Monday, July 18, 2005

Lust for a McDonald's Girl

Sometimes I go for lunch at McDonald's my favorite gourmet dining establishment! (Oh not really!) There is this young Hispanic counter girl (okay counter person!) at our local Mickey D's that just drives me wild with lust! I know there is no way in hell I could ever get even close to her sweet young pussy but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about her and jacking off. I would guess she is between 18 and 21, tall and thin with dark black hair and lovely smooth, clear light brown skin and one of the most luscious mouths I've ever seen in my life. Small to medium sized breasts (and that's fine with me!). When she turns around I always stare at that cute round little butt and sometimes see the panty line. By then I can always feel my dick getting hard. She's very friendly and always says "Have a nice day!" along with a nice warm smile as she delivers my order.

This Latina burger joint princess been in my jack off fantasies quite a bit lately. I fantasize what it would be like to feel and suck those lovely, firm brown tits, to spread those long legs and bury my face in her warm sweet muff, to have her suck my cock until I almost cum and finally to stick my cock in that tight young pussy and fuck her until I explode inside her and pump her full of cum. Like I say, no way in hell that's all gonna happen but it sure gives me some nice jack off fantasy material. My cock is throbbing as I write this! Excuse me while I take care of business...and then I'm on my way to McDonald's where what I'd really like to eat will unfortunately be between her legs, covered up and off limits to horny old white guys! Damn the bad luck!

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