Saturday, November 26, 2005

Can You Blow Your Own Horn?

I have to admit that I sort of envy the very small minority of males who can suck their own cocks. I have never sucked a dick in my life and have no desire to do so. However, if I could give myself a blow job, you better believe that I would do it, and probably quite often! I mean nothing feels better than a blow job and if I could get my dick in my mouth, I would gladly suck myself off! I suspect most guys would do the same, even if they won't admit it to anyone but themselves. It's really just one step up from jacking off and we all do love that wonderful activity! I certainly could have saved a lot of money on dates, wives and whores too!

Yeah I have tried to get my cock in my mouth but like most guys, I am several inches short.  Damn the bad luck! Apparently you need extreme flexibility and an extra long dong to make it work and I am shit out of luck in both of those areas!

I am also not sure how I would handle a mouthful of cum. I tasted a little bit of my own jism a long time ago at the request of a girlfriend and readily admit it tasted awful. It gave me new awareness of why many women do NOT want you to shoot off in their mouth and/or get that "Ewwww!" expression on their face when you do. Even in porn where the girls are supposed to look pleased when Joe Longdong blasts off in their mouth you can tell they would much rather be somewhere else…anywhere else!  I suppose you could always pull your dong out of your mouth and aim away at the last minute. Give yourself a facial? Uh…Personally speaking I don't think so! Trouble is cumming in the mouth is absolutely the best part of a blow job…but would I have the "balls" to do it in my own mouth? I don't know…and maybe it's just as well I'll never have the chance to find out!

Come to think of it maybe it's just as well that most of us guys can't suck our own dicks. It's embarrassing enough when your mom or sister or wife...or anybody catches you jacking off. Can you imagine them walking in on you  while you're giving yourself a blow job? You'd never live down the embarrassment! And yet...and yet...if I could do it, OH HELL YEAH I would suck myself off! Wouldn't you? And wouldn't you ladies lick your own pussies (which would be even harder to do, huh?) if you could? Oh you just know you would! If I after death I ever come back in another form (which I frankly doubt!) I hope it's as a male dog! They do lots of fucking and can lick themselves in their best places! Scarlett Johansson's doggy would be nice! Scarlett better not bend over when coming out of the shower though! Woof! Woof!  Oh Mikey behave yourself!

In conclusion let me say that life just isn't fair my friends! Some guys have all the luck! Thanks for reading, see you next time!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Army Years 1958-61 (Part 4) Whores, a Nympho and Jail Bait!

Fort Bliss, my final Army duty post was a very nice Army post compared to what I had experienced in Korea. Modern two story barracks, nice facilities on post, adequate private places to indulge in my passion for jacking off, the big (although somewhat dumpy) city of El Paso right outside the main gate and Juarez, Mexico where the cheap booze and cheap pussy flowed freely right across the border. Between Korea and Juarez, I suppose the Army made sort of a whoremonger of me, thanks in great part to the places they sent me. There was a good group of guys in my barracks, no KP or guard duty and a light work schedule. Aside from having to wear a uniform and salute those goddamn officers, it was pretty much like civilian life. Our evenings and weekends were free to do what we wanted. The year and a half at Fort Bliss went by quickly.

Of course one of my first visits across the border was to the nightclubs and whorehouses of Juarez. They were pretty sleazy, as anyone who has visited Mexican border towns will testify to. As in Korea, the girls were friendly though and after a few cheap  drinks, many of us found ourselves upstairs with our dicks buried deep inside their hairy Mexican pussies. The girls were checked for diseases regularly and there didn't seem to be much danger of catching anything, at least in the better class of joints near downtown. They also checked your pecker to make sure you didn't have anything obviously wrong before you went in a room with a girl. That duty usually seemed to be performed by a fat middle aged or elderly Mexican woman, to whom you paid 50 cents for her inspection and approval of your pecker as I recall. I always felt pretty pretty silly during this procedure, especially when I had a semi-woody or full hard on in anticipation of the main event! It was like showing your stiff dick to your grandmother!

One time the required pecker check was a total embarrassment. I was pretty drunk and had a beer hard on from this whore playing with my dick under the table in the club. I had a full boner when I went for the check and as this poor woman was skinning me back to check me out, I shot off all over her. A premature ejaculation I suppose! Probably not the first time that happened in that whorehouse but they kicked me and my two buddies out of the club when I refused to pay for the fucking I didn't get. I never heard the end of that incident in the barracks. For the first few months at Fort Bliss I made regular trips across the border but it started getting old. The whores were OK but I wanted something what I had with Vicki in our prime high school days. I needed another real girlfriend!

A woman kept coming to our barracks to pick up a couple of the guys and take them with her in her car. I thought she was just one of their girlfriends but it turned out she was sort of a GI groupie nymphomaniac named Diane. She was in her mid 30's and worked at the base PX where she met many of the guys who soon ended up in her bed with their heads and cocks buried between her legs. Diane was particularly fond of two guys in my barracks. When they were gone one night, she started a conversation with me and soon invited me to have a drink with her off post. After a few drinks at a local watering hole she invited me to her apartment. I hadn't heard the story about her being a nympho cockhound at the time and was sort of surprised when she started coming on to me. Of course a stiff prick has no conscience so I was soon doing the nasty with her. I later found most of the rest of the guys in the barracks found themselves in the same position that I did at one time or another. She was sort of dumb but she sure liked to fuck and was a first class cocksucker too!

One night two other GIs I didn't even know showed up at her apartment while I was there drinking with her and we all got totally wiped out and took turns on her. No abuse whatsoever. She was the one who suggested the gang bang, the only one of those things that I've ever participated in. I think we all went back for sloppy seconds (or thirds!) and the party didn't break up until almost morning. She was a bit old for me though (I'd already done my older woman thing when I was 13!) and I also worried that there was more danger in catching something from her than from the Mexican whores so I started avoiding her most of the time. Again I wanted someone more my age to play "suck and fuck" with...and maybe have a romance along with the sex too. I bought a car to hopefully give me a few more opportunities.

We used to stop at an Oasis drive in restaurant which had the old fashioned car hops who we all flirted with. I dated one of those for a couple months. Dolores was a nice Mexican gal but I never got beyond kissing and copping a feel of her tits with her. I never got my hand or anything else below her waist. I begged for a hand job at the drive in movies we went to but she firmly told me to put that nasty thing away. She was pretty religious and straight laced, probably a virgin but I don't know that for sure. Dates with her always ended with sore nuts and jacking off in my car or the a toilet stall back on the post. I finally gave up on getting in her panties and stopped going out with her. Probably just as well because her parents hated my gringo guts!

I got talked into going to a square dance one night with a couple of buddies. It sounded like an absolutely awful idea to me but when they mentioned there being a lot of sweet young Texas poontang there, I felt a rising in my pants and decided to give it a try. Hey I'll be glad to that "Do-see-Do" and "Allenmande Left" stuff all night long if it might get be laid afterwards!  It turned out to be fun and there actually were lots of nice young women there by themselves in addition to the older ladies who were there with their boyfriends and hubbies. I had a good time!

I met a cute little red haired girl named Carolyn there. I danced with as much as possible with that sweetie that first night. I first thought she was college age but it turned out that she was only 16 and still in high school. Of course I was only 20 so there wasn't that much of an age difference back then. It's not like I was the dirty old man that I am today! I asked Carolyn out and she consented but told me to meet her downtown at the plaza instead of at her house because her parents didn't like her dating servicemen. We only had daytime dates at the beginning. It was usually a movie at one of the downtown theaters followed by a coke or snack at the Oasis drive in. We started parking and making out in secluded places around town. Carolyn had a boyfriend before so was used to kissing and petting but told me from the beginning that she was a virgin and intended to stay that way until she got married. Damn the bad luck!

Carolyn found an excuse to stay away from her house until midnight one night. We went to the Fiesta Drive-in Movie and did some heavy making out. Things were off to a good start with lots of kissing, some tit sucking and stinkfinger but I had to settle for a reluctantly given hand job to end the evening. No way she was going to get in the back seat with me and let me fuck her. She let me know that first night she was a virgin and intended to stay one until she got married. Damn the bad luck!

I rented a motel room on a several Saturday nights and we got naked and did some more heavy petting. Carolyn's body was absolutely luscious! Freckles all over and a delicious patch of red pubic hair (which I just love!) between those lovely young legs! Medium sized titties and one of the softest, cutest little butts I've ever seen in my life.

I spent hours kissing and sucking on those firm young tits and was soon burying my face between her legs and feasting on that sweet young virgin pussy. Unfortunately for me Carolyn never once returned the oral favors and yes I did ask! This was not all that unusual behavior for girls and young women in this time period (the early sixties.) Most of the "good girls" just didn't want to suck your dick. They thought it was something that only whores and sluts did...and back then they probably weren't too far from wrong! Fucking remained out of the question with Carolyn. The brand new condom in my wallet went unused.

Carolyn was however willing to jack me off at almost every one of our make out sessions though. Those frequent hand jobs in the car and the motel room and even once in her parents bed when they were out of town by her soft little hand definitely felt a lot better than than jacking myself off. I looked forward to our dates just for those hand jobs alone! Being an optimist I also figured that it was just a matter of time before I popped Carolyn's cherry or at least talked her into putting her sweet young mouth on my throbbing cock and giving me some head. Alas neither of those lovely things was not about to happen.

The good times with Carolyn came to an abrupt end one night when we got caught making out in my car which was parked on a dark street near her house right before I delivered her home. My fly was unzipped and Carolyn was rubbing my exposed cock, giving me a lovely good night hand job when this fucking El Paso cop came up to our window and shined his flashlight in. The cop saw what was going on and told me to put my dick away and zip it up and then asked for my ID (both California driver's license and military ID). He then asked Carolyn for her ID. She didn't have one so he took her name and address. He also asked her how old she was and she honestly told him 16. He took me aside and gave me a lecture about indecent exposure and public sex, especially with underage girls. I just kept answering "Yes sir" to everything he said to me. He told me to take her right home and he better not catch us like this ever again. I guaranteed to him that it would NEVER happen again. Unfortunately that was the truth!

I had hoped that cop's lecture would be the end of it but the following week I was called into our company commander's office. The fucking cop had told Carolyn's parents what she was doing, given them my name and told them that I was a soldier at Fort Bliss. They went right to the post commander, a general. Our captain who was a pretty good guy called me in and seemed a bit amused but did tell me that statutory rape is a serious charge. I told him we never went beyond what we were doing that night but he didn't seem to buy it. He told me that Carolyn's parents didn't want me to have any more contact with her whatsoever and those were his orders to me too. Again my repeated response was "Yes sir! Yes sir!" I tried calling Carolyn's house several times but her mom or dad always answered so I just hung up each time. A couple of weeks later I got a sweet letter from her saying that she was sorry but she couldn't go out with me any more. I kept that letter for a long time and I missed Carolyn a lot. She was a sweet, innocent young Texas girl and oh yeah how I would have loved to have stuck my cock in that sweet young red haired virgin pussy. A chance to pop my second cherry was now gone for good!

I also think that I was falling in love with Carolyn and might have even married her when I got out of the Army. Right now I might be an old fart grandfather down there in El Paso town driving a pick up truck. What a horrible thought that is! In retrospect it was a lovely few months with Carolyn even if I didn't get in those sweet panties, easily the highlight of my time at Fort Bliss. I wonder what ever happened to Sweet Carolyn? It's hard to imagine her as a 60+ year old grandmother now! I hope that she has had a good life and maybe even still has some fond memories of that brief relationship with that good looking and horny young GI named Mike a long, long time ago.

It was back to jerking off in toilet stalls and being sucked off by the Mexican whores for the rest of my time at Fort Bliss. I tried to connect with some more local El Paso girls but it never got beyond flirting. I got desperate and had a couple more pieces of Diane the nympho GI groupie's tail too. By the way, after I got out of the Army I heard from a buddy that Diane actually got married to one of the young GIs she took to bed and shortly thereafter the marriage had a baby. Who knows who the actual father was? Diane was a good gal though, lots of fun to be around in and out of the sack! Hope she had a good life too!

I was discharged from the Army in June of 1961, right before I turned 21 years of age. I said goodbye to my buddies at Fort Bliss and friends in El Paso and headed back to California wondering what the future would hold for me. The only thing I was sure of is that I wanted some more pussy! I remember pulling off to the side of the road several times to celebrate my new freedom by jacking off. I threw my Army uniform out of the car window while crossing the Arizona desert at night. In retrospect the Army wasn't so bad and probably matured me considerably. I was still damn glad to be out though!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Army Years 1958-61 (Part 3) One Last Time with Vicki

After my tour of duty in Korea had ended I arrived via troop ship back in the good old USA in late November 1959. I had a month's leave before my next duty post so I headed home to Napa to see my parents and sister Karen. Eight days at sea from Japan to Oakland with no privacy for jacking off made me super horny. It was strange being back in American civilian society after that year in Korea. Everything looked so good in the USA and nothing looked better to me than American women. I took the Greyhound bus from Oakland to Napa and couldn't keep my eyes off the young women on the bus. I fantasized eating and fucking them for the entire ride home. If that bus had a toilet, I'm sure I would have gone in and taken care of my throbbing cock right then and there, Damn I was horny!

Everyone was glad to see me at home of course. I gave my sister Karen, who had grown into a beautiful, sexy young woman a passionate kiss on the lips, probably for the first and only time in my life. Karen's fully developed breasts which I could feel when I hugged her were making my cock as hard as a rock. If my mom and dad were not in the house I think I probably would have been tempted to try to go even further, and most likely would have been quite properly rebuffed by Karen! The whores in Korea and Japan had temporarily satisfied my lust but what I really needed now was some good old American pussy! Even my sister looked just absolutely good enough to eat...among other things!

As soon as I had the chance, I went into my room, locked the door, took off my uniform and underwear, laid down on the bed naked and jacked myself off, most likely with fantasies about Karen in my dirty young mind! Oh did that jack off and that powerful ejaculation feel good!  The jacking off was to be repeated at least once a day, usually several times a day, during my month long leave. You really appreciate the small things like having the privacy of your own room after being in the barracks in Korea or (on the way home) the equivalent of a cattle ship for more than a year! Just being able to jack off totally in the nude was a luxury and knowing that it would be another year and a half until I could do it again made me take full advantage of that luxury. If anything the frequency of my masturbation during that leave exceeded that at the peak of my pre-Army years!

I was hoping to "get lucky" with some American girl on my leave and it finally happened with my old girlfriend Vicki but not until almost the end of my leave. I was still only 19, couldn't go in bars and there were few young pussy prospects in Napa for this guy who didn't even own a car. Lots of looking at the babes, lots of fantasizing about them and lots of jerking off to those fantasies! Karen told me that she thought Vicki was going to get married to some guy she had been going with for a while. That bummed me out big time so I didn't even think of calling her.
Just by coincidence I finally did meet Vicki at the Payless drug store in downtown Napa about a week before I was to head for my next duty post, Fort Bliss Texas. She surprisingly seemed really glad to see me. She was alone and wanted to know all about my experience in the Army and in Korea. I didn't even ask her about getting married and we said goodbye after a short conversation. I was surprised when she called me the following day (a Sunday) and asked me if I wanted to come over for lunch. I said yes of course. I expected her parents to be there but they were in Reno for the weekend. Vicki told me about junior college and brought me up to date on some of our high school friends. I finally asked her if it was true she was going to get married and she said she broke up with the guy. I suddenly felt a rising in my pants! Maybe I was going to "get lucky" during this leave after all!

 Even before we had lunch Vicki was the one who cuddled up to me on the couch and with that encouragement we started making out. Her warm lips tasted so good. Of course you don't kiss whores. You do nothing more than stick your cock in the pussies or mouths of whores and I hadn't done anything more than that with a girl since Vicki and I broke up. The kissing was nothing compared to the thrill of taking off our clothes, of seeing that lovely nude body again, of feeling and sucking her tits, of feeling her warm mouth on my cock again, and best of all of putting my face between her legs and eating her pussy. I don't think pussy has ever tasted so good in my life as on that Sunday afternoon!
I didn't have any condoms and suggested we just take care of each other orally but Vicki wanted to fuck. She said this was the time of month she didn't think she could pregnant (famous last words eh?) so I fucked her bareback for the first and only time in our relationship. We were smart enough to always use condoms when we went steady. I still remember how good it felt to cum inside her and not have to pull my dick out to take the condom off before it came off or some sperm loaded cum leaked out. We laid and talked for a while. Eventually Vicki started playing with my cock and I got hard again.  We fucked for the second time that day and for us as a couple the last time ever.

As good as the sex was, there was something missing. She was still the girl that had suddenly dumped me for another guy. I kept thinking about that and was still somewhat pissed at her. I wanted to tell her that but I didn't. Her parents were due home in early evening so I went home in late afternoon, sexually satisfied but still feeling sort of uneasy about the whole encounter. Since then I've learned it's a normal reaction after a breakup for's hard to go back to where you once were after you have been least for me.

Vicki and I promised to write each other and we did that a couple of times. I think she stopped writing first and in a phone conversation my sister told me she saw Vicki with another guy around town. Then in a later letter sent to me while I was still at Fort Bliss Karen told me she saw in the Napa Register where Vicki got married. She even enclosed me the clipping. The guy was another student at junior college and he was from Calistoga, at the other end of Napa Valley. I decided it was pretty much time to put Vicki out of my mind, although once in a while before I got a new girlfriend I still thought of her and even jacked off thinking of of what we used to do together. Hell, sometimes I still think of her today although she's no longer a jack off fantasy!

You just never forget your first girlfriend! I never saw or heard from Vicki again. Maybe she and her new hubby moved up valley or anywhere else in the state or country. I went to a couple of high school reunions and she wasn't there and nobody seemed to know what happened to her, even her best friend from high school. She's not registered on Classmates either. She's probably a grandma now. I suspect she would be very upset at me for giving the intimate details about our relationship here. Vicki darlin' if you ever stumble on these words, my apologies but I did love you during our all too short high school romance...and I'll never forget you! I hope you've had a good life!

I only had a few days leave left after that Sunday afternoon fucking session with Vicki. A few final jack off sessions in the room I grew up in and then I headed for Texas for my final year and a half of Army life.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Army Years 1958-61 (Part 2) Korea: Poontang Blues

We shipped over to Korea on a troop ship in the late fall of 1958. It took about 10 days with a stopover in Japan. The conditions were even more cramped on that troop ship than in our Basic Training barracks and again there was no privacy for my favorite solitary activity...jacking off! By the time we got to Japan I was horny as Hell, as were the rest of my fellow soldiers. Thank God we got a pass at the port of Yokohama and me and a couple of buddies from electronics school headed for town looking for our first piece of that legendary young Asian pussy.

Yokohama was a wild, exotic wonderful place for us horny young Yankee hicks and we didn't have any trouble finding the nearest bar/whorehouse. We got propositioned in the first five minutes on the street in fact. An old traditionally dressed Japanese man with a white beard said "Want woman?" as we walked down the crowded and colorful street. He took us to a nearby bar with lots of quite lovely young Japanese women at our service. We had a couple of drinks at the bar and soon picked out the ones we wanted and headed upstairs to do the nasty with them. My girl was quite tall for a Japanese and quite beautiful. When she undressed I took one look at those firm, medium sized titties and narrow strip of coal black hair above her pussy and my throbbing cock told me it was time to fuck! I know I should have used a condom but I didn't have any and she didn't offer any. She laid down on the small mattress on the floor, I got on top of her, she guided my boner in and I started fucking my first piece of Asian poonie! Oh did that Asian poonie feel good even if it was over all too soon!

As with the Mexican whore in Salinas my pump was primed and it didn't take long to shoot my load. I was soon pumping her full of a week's supply of stored up jism. Nothing feels as good as relieving that sexual tension after a long "dry spell". This was also the first pussy I'd had since my breakup with Vicki if you don't count the blow job from the whore I had in basic training. Not quite as pleasurable as having my cock buried in my girlfriend's tight young pussy but at least the end result was the same and oh did the act of fucking feel good again! I was beginning to feel this year in the Orient wouldn't be so bad!

Korea itself proved to be a different matter. As we took the bus from the port to the sprawling post in the boondocks where I was to be stationed, the country did not look good at all. Lots of obvious poverty and a quite an ugly landscape. The sergeant in charge warned us not even to stick our hands out the window or our watches would be stolen by "slicky boys" (young thieves.) Our final destination was a far northern post in the 7th Infantry Division. I was assigned to a headquarters company platoon that primarily did shortwave radio repair. I was immediately sent with a few other new arrivals for a meeting with the squadron commander.

The commander, a Lieutenant Colonel was a short, pot bellied, middle aged, ruddy complexioned, bad tempered old bastard and I still remember the first words he bellowed to us "YOU STICK YOUR DICK IN THE BELLY OF A WHORE AND YOU ARE GOING TO CATCH THE CLAP!" He told us that the village outside the main gate was off limits and if he caught any of us with whores on the post we would be court martialed. He said if we wanted some puss we should wait until we had a weekend pass and then go to Seoul but stay away from the local village girls because they all had the clap (gonorrhea). He told us we damn well better use rubbers with those cleaner whores in Seoul anyway. I was already depressed and getting back to our living quarters which were Quonset huts with diesel fuel heaters depressed me even further. One look at the open latrines with no toilet stalls for privacy for jacking off was the final straw! This was going to be one fucked up year in hell!

Things were not nearly as bad as the old bastard colonel said though. Talking to the guys in the barracks who had been around for a while clued us new guys in to the real whoring situation. The whores were collectively called "moose". I'm not sure if that was close to the Korean word for prostitute or what. The village was only temporarily off limits due to a few cases of clap and the Army medics were working on cleaning that up. We soon could visit the village and fuck the whores again. Meanwhile the "moose" did sneak onto the base at night and there were plenty of opportunities to get your nuts off. but We were cautioned it was probably best to go for hand jobs or blow jobs but definitely use a rubber if we fucked them. I took a walk that night around the post, visited the PX, the movie theater, the service club and the EM (enlisted men's) club where there was cheap beer. Along the way I noticed several toilets with stalls on the door where I could get the privacy to jack off when I needed to. I was beginning to think that I might make it through this year in hell after all!

We had to walk guard duty about one night a week. You worked two hour shifts, had four hours off and then went back for two more hours. Three soldiers covered each post in the twelve hours from 6 pm to 6 am. My first encounter with a Korean "moose" came on my first night of guard duty. She had come on to our compound, in violation of military policy of course. She was squatting on the ground outside a quonset hut taking a piss. I told her she had to leave but she offered me a "short time" if I let her stay. I was hoping for a blow job but the freebie was just a hand job which was better than nothing. I played with her tits as she jacked me off in a secluded area behind one of the hootches. She then went into the hootches to ply her trade.

In subsequent nights when I wasn't doing guard duty, I was awoken in the middle of the night several times to see whores servicing with hand and mouth and sometimes even pussy some of the other guys in our hootch. I usually called them over to take care of me afterwards. The going rate for a "short time" was about $5 during the first part of the month when we had just been paid and as little as a pack of cigarettes (which we bought at the PX for 10 cents!) or a bar of soap towards the end of the month. The shit hit the fan when the officer of the day found a soldier asleep and drunk on guard duty and whores all over the area. The squadron commander (that old bastard colonel!) found out and went ballistic! He had the MPs patrolling our area in addition to us guards and said if anyone else got drunk or fell asleep on guard duty or had a whore in their hootch there would be a court martial for sure. From then on the guys on guard duty including myself kept the whores on the other side of the fence and out of the compound. Sometimes they would come right up to the fence and we were able stick our dicks through the fence for a quickie hand or blow job (hoping we wouldn't be caught!) but that was about the extent of our in compound/in barracks whore service for a while.

When I was doing guard duty in another secluded part of the post with no whores or any one else in sight, I'll readily admit that I frequently took out my cock out and jacked off to relieve the boredom as well as the built up sexual tension. Guard duty was a rare chance for total privacy in Korea. All you had to watch out for was the officer of the day (usually a chicken shit second lieutenant) who came around to check on you from time to time. He could sometimes sneak up on you though and there was an official way you had to greet him ("Who goes there?" "What is the password?") It would have been hard to explain if he caught you with your dick exposed let alone jerking off. I'll admit I dozed off more than once too. That was equally frowned on and could lead to a court martial. It was really hard to stay awake though, especially when you were out there in the wee hours of the morning. The cold Korean winter was a real bitch! Jacking off is nothing else kept you awake and warm!

I fantasized about my ex girlfriend Vicki a lot while jacking off in Korea as well as all of the other girls at my old school that I lusted after and wanted to fuck but never got the chance. I also have to confess that my sister Karen was often in my jack off fantasies too. I missed Karen a lot and the brief sexual experimentation that we engaged in in our early teens (mutual masturbation in a motel room) and then seeing her completely nude a few years later led to frequent masturbation fantasies about doing things to her that you're not supposed to do to your sister. I know that admission is probably shocking to some people...but it's all true so I felt I had to put it here.

Our only contact with live American women in Korea were the "Donut Dollies", young women employed by the Red Cross, who usually came around once a week to give us coffee and donuts and play games for an hour or so in the mess hall. Most of them were average looking girl next door types. There were no stunning beauties among them but they were cute and friendly reminders of what we missed so much in this foreign land. I'm sure most of us were mentally undressing them as we gazed at them and imagining what it would be like to fuck them and eat them and be sucked off by them. They always gave me a stiff dick and one in particular was frequently in my jack off fantasies. There was a rumor that they would fuck officers for money but I really have no proof of that. They probably dated the officers instead of us lowly enlisted men if they dated at all but I have no idea if they fucked for money or not. I tend to think that their whoring was mostly a myth but it really didn't make any difference. It wasn't any of my business then and it isn't now! We just appreciated seeing them for an hour a week. The post movie theater was another connection with back home and when they played a Marilyn Monroe or Kim Novak or even a Sandra Dee flick, I suspect there was a theater full of hard dicks and an increase in discreet jacking off later that night.

After a couple months of pretty much doing without the whores, the village outside the gate was removed from it's off limits status. We could now get passes to visit which meant only one thing to most of us...whore poontang was back and legal again! You had to take a three pack of condoms with you and that asshole squadron commander proclaimed that if one fucking bastard got the clap, the village would be off limits again for a solid year. Of course the village which depended on the business of us GIs in it's bars and whorehouses was as glad to be back in business as we were to have it back. On the first night the village became open again, I made a trip in, got drunk as a skunk for the first time in my life and fucked two different whores. I'm happy to say that I did use a condom both times.

Sadly quite a few of guys didn't use rubbers but we only had a couple cases of clap in our outfit, which were cured by a couple of shots of penicillin. Apparently the squadron commander never found out or cut us some slack because the village stayed open the rest of the time I was in Korea. About once a month, we had a surprise "short arms inspection" in the early morning hours. The medics would come in and we would stand by our bunks with our dongs hanging out (a pretty ridiculous picture) and the medics would check our peckers out. "Pull em out and skin 'em back!" they would shout as the came in the door. Very embarrassing if you woke up with morning wood!

Most of the whorehouses were sort of dirty and many of the "moose" smelled of kimchi, a stinky Korean dish made of pickled cabbage I think. And yet I couldn't resist the appeal of those tight young Asian pussies. It became a ritual to go into the village once or twice a week, have a few cheap drinks and knock off a cheap piece of tail. There was a place called the Turkey Ranch which specialized in blow jobs (Turkey Ranch...gobble gobble! Get it?) which I regularly frequented. I enjoyed the blow jobs much more than fucking the whores and there was the feeling (rightly or wrongly) that you didn't need rubbers for just getting sucked off which I also preferred. As with the whores that came into our hootches, the going rate for services varied at different times of the month. Right before payday at the end of the month, poontang was dirt cheap. As cheap as it was, you had to still ration your meager monthly pay (about $100 by that time) and jerking off between the whores was still a necessity to fill the sexual void, at least for me. I still jacked off any time I could find a little privacy.

After each four month stint in Korea, we were entitled to a one week R and R (Rest and Recuperation) in Japan. We were short staffed in our radio shop and I only managed one R and R, about half way through my thirteen month tour of duty. It was a welcome break though and I had a great time in Japan. More drinking and more fucking of course and those Japanese whores were so nice as were the other Japanese people I encountered! I stayed with one whore (who called herself Misty, short for some longer Japanese name) the entire week for $100. Not a small amount when we were only making about $100 a month of course but Misty let me stay in her small apartment, cooked for me, showed me the sights of Tokyo, waited on me hand and foot and of course took care of all my sexual needs. I must have had 20 ejaculations through fucking and blow jobs in that week and went back to Korea completely relaxed as well as pussy whipped. I learned a lot about Japanese culture too during that week. I'm sure another GI took my place the day I flew back to Korea...but Misty was a real sweetheart! Some of my fellow GI's fell in love with these Japanese prostitutes and even married them...and that week with Misty made me understand why!

Back in Korea, I was now on the downhill slope. It didn't seem like an eternity until I would be leaving the country any more. The weeks and months flew by and I was soon counting the days until I would be rotated back to the states. I joined the proud ranks of "short timers" (not the sexual kind here!) and we needled the guys that had just arrived and had a year to go. Jacking off and visits to the whores continued to take care of my sexual needs. In the final month I made sure I only fucked or even had blow jobs with condoms. We had a final pecker check before going home and anyone who was found to have the clap or anything else suspicious was forced to stay in Korea to have it taken care of. That was the last thing I wanted and besides, I wanted to be clean when I got home and hopefully had a chance to stick my weenie in some sweet young American girl although I had no idea who that girl would be!

I got drunk with my buddies on my last night at the Enlisted Men's Club. The next morning I departed with a hangover for the long trip home by bus, train and troop ship. We got passes in Yokohama again and I knocked off my last piece of Asian tail at the same bar/whorehouse we stopped at while coming in. Unlike on that previous visit, I did use a rubber this time. Another long "dry spell" on the rest of the way home followed. No place to jerk off on that fucking crowded troop ship again but I didn't much care. I had survived that year in Hell. In retrospect, it was a very interesting year that I will always remember. Fortunately I had also had enough poontang and opportunities to jack off during the year to satisfy my still teenage lust. Goodbye Korea, I'll never forget you!