Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kids These Days!

I had to go to the Bay Area from Stockton yesterday. I was riding a fairly crowded BART rapid transit train into San Francisco. There was a teenage girl (16-18 I would guess) riding with her boyfriend. She was what used to be called the "girl next door" type, blond, blue eyes, a lovely complexion, very pretty. I suppose there were some tattoos and piercings somewhere on that lovely young body but at least they weren't visible with her clothes on. She talked very loud and you could hear her all over the car. Across the aisle from her was a punker type with a sweat shirt that had "FUCK CUNT" hand written in large letters on it (lots of class there!). She was talking to her boyfriend as well as the "FUCK CUNT" dude across the aisle. Every other word was "fuck", mostly in the non sexual sense. "You won't fucking believe this!" "No fucking way I was going to do that!", etc. Once in a while, the fuck word was used in the sexual sense. "The bitch should have just given you a blow job instead of letting you fuck her!"she told "Mr. FUCK CUNT". That comment received several shocked and annoyed looks from the other elderly passengers but just a chuckle from me. I was also starting to feel a rising in my shorts!

The hottie had on tight jeans and every time she stood up (she was sitting in the sideways seats by the door and moved around quite a bit) you could see a little of the crack of her cute young butt which was giving me a hard on. Once when she was sitting down her boyfriend stuck his finger down that butt cleavage. She gave him a dirty look and he pulled his finger out, only to stick it down there again. A few minutes later, she got up, unbuckled her belt and unzipped her fly to show her boyfriend what panties she was wearing, then she gives the same view to her new friend (the punk) across the aisle. I just got a short glimpse of some bright red panties and my dick really started throbbing! Kids these days! She and her boyfriend got off at Montgomery Street and the show was over. There was just time enough to get my dick to go partially limp before my stop at Civic Center.

Last night in bed I thought about that hot young babe on the BART train...she became my jack off fantasy and if anybody ever deserved being jacked off to she did! Yeah it's very true she's jailbait but there is no law against jacking off to jailbait, in particular when they look, talk and act like she did! In my fantasy I was back there on the train fucking her in full view of all the other passengers. Now THAT would be fun!

Kids these days! You know I think I was born fifty fucking years too soon! I recently read an article that said girls are now starting to suck cock at 12 or 13 years of age and don't even consider blow jobs as actual sex (Bill Clinton was right?)  They apparently now suck you off as casually as girls of my generation gave us good night kisses. Yup I was definitely born WAY too soon! Am I envious of today's horny young studs? Oh Hell yeah I am! Thanks for reading, see you next time!

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