Sunday, October 02, 2005

Butt Crack Cleavage Turns Me On/Jerking Off in the Woods!

I went to a music festival today and I never saw so much butt crack cleavage in my life. Those young gals with their low jeans and skimpy thongs no panties sure provide some nice views for us dirty old men. I have to say that I find butt crack cleavage on those sweet young things (both the jailbait and legal variety!) almost as erotic as titty cleavage. BOING! Can you say "instant boner"? I frequently fantasize pulling down those jeans and panties and burying my face between those warm young buns. Yup we are talking about analingus here even though I like to perform that act in my fantasy life more than I like to do it in real life. Butt crack cleavage is yummy though, at least in the opinion of this horny old guy!

In my every day wanderings I'm always on the lookout for butt crack cleavage. The skimpy panties and thongs many modern day women wear give me more than ample opportunity to spot that boner inspiring sight as I go about my daily activities. Supermarkets in particular are a great place with the babes bending over and squatting down to get something off the bottom shelf. I've seen lots of sweet young booty at my local Safeway. Anywhere I go though, on city streets, in restaurants and movie theaters, on public transit, in the name it!...I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for female butt crack sightings. It never fails to bring a rise to my ancient but still functioning pecker and some nasty fantasies to what's left of my senior citizen mind.

Late this afternoon at the festival I went into the woods to take a leak because there were long lines for the porta-potties. I was just finishing up my piss when I looked through the trees and there was a sweet young thing with her jeans and panties down doing the same thing I was...peeing! One look at that soft, round young butt was all it took to start to give me an instant boner. My peeing was over and I immediately grabbed my now throbbing cock and started jacking it off as I watched the sweet young thing tinkling.

It didn't take long to "prime my pump" and just as the sweet young thing was pulling up her panties I was shooting a load of jism into the air. She glanced my way as she walked away and I acted like it was just shaking my dick out after pissing, trying unsuccessfully to point my still hard dick down a bit and cram it back into my pants. Then I got that sort of guilty feeling you get when you do something really stupid. Thankfully nobody else saw my little jerk off exhibition! Well they don't call me "the Dirty Old Man" for nothing you understand! Will it help if I blame it all on that lovely butt crack cleavage, compounded by one young and lovely full moon? Probably not!

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