guys (including myself) are jacking off in the booths, as is most evident by the wet spots on the floors (although they mop often and keep the place fairly clean). There is even a tissue dispenser outside the booths for those with the good manners not to shoot their load all over the floor.

The girls vary in looks, from just average to stunning but all are enough to give you a throbbing hard on and plenty of inspiration to beat your meat. They of course can see you jacking off and that's part of the cheap thrill. It's legal exhibitionism for both horny young studs and horny old farts like me. They don't hustle you for tips at all and for about $3 or $4 you can have about a 10 minute jerk off extravaganza in front of a live babe. For about $20 you can have a private chat with a gal in a private booth. She is nude and you can jack off in front of her but I understand any touchee-feelie stuff is strictly prohibited. Don't expect to go in and get a hand job or a blow job! Again that's just what I've heard. At other sleazier places around town, that apparently is not the case...although you will pay big bucks for those illegal sex acts, and by all means use a condom for any blow jobs (or maybe even hand jobs!)

As for me, I'll just go into one of the regular little booths at the Lusty Lady once in a while when I'm in town, pull out my dick and whack off in front of a live babe for a cheap and safe sex thrill. A sweet young Asian gal gave me a nice show today and even smiled as she watched my cock erupt. At my age you have to take your cheap thrills where you can find them! The Horny Old Guy says check out the Lusty Lady when you're in Frisco town! Tell them the Bay Area Horndog sent you!

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Anonymous said...

I've been there too. Cool place! I couldn't leave they weren't hustling you for tips like they do at most of the other clubs in Frisco. Wish I didn't live so far away.