Friday, October 21, 2005

Vicki, My First Real Girlfriend (Part 1)

I was a junior at Napa High School in the fall of 1956. I noticed Vicki right away, sitting across the classroom from me in my Spanish class. She was a rather tall girl, blond, blue eyed and very pretty. She was a junior like me and this was her first year at Napa High. She seemed very shy and never talked in class unless the teacher called on her. The more I looked at her the more I was attracted to her and the more I wanted to fuck her! I guess it was sort of love...or lust at first sight. I soon was thinking about her most of the time and of course fantasizing about her as I jacked off every night. Spanish was the only class I had with her and aside from seeing her in the hallways once in a while between classes, I got few sights of her lovely face...but when I did, it made my day! However I was still very shy myself and couldn't get myself to approach her and ask her out.

One Sunday morning I noticed Vicki walking right by our house. I got on my bike and followed a couple of blocks behind her and found she was on her way to a church in downtown Napa. Every Sunday morning after that I would watch for her coming by our house. Finally one Sunday morning I walked downtown myself and as she came out of the church I got the courage to walk up and start talking to her as she headed home. She was pretty quiet at first but soon opened up as we talked about Spanish class and other school stuff. To my delight she soon became friendly and in fact allowed me to walk her all the way home. I didn't have a car nor a driver's license yet so my options for dating were limited but I asked her if she wanted to go see "Peyton Place" which was coming to the Uptown Theater the next week. She said she didn't think her mother would let her see that movie but maybe we could go see something else. I said okay and asked her for her phone number which she gave me. Walking her home gave me a chance to see where she lived which wasn't that far from our house. I felt really happy that afternoon walking back to my own house. I'm pretty sure that the first thing I did when I got home was to go in my room and jack off while I fantasized about fucking Vicki!

I went to see "Peyton Place" by myself. You have to understand that "Peyton Place" was THE hot book for my generation. There were things in that book that had never appeared in any book we had read. Teenage sex, adult sex, oral sex, was just plain nasty! Lots of boys, myself included, almost wore our dicks out jacking off as we read the nasty parts of cum stained copies passed on to us over and over. The movie was also pretty hot, although the standards of the time and the Motion Picture Code  would not let it come anywhere close to the novel. Nudity and even softcore sex were still totally taboo. Still there was that part about Lucas raping his step daughter and some other adulterous and teenage sex implied and talked about. There were lots of boners in the balcony of the Uptown that night. I only wished Vicki was there to see the movie with me.

I started calling Vicki on the phone almost every night and we became more and more friendly. I still remember our first date at the Uptown Theater on a Sunday afternoon. I don't remember the movie but I remember putting my arm around her and getting a hard on that lasted through most of the double feature. I kissed her for the first time that Sunday afternoon too after I had walked her home. It soon became a regular thing on Sunday afternoons...she would walk to my house and we would walk downtown together for a movie at the Uptown and then I would walk her home. Nothing more than hand holding in the movie and a kiss somewhere near her house (she didn't want to do it right at her doorstep). I would go home and jack off, fantasizing what was under that dress, bra and panties and about going much further with her, hopefully fucking her of course!

Things got hotter a couple of months later. Vicki called me one Saturday afternoon and asked me if I wanted to come over and watch TV with her. Her parents were gone for the day. Of course I said yes! I'd never even met her parents nor she mine at this time. In fact it was the first time I'd been in her house. A little TV watching on the couch and we soon were doing our first heavy making out. We did much more passionate kissing than we had done before. I put her hand on her breast (through her clothes of course) for the first time. She had a skirt on and I tried to get my hand underneath but she stopped me at that point. We continued the kissing for a while and my dick was just throbbing. I put her hand on my crotch and showed her what she was doing to me. She felt it for a minute and then pulled her hand away and said that was enough for today and it was time for me to go home! Damn! I stopped in the trees by the Napa River and jacked off! No way I could even make it home with that throbbing hard o!

I took Driver's Ed in school and soon afterwards had my first drivers license, even though I didn't have a car. My dad would let me drive once in a while though, at first with him at my side and finally he got me insurance and I was able to drive by myself. What a great sense of freedom that was! Also great because there were more options for me and Vicki to make out. We could drive around town and park in secluded spots and best of all we could go to the Kay Von Drive In Theater instead of the indoor Uptown Theater. I had to meet her parents before they allowed that though. Her mom and dad were very nice and seemed to like me which helped. My mom and dad liked Vicki too when they met her. I loved those Friday nights at the Kay Von! Movies under the stars with the privacy to make out with Vicki! I got my first feel of her warm, firm titties there!

It took a lot of begging to get Vicki to jack me off but one Sunday afternoon at her house when here parents were gone again she finally consented when I told her that my dick was so stiff that I never would be able to pee unless I had an ejaculation. She seemed sort of shocked when I pulled my boner out but remember this was the 1950's and we had no internet and no porn. Most girls had never  even seen a mature erection, not even a picture of one, until their boyfriends pulled them out of their pants the first time and usually asked for a service to be performed on them. Vicki later told me she had never even seen her father's penis nor did she have any brothers that she may have spotted naked or caught jacking off as my sister Karen did with me. With me she just didn't know what to expect although since she'd felt it a few times through my pants when I guided my hand down there (quickly to be taken away by her!) she was pretty sure it was going to be big.

Just as with my sister and my older woman first sex partner Barbara, Vicki's soft warm hand felt so much better than my own as she sort of clumsily rubbed my penis up and down. It didn't take long before I felt my ejaculation approaching. Just like Karen did, Vicki looked both amused and shocked when my dong erupted and the cum went shooting all over my stomach as I moaned "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!"! To this day I still fondly remember that first hand job from Vicki and to this day I absolutely love to be jacked off by any soft, warm and willing female hand!

The hand jobs became a regular thing to end our make out sessions, whether parked in a secluded spot or at the Kay Von or at her house when her parents were gone. She was soon regularly letting me take her top off at her house and feel and suck her lovely young titties but it took a couple of months before she let me get her panties off and get a look and feel of her pussy. Every time I would put my hand down in that area she would slap it and tell me to stop.

The first time I saw Vicki completely nude is when we took a shower together at her house, again when her parents were gone of course. I still remember seeing her soft little naked butt and blond haired pussy for the first time as she pulled those panties off. BOING! My cock stood at attention in an instant! Unlike Barbara's big hairy bush (which sort of scared me to tell the truth!), Vicki's blonde young bush was just beautiful. You could see the outline of the crack underneath that beautiful blond hair. At my request Vicki took hold of my cock and with some soap for lube jacked me off in the shower, something I'd done many times in the past at home but felt felt so much better with Vicki's soft little hand!

After the shower and both still naked we got on top of her parents bed. I immediately started kissing Vicki all over her lovely naked body, starting at her face and moving down. When I got to her waist I spread her legs and licked a pussy for the first time in my life. I still remember that strange first taste nearly fifty years later! I'm sure I was sort of a clumsy first time muff diver but I soon found her clit and after some giggling and a long real quiet stretch (when I was just about to give up!) she seemed to really start enjoying it and told me not to stop. I was hard as a rock again and ready to fuck her but she drew the line there but did consent to another hand job before we got dressed again. Another milestone in my young first taste of pussy…and sweet young and virgin pussy at that! Yummy!

I'm getting a hard on just thinking about that wonderful afternoon...time to give myself a hand job. I will continue writing about Vicki next time!

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