Sunday, September 11, 2005

So Close and Yet So Far Away!

I had to go to San Francisco on Saturday. Riding a crowded Muni streetcar, I was seated and there was a young woman (18 or so I would guess) standing that had her crotch just a few inches from my face. "So close and yet so far away!" I thought to myself, wishing that the streetcar would take a curve too sharply and put her warm crotch right into my face. She was cute too, blond and blue eyed with a trim young figure. You could see some lovely soft skin and a cute belly button between her top and her tight fitting jeans. By the way I find belly buttons VERY erotic! I started to get a hard on as I fantasized putting my face between her legs and eating her. Fat fucking chance! I'm old enough to be her grandfather!

There is nothing wrong with fantasy though and as I jacked myself off last night I again imagined myself sucking on her firm young tits, eating her sweet pussy, having her suck my cock until I was about to cum and finally sticking my big cock in her and fucking her until I pumped her full of cum! I'm getting another hard on as I write these words on this Sunday morning. The images of some girls and women that you just see on the street stay with you and I think this is one of them for me. I'd give a week's pay for just one taste of that sweet young pussy! Excuse me now while I jack off again! They don't call me a dirty old man for nothing!

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