Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jacking Off for the Camera!

Way back in the late 1960's when I was in my late 20's I bought myself a used black and white Polaroid camera. One of the first things I did with it was take a few nude pictures of myself including some of me engaged in my favorite solitary activity which back then just as it is now is jacking off! Back then pornographic imagery  was strictly illegal and no mainstream photo lab would process explicit nudes. 
Most drugstore type labs wouldn't even process non explicit nudes. You either had to have your own personal darkroom or possess a Polaroid if you wanted to take pictures of yourself in the buff or engaged in any sort of sexual activity. I suspect that lots of males bought Polaroids expressly for the purpose of taking nude pictures of themselves and girlfriends or wives or better yet them doing the nasty with their partners. For whatever reason I found I liked to see those pictures of myself naked and wanking. 

When Polaroid came out with a new model camera (called the SX-70 I believe0 which took better pictures and pictures in color I upgraded to that model. Frankly the only pictures I took with either of my Polaroid cameras were self portrait nudes of myself and a few snapshots, mostly clothed but including a few nudes, of women I was involved with at the time. I wish I had more nude pictures of the past women in my life but few would let me photograph them naked. The few female nude pictures are also in the shoebox and I never fail to get aroused and a bit nostalgic when I look at them, sometimes even jack off to them.

A while after I started taking Polaroid nudes I found myself with extra some film left in my old 8mm movie camera one afternoon. Just for the hell of it I took off all of my clothes and photographedI  myself jacking off. The still frame at right is from that very roll of movie film. I knew nude or explicit still photos would never make it through a commercial or drugstore lab but I didn't think anyone checked movie film. Not taking any chances, I kept my back to the camera and used a phony name and address on the film envelope when I took it to the drug store for processing. The film came back okay and again it sort of turned me on to see myself engaged in my favorite activity, jacking off.

Here (primarily for my own nostalgia and amusement!) is that first 8mm film sequence complete and uncensored :

Movie film enabled me to document the entire act of jacking off, all the way to the finish...SPLURT! I occasionally repeated the experiment over the years using various 8mm and Super 8 movie cameras. The film always came back okay except for one time when there were was a short segment of my jacking off spliced I guess sometimes they did check movie film. Wonder who took this little clip and what they did with it?

Still later, a couple of years after I started using movie film to chronicle my favorite sport I started shooting an occasional still nude picture of myself with my 35mm film camera. Using the same theory about labs not checking movie film, I suspected that they didn't check each individual 35mm slide either so I shot a few nudes of myself once in a while when I had some extra exposures on a roll of slide film to use up. By then nudity was becoming more acceptable in snapshots as long as there was no sexual activity.

In the beginning I just shot straight nudes, myself with a limp penis, but later I got braver and began to shoot pictures of me with a boner, sometimes even jacking off. All of these slides were also returned okay and I've accumulated quite a collection of still nudes from my 30's, 40's and 50's. In the last few years of course digital photography has made it easy for all of us to shoot our homemade nudes and porn. Those worries about lab personnel, drug store clerks and other people (friends and family? Yipes!) seeing your nasty pictures are a thing of the past...unless you are goofy enough to put them on the web or in your fucking I am!

Later I moved from movie film to videotape for the jacking off segments. Video of course made things much more convenient. Video cameras were to movie photography what digital cameras were later to be to still photography. With video there were no more worries about anybody else seeing your nasty stuff at the lab or having it censored or confiscated. Here, again just for my own amusement, is the first video I ever shot with my first video camera, an RCA black and white model. You can guess what the subject matter of that first video was, my favorite solitary activity of course!

Using several different format video cameras over the years I shot quite a bit of material of me jerking off and even some of me slipping the salami to a couple of willing girlfriends. One night after one too many glasses of wine I put together a 5 minute compilation of that 8mm movie film and video of me engaged in my favorite solitary activity. All I can tell you is that it sounded like a good idea at the time! Don't say I didn't warn you but you can see that silly thing right here:

I would advise everyone, male and female to start young and shoot some nude digital still pictures and/or video of yourself, whether engaged in sex or not, with or without a partner. I think you will be glad you did when you get older. Of course you'll want to find a good hiding place for your private collection of self made erotica! As I get older I do worry about someone finding my hidden stash of private nude and porn material after I've gone. And yet I'm still glad I have all of this stuff. Nothing at all wrong with nudity, nothing at all with taking pictures of yourself in the nude or engaged in sexual activity! You can bet that as soon as still cameras were invented back in the 19th century, somebody decided to take some naked pictures of themselves or somebody else. Same thing with the invention of movie cameras, the first suck and fuck stag film came right afterwards. Get naked and say "cheese" folks! See 'ya next time!


Anonymous said...

i like that bottom pic best dude i wanna fuck u

Supermog said...

Great blog. If only digital cameras were about in the 1950s and 60s, I'd have taken pictures similar to yours.

The first colour slides I took of nude girls was in 1973.