Saturday, August 06, 2005

A Few More Months with Barbara in Fall 1955

Fucking and getting sucked off by Barbara became a regular thing for me during the next few months. It was usually only on weekends when she didn't have to work. I didn't see her much during the week because she got home late but every Saturday afternoon when I delivered my paper, I would go into her house for a Coke followed by a quickie fuck or blow job. Then on Sunday afternoons with no papers to deliver, I would make some excuse to get out of the house and ride my bike over to her house, hoping nobody saw me going in or out of her front door. I really didn't want any school friends to see me and of course my parents would have had a shit fit if they knew what was going on. I didn't even know the sex was illegal on Barbara's part back then. I just felt guilty and ashamed for fucking a woman old enough to be my mother! It felt just too damn goddamn good to stop though!

There wasn't a lot of variety in the fucking. We never fucked in anything other than the missionary on top of her. The foreplay seldom lasted more than 10 minutes and I never once went down on her even though she usually sucked me, either in foreplay or all the way to ejaculation. I wasn't quite ready for pussy eating and she never requested that I go down on her. Looking back I realize that I was selfish and should have done some muff diving. Barbara could have given me some helpful hints and it would have been good practice for when I got a real girlfriend too. On Sunday afternoons, we would sometimes take a short break (with a Coke, what else?) after fucking and then fuck again. It didn't take long for me to re-charge my battery and come up with another throbbing hard on in those days! I would take a shower to get the smell of perfume, sweat and pussy off before I rode my bike home for Sunday dinner. I remember getting home one day and finding some lipstick on my face when I went in the bathroom to take a piss. Fortunately no other family member had seen me first! I was careful to check more carefully at her house after that!

About Christmas time I began to suspect that my free pussy and blow jobs were about to come to an end. Barbara would make excuses to have to go to work on Saturdays. Late one Saturday night after a movie at the Uptown Theater, I rode my bike by her house and she was in the driveway standing close and talking to a man by a car that was not hers. They hugged and kissed before he got in and drove away. Yet the next day Barbara was ready and willing to suck and fuck when I came over. I didn't mention seeing the other guy. Christmas and New Years went by and I didn't see her very much at all. She did give me a nice sweater for Christmas though. I told my parents that it was just because I was her paper boy and she was a nice lady on my route.

In early January Barbara told me that she was moving to Vallejo to be closer to her work. I asked her if she had a boyfriend there and she hesitated and then admitted that she did. She told me that I could still come down and see her there. I asked her if we could still fuck and she said no. Of course I was jealous and hurt... for the first time but definitely not the last for that feeling! We did fuck a couple of more times before she moved at the end of the month. I still vividly remember seeing that moving truck in her driveway. The last time I collected for the paper she was crying and told me again I should come and see her and she would come to Napa to see me. I was almost in tears myself. We kissed but didn't fuck that afternoon.

I never saw Barbara again. I didn't know her address in Vallejo and she never contacted me. I felt an awful sense of loss for quite a while after Barbara left. I guess I loved her in a way even though our relationship was mostly about sex. I checked the Vallejo telephone directory a couple of times in the next couple of years and once more when I got out of the Army but there was no listing for her. She may have got married but I'm not even sure of that. She could have moved too. She would be in her mid 80's (a strange thought!) now if she is still alive. I still think of her sometimes but you always remember the person who introduced you to the wonderful world of sex even if it was a much older woman. Barbara was really a nice lady and I hope the rest of her life was good. I'll always remember her fondly!

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