Monday, July 11, 2005

Youthful Weenie Wavers

I want to get to the unexpected way that I lost my virginity but one more thing came to mind as I wrote about the cheap thrill of jacking off in front of the nude gals at the Lusty Lady Peep Show. You can charge this one up to youthful stupidity I guess.

Darren was my best friend in Napa, the kid I introduced to the wonderful sport of jacking off right after I had it introduced to me by the older boy Dwight. We'd enjoyed the sport together at his house many times while watching TV on their couch before his mom got home from work. In retrospect as wrapped up in beating our meat as we were it's amazing his mom didn't catch us in the act at least once during that time. One day Darren and I were riding our bikes one day down by the Napa River when we discovered a spot underneath a bridge where the main highway into town ran overhead. We could see the cars overhead and the faces of the people in the passenger seats, usually women. There was no immediate way they could get down to where we were at. We decided it was a good place to take our peckers out and take a leak and maybe give the ladies a show at the same time.

Most of the time the people in the front and rear seats on the side of the car closest to us were looking straight ahead but sometimes they would take a look down towards the river and spot us looking back at them with our dongs hanging out taking a piss. We got the desired look of shock once in a while and it gave us a cheap thrill! Like I said chalk it up to youthful stupidity! It just seemed like a good idea at the time! Today? Uh not so good

We decided to carry our juvenile weenie exhibit one step further by rubbing our dicks to make them hard and then showing our boners sticking straight out. This really got a shocked reaction from those who looked down at us, and fortunately it seemed to be mostly women on the passenger side. We could see every sort of reaction from smiles to shock on those faces. We didn't want to stay too long in case somebody found a pay phone (no cell phones in those days!) and reported us! So we just held our boner exhibitions to about ten minutes and then got on our bikes and got out of there quick.

More often than not we would finish our little weenie waving exhibition by jacking off all the way to ejaculation and hope somebody would be looking down as our volcanoes erupted. One night a Greyhound bus went by and gave us our biggest audience yet. What a rush that was! We sometimes stripped completely naked for our performances. I remember one time we thought we saw the station wagon of someone we knew, a neighbor of mine in fact, go by up there and a female face, who we thought we recognized as our neighbor's wife peering out from the passenger side. That scared the hell out of us until we rode our bike by the neighbor's house a few minutes later and saw the station wagon was still in the driveway. The car we saw on the freeway was headed in the other direction. There was a big sigh of relief from both of us that night but we soon went back to waving our weenies at the cars. It was just to much of a rush to stop!

Our silly little game came to an abrupt end one evening when we spotted a California Highway Patrol car slowly cruising by with an officer peering out from the passenger side. I'm not sure if we finally got turned in or if they were just cruising by. You never saw two little bastards lose their erections, put their clothes back on, jump on their bikes and ride like hell in your life! Our youthful weenie waving days were over for good! We definitely got scared straight that night!

Looking back, all of that weenie waving was a definitely a stupid and dangerous thing to do! We could have easily been caught and totally embarrassed when our family and friends found out. My parents in particular would NOT have been amused! Kids do some stupid things though and this was relatively harmless compared to some of the vandalism and criminal activity kids get involved with today. Yeah a few women and maybe even a few kids saw our boners and maybe even a little jacking off but that's really not that big a deal I suppose. Most of the people were probably more amused than anything else.

I certainly wouldn't advise any modern lads to try this stunt though. Remember this was fifty years ago, long before everybody had cell phones. Best to keep it zipped and save your weenie waving for the web today dudes! Females are welcome to moon me or show me your private parts any time and any place! Thanks for reading folks, see you next time!

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