Saturday, August 27, 2005

Life After Barbara...Back to Jackin'!

Okay it's back to my boring but true life story. After Barbara, the older woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of fucking, moved away I went back to daily jacking off for my much needed regular sexual release. I was still pretty shy and hadn't dated at all, but I was only 15 so that wasn't that unusual back in the 1950's. I wanted some more pussy in the worst way though! Once you've had your first fuck and blow job, jacking off doesn't seem quite the same any know for sure that there is something out there that is much more fun and feels much better and you want some more of it. However when there isn't any pussy around you just have to take things in hand. That was true back then and it's true now. Masturbation was  then and is still the next best thing to sex with a partner! Hey it's 50 years later and I'm still doing and enjoying it! What more proof do you need than that? Truly one of the joys of life!

During the school year my first jack off of the day usually came right after I got home from school. I would go in my room, lay down on my bed, pull my jeans and shorts down just enough to get my dick out and give myself a quick whack off, thinking of some girl at school that I would just love to fuck or have suck me off. I didn't have a lock on my door in those days and it's amazing that I never got caught jacking off by my sister or my mom. Of course my sister had already caught me jacking off in the bathroom and in fact had jacked me off twice in that motel room in Santa Cruz so I guess it wouldn't have that big a deal for her.

Normally right before I took my nightly shower, I would have a second jerk off session in the bathroom, always double checking the bathroom door to make sure it was locked. No way Karen was going to catch me naked and jerking in there again! Then there were those frequent mornings when I awoke with those throbbing boners known "morning wood" when I also would rub another one out. Sometimes it was a necessity to jack off those morning woodies just so I could take a much needed piss afterwards. Of course it's impossible to take a leak with a full hard on. Then there were the toilet stalls at school, in the public library, in several stores in downtown Napa, at the Uptown Theater, in gas stations, restaurants. Thank God for public restroom stalls! They're good for much more than than taking a dump I was to come to appreciate even more
when I joined the Army and found out what a real lack of privacy can do to your ability to engage in your favorite solitary activity.

Yeah I was a jacking off fool in those days, although in reality probably not that much different than teenage boys of my generation or any generation. Some people say that I still am a jacking off fool but let's not talk about that right now!

My mom did catch me nude one morning, not jacking off but with a boner. I used to sleep in the nude on the hot summer nights in Napa. I would usually put on my pajama bottoms if I had to get up to take a piss but one morning I woke up real early with a real stiffy and had to pee real bad at the same time. I didn't think anyone else in the house was up so I got up and still buck naked went down the hall to the bathroom to see if I could pee with my woody or I would have to jack it off first to make my boner go down and peeing possible.

My mom was up early for some reason and I met her in the hallway. What do you say to your mom when you are standing there naked with a big fat teenage boner? I of course tried to cover it up with my hand. She looked shocked for a moment and then just smiled, shook her head and turned and walked away. A couple of minutes later I heard laughter coming out of mom and dad's bedroom. Both her and my dad were giving me smirks for the next couple of days but neither ever said anything about it. It was embarrassing as hell at the time but seems sort of funny now! Needless to say, from then on I never paraded down the hall naked let alone with a full woody! Come to think of it that was actually the second time mom had seen my post-pubescent boner. The first time was when she caught me and Karen naked in a motel room where we shared a room and a bed on a family vacation. She was not so nearly amused at the sight of my stiff that time! You can read about that totally embarrassing incident HERE.

Me and my friend Dennis, who was a year older than me, went to the Napa Town and Country Fair in the August of 1956 and picked up a couple of younger girls. Actually he did all of the talking in picking the girls up. We rode some of the rides at the carnival and walked around the fair grounds most of the afternoon. The girls were from Calistoga up the valley and we walked back downtown with them where they were going to catch the Greyhound bus back home. We talked them into taking a detour down by the Napa River with us where we smoked some cigarettes and then started making out with the girls. It was mostly kissing but I got a feel of soft warm titty and even a little stinkfinger before the girl I was with told me to stop it. It was just as well because she was dry down there and I couldn't even find her clit. I don't think she'd even kissed a boy before. Dennis didn't do much better and the girls soon left us high and dry. I'm sure we both went home with sore nuts and jacked off!

I was slowly getting a little more confidence with girls though. I invited Carol McEntire, a friend of my sister, to a matinee at the Uptown Theater one Sunday afternoon. We made out up in the last row of the balcony where I had previously only jacked off. I still remember the movie was "To Hell and Back" with Audie Murphy playing himself. I tried feeling her tits through her sweater and she pushed my hand away. That date led to going over to her house on another afternoon though. Her mom worked and we had the house to ourselves. We laid on the sofa and made out again. This time there was heavy kissing and I got her bra off and felt and sucked her nice pointed little titties.

I was just pulling off her jeans when when we heard her mom's car in the driveway which put an abrupt end to our fun. We looked pretty guilty when her mom walked in. I'm sure I still had a big bulge where my dick was still throbbing in my pants. Her mom was pissed and told me to go home. More sore nuts and more jacking off as soon as I got home! Later Carol told me I couldn't come over any more and she couldn't go out with me again because I was two years older than her. If I wasn't for Carol's mommy, I may have popped my first cherry that afternoon or shortly thereafter. Damn the bad luck!

So all my compulsive masturbation got me through the loss of Barbara as well as the normal stress, sexual and otherwise, that goes along with being a teenager. Thank God I didn't have any hangups about jacking off! In retrospect those hours I spent beating my meat were some of the happiest times I spent as a teenager, before, during and after my little sexual adventure with Barbara. Oh hell they've been some of the happiest times I've spent all throughout my life. If you folks haven't figured it out by now I just fucking love to jack off! Getting back to my story, I started my junior year at Napa High School in the fall of 1956 and was about to meet Vicki the first real love of my life as well as my next sexual partner. Getting into her sweet young panties was going to take a while though. More about that will be forthcoming. Meanwhile thanks for reading!

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