Monday, October 24, 2005

I Was Born 50 years Too Soon!!!

There was a story in USA Today last week about how the majority of teenagers think that oral sex is just "hella cool" or something like that in their strange vernacular. The majority of them are reportedly sucking cock and eating pussy by age 15 with some of them starting as young as 12 or 13. Furthermore many of them don't even consider oral to be sex. Yeah I know Bill Clinton used that defense too! The right wingers are trying to blame all this teenage cock sucking and pussy eating on old Bubba but somehow I doubt these kids are thinking of Bill and Monica as the shorts and panties are coming off. Oral sex is just a common practice among teens (and all of us!) nowadays. The kids have access to all kinds of porn where oral is a primary ingredient and it's a commonly mentioned subject in movies, TV and music (especially rap) lyrics. Of course it also feels so damn good! Hey if the kids are not getting pregnant and not catching STDs as much as they would with fucking, I am all for it! I'm just envious of the little bastards, that's all!

Growing up in the 50's and 60's, blow jobs were just not that easy to come by...or maybe I should say cum by. I think there was the feeling that nice girls and ladies just didn't suck on weenies. That was something that only sluts and whores did, thought our young girlfriends and wives and they weren't too far from wrong way back then. I lucked out and had my first blow job from an older woman in my early teens and then had a girlfriend who gave me some head, although she only performed one complete cum-in-mouth blow job in our year and a half relationship. That act was at a drive in movie and after I shot a heavy load into Vicki's mouth and she almost barfed (thank God for that empty popcorn box) she said that was enough of THAT shit for the rest of her life! I got a little bit of head in foreplay after that but no full blow jobs from Vicki! I'd have to wait until I went into the Army and started frequenting whores to experience that supreme sexual pleasure again! Now teenage boys just take those juicy blow jobs for granted! Damn! Damn! Damn!

Having access to Asian and Mexican whores in the Army gave me plenty of blow job opportunities but returning to civilian life in my early 20's brought me back to the reality of the lack of cocksucking in the dating scene. I went to bed with several women who wouldn't go down on me at all even though I spent considerable time muff diving on them. My first wife rarely sucked on my joystick and never let me cum in her mouth. Gradually things changed and by the time I was in my early thirties, giving head was at least a part of foreplay with most of the women I dated. Quite a few still had an aversion to a mouthful of cum...and I can sort of understand that...and yet for of us guys that part feels sooooooooo fucking good, the best part of a blow job for sure! As close to heaven as I'll ever come here on earth I think! My sincere thanks to the women in my life who have given me the ultimate thrill of a full cum in mouth blow job!

If I currently had a teenage son or daughter, I would much prefer that they being doing oral than fucking. Of course I would hope they would use some discretion. I wouldn't want my daughter to be sucking off every dude in her class you know! Let all the right wingers, prudes and religious fanatics be outraged but I think the kids have the right idea. My only complaint is that I was born fifty fucking years too soon. All that head from those teenage cuties sounds mighty fine to me! Oh Hell yeah it does!

Oh well...never going to turn back the clock,,,as always my fantasies of getting sucked off and my jacking off will get me through the night! As always thanks for reading this crap folks! See you next time!


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Elizabeth said...

You are a horny old guy! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog.

AlwaysArousedGirl said...

I hope that when I am 65, I will have a Horny Old Guy of my own in my bed with me everynight.

Heck, I hope that I'm a Horny Old Girl when I'm 65.

Wenchy said...

So, I was born right on time huh?

Lucky moi.


Horny Old Guy said...

Wow, three sexy babes left comments! That makes me so happy I could just...jack off! Thanks ladies!

PAM said...

I swallow...every time...if not why bother!