Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jacking Off to Nancy Grace!

You know you don't have much of a sex life when you find yourself alone on a Saturday night jacking off while looking at Nancy Grace on cable TV and fantasizing that she is sucking you off! Nothing more needs to be said! I bet Nancy could give one hell of a blow job though! At my age I have to take my cheap thrills where I find them folks! Pathetic, ain't it?

I readily admit that I jack off quite often to the news babes on network and local TV! With a few notable exceptions such as Candy Crowley on CNN, most of them are quite lovely young women. I suspect I have lots of company too, from teenage boys to old farts like myself, all of us wishing we were playing "Hide the Salami" with the news babes as we beat our meat in front of the TV screen. Sometimes just the sight of a sexy young babe with all of her clothes on is more inspiration for masturbation than full frontal nudity or porn!

We actually had a weather gal at a Sacramento TV station named Kristine Hanson who was an ex Playboy centerfold  (above). You can be sure that my dick got lots of exercise when she was giving the weather forecast and I couldn't have cared less what the weather would be either! All I knew is that she was making it steaming hot in my shorts! What a babe! Have you ever seen a more luscious pair of tits or a more shapely butt? Yummy! Kristine is still around and still quite lovely.

Getting back to the somewhat goofy but still sexy Nancy Grace. Sweet Nancy and that sexy mouth will be in my jack off fantasies for the rest of the month. In fact I think that I will start a new feature where I will name a new "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" at the beginning of the month and jack off to that lucky babe every Saturday night in that month. Again this shows you just how desperate my sex life is at the present! Oh well it could be worse I suppose! I mean I could be jacking off to Judge Judy!

UPDATE: Who would have known when I wrote the above post that some years later Nancy Grace would be not only on the "Dancing on the Stars" TV program and have a slight case of "nip slip" on that show, displaying just a bit of king sized areola! Ah these are the things that make watching dumb TV bearable! Well of course I jacked off when I saw that titty!


Helga said...

Okay, now THAT is some funny shit. And I almost never "really" laugh at anything on the computer. Nancy Grace... wow.

Jennifer said...

Well, she does have a big mouth.

Charlie said...

Wow I bet Hugh Hefner had a good time with that Kristine Hanson. She is still doing the weather in San Francisco. Quite a bit older but still very fuckable. Thats the first time I ever saw her centerfold thanx for posting it. You can have Nancy!