Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Damn! I Actually Got Laid!

Don't ask me how long it's been since I've been had a piece of tail! It's been a while folks but yesterday afternoon Gloria an old girlfriend of mine came over and believe it or not we actually fucked! Hallelujah! Praise Jesus, yours truly the Horny Old Guy got laid! Who says miracles never happen? Gloria was my next door neighbor in an apartment complex I lived at here in Stockton about 15 years ago. We had a stormy on again-off again relationship over several years and after all of this time I thought that she was truly out of my life altogether, frankly with no major regrets. There she was on the phone yesterday though. I didn't even need to ask who it was when I heard that rather shrill voice. She now lives up in Oregon, is divorced from hubby #2 and was in town to visit her mom. We chatted for quite a while on the phone, catching up on each other's lives and then I invited her to lunch. We met at our favorite Italian joint downtown.

After lunch we came back to my place and talked about old times. I really didn't think she would want to fuck after all these years but she was the one who snuggled up to me on the couch. We started kissing and when she put her hand on my crotch, I realized we were going to end up in bed. I was getting hard but I wondered if I would have a problem staying hard after all this time and especially since I am now 65 years old and my boners aren't what they used to be. I excused myself for a pee break and popped a Viagra tablet while I was in the bathroom. I've had a sample six pack from my doctor for a year with no real chance to try one out for fucking. I popped the first pill right after I got the samples and it did the job, but with no female company around I could only jack off after I sprung that first Viagra enhanced boner. At least I knew the damn stuff worked!

We went back to kissing and in about a half an hour I found myself with a much stronger erection so I led Gloria into the bedroom. Gloria is now 55. She must have been around 40 when I last saw her nude and fucked her. Things have changed as I discovered when I undressed her! I won't elaborate but it's a good thing I popped that Viagra! Of course I've changed too but we both lied and told each other we still looked really good. One good thing was that she's been through menopause so no pregnancy prevention was needed. We did ask each other about our recent sexual past and she said she hadn't been laid in several years either and her last relationship was with her ex hubby. I suppose we should have used a condom anyway, just to be extra safe, but I trust her and know I am clean so I fucked her bareback...good old nasty unprotected fucking! It's a good thing I had some K-Y jelly though...she definitely needed some extra lube even after I did lots of my expert pussy eating. Guess some vaginal dryness comes with age for gals just as problems getting it up comes sometimes with us guys.

Oh how good Gloria's mouth felt on my dick in our foreplay! She always was a sweet little cocksucker! I would have been content just to let her continue sucking and cum in her mouth but she wanted to fuck and soon her legs were spread wide and she pulled me on top of her. Her warm pussy, still pretty tight, did feel good and we had a nice long fucking session, stopping several times for a break when I was close to cumming. Finally I ejaculated inside her which felt as good as it always did. In the old days, I could stay hard and we could sometimes fuck again but even Viagra wasn't going to make that possible now without a break. I soon lost my erection pulled my limp dick out of her pussy.

I got up and got some wine and brought it back to bed and we laid together and talked for a while. I was glad to see that she's finally given up smoking. I wanted to take her to dinner and have her stay the night but she said she had to get home to "mommy". Gloria is 55 and 'mommy" is 80 something and yet Gloria has to still get home to her! When we went together, that fortunately wasn't a problem as Gloria always had her own place, which was right next door to mine. I still remember her mom though. Her parents never did like me very much, probably at least partially because I wasn't Italian like they are. They wanted Gloria to find a nice Italian boy!

Gloria left for San Francisco to see some friends this morning and is flying back to Oregon in a couple of days so I won't see her again (this trip anyway). We exchanged e mail addresses and promised to e mail and phone and she invited me to visit her in Oregon sometime...but I doubt any of that will take place. I've found that when relationships end, it's really hard to rekindle the old passion. There's an old song by Mickey Newbury goes something like:

"Yesterday's gone, it's better forgotten,
like the poison red berries that die on the vine!"

I think the passion in mine and Gloria's relationship died on the vine about a decade ago. Fucking her once again was definitely a pleasant break from my usual solitary sexual practice of jacking off though. It definitely reminded me of what I've been missing and makes me want to go out and find another steady girlfriend and get back to having a regular partner for several times a week fucking and sucking. However for the time being it's back to using the old right hand for relief. Thanks Gloria darlin' for reminding me how wonderful fucking feels's been a while! Hope you find a lasting love up there in Oregon!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

So Close and Yet So Far Away!

I had to go to San Francisco on Saturday. Riding a crowded Muni streetcar, I was seated and there was a young woman (18 or so I would guess) standing that had her crotch just a few inches from my face. "So close and yet so far away!" I thought to myself, wishing that the streetcar would take a curve too sharply and put her warm crotch right into my face. She was cute too, blond and blue eyed with a trim young figure. You could see some lovely soft skin and a cute belly button between her top and her tight fitting jeans. By the way I find belly buttons VERY erotic! I started to get a hard on as I fantasized putting my face between her legs and eating her. Fat fucking chance! I'm old enough to be her grandfather!

There is nothing wrong with fantasy though and as I jacked myself off last night I again imagined myself sucking on her firm young tits, eating her sweet pussy, having her suck my cock until I was about to cum and finally sticking my big cock in her and fucking her until I pumped her full of cum! I'm getting another hard on as I write these words on this Sunday morning. The images of some girls and women that you just see on the street stay with you and I think this is one of them for me. I'd give a week's pay for just one taste of that sweet young pussy! Excuse me now while I jack off again! They don't call me a dirty old man for nothing!