Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Army Years 1958-61 (Part 1) A Rude Awakening for the Horny Young Guy!

Now to continue my boring but true life story. After the break up with Vicki, my high school sweetheart and first real girlfriend, I just wanted to get away from her and Napa altogether. I didn't have any real desire to go to college, didn't know what the fuck I wanted to with my life in fact. Back then we all had a military obligation hanging over our heads. It was either enlist after high school or wait a few years and be drafted. I decided to get it over with so the Monday after I graduated I went down to Vallejo and with my parents permission since I was only 17 (but soon to be 18) I joined the Army. Being rather naive I thought it would be lots of fun, just like on the "Sgt. Bilko" TV show. Boy was I wrong there! I had no idea what I was in for and how much of my freedom and privacy would disappear, at least in the beginning months!

Five minutes after I arrived at the reception center at Fort Ord down by Monterey, I realized I that had made a BIG fucking mistake. Army life sucked, at least at the beginning! You have all these guys sleeping in one big open barracks room. Stupid, loud mouthed, obscene sergeants screaming at you day and night. Up at 5 o'clock and in bed about 10. Long days of rigorous training and boring classes. Horrible food in the mess hall. Worst of all for this horny young dude who had been masturbating daily since before puberty there was no place to jack off! Even in the latrines (toilet areas) there were no stalls, just a row of toilets side by side. You couldn't even take a crap in private, let alone beat your meat." What the fuck have I gotten myself into?" I thought to myself! To this days I still have nightmares about being back in basic training, in fact being back in the Army at all!

It got a bit better in a short time though. We were so fucking tired at the end of the day that most of us just drifted into a solid sleep before we could even start thinking about pussy. There were rumors that they were putting saltpeter in our food to prevent us from springing boners and getting horny but as far as I know that was just a myth. You are just too fucking exhausted to get a hard on! It's funny that I never even had a wet dream though. With all the jerking off I did it was quite obvious why never had one prior to the Army but why not now? In fact to this day, I've never had even one wet dream. Wonder if I've missed anything?

We didn't really get a break until the end of the forth week which was half way through Basic Training. With some free time finally on our hands, my pecker was suddenly coming to life again. I woke up with my first morning wood in four weeks! I knew I had to at least find a toilet with a stall to whack off in. Me and a buddy went into Salinas to try to hunt us up some poontang. After four weeks of looking at guys only, you won't believe how good all that young female flesh looked! I was mentally undressing and wanted to fuck them all, young and old! We were too young to go in bars and after several unsuccessful attempts to pick up some of the local girls close to our age on the street, we asked a cab driver if there were any whorehouses in town. He told us to get in and took us to a seedy hotel near the train station. There were several Mexican women standing outside. I was a bit nervous about this situation. I had never been with a whore and frankly there was not that much appeal there. However my dick was saying something else to me so we approached them. They were friendly and we soon agreed on going up to their rooms in the hotel with them for our choice of $20 fucks or blow jobs.

My whore was actually pretty nice, in her mid 20's I believe. I wanted a blow job but asked her to take off all of her clothes to do it. I also told her I wanted to cum in her mouth. She said okay to both requests if I promised her a $5 tip. She had a nice body and I had no trouble springing a big boner as I looked at her smooth brown skin, medium sized tits and very hairy pussy. She came over and went right to work on my dick It was my first full cum-in-mouth blow job since Vicki sucked me off at the drive in movie (and almost got sick...her one and only full BJ on me!) It did feel so good to have my cock sucked again, even if the experience didn't last very long. My pump was so primed that in just about 3 minutes I exploded in her mouth.

Four weeks of abstinence led to probably the most powerful ejaculation of my life. I suppose this whore was used to horny young GIs blasting off because she took the whole load in her mouth before getting up to go over the sink and spit it out. My first whoring experience was over all too quickly but it was just what I needed after four weeks of Basic Training and abstinence. I waited for my buddy who was still fucking his whore in the next room and then we went back to the post to eat. We didn't even have enough money left in our wallets to eat in town!

The weekend pass and sexual release made the last four weeks of Basic Training much more bearable. We were heading downhill now and getting used to all the Army bullshit. You quickly develop camaraderie with guys you live with day and night and soon you are laughing at the arrogance and stupidity of the sergeants and officers behind their backs. I never went back to the whorehouse in Salinas. When you are making $80 a month, you can't afford too many $20 blow jobs! I did find a rest room in the post library with a private toilet stall where I was able to escape to once in a while to jerk off in during the final weeks. I went into Monterey by myself on another weekend pass and after looking at all the lovely young stuff on the street, ended up jerking off in the balcony of a movie theater. I was beginning to realize that I was just going to have to adapt to the lack of privacy in the Army and find the times and places to sexually relieve myself one way or another.

We had two weeks leave after Basic and it sure felt good to be home and back to the privacy of my own room and family bathroom for regular jacking off there! I saw Vicki at the Uptown Theater one night with some dude I'd never seen before and that depressed me to no end. I avoided even letting her see me but realized I still hadn't got her completely out of my mind. At home I'm somewhat ashamed to say that I looked at my cute sister Karen with lust and wished I could talk her into jacking me off again like she did in that motel room in Santa Cruz several years ago. The two weeks went by all too quickly but at the end all I had to show for them was a sore dick from all that jacking off!
I next got sent to Washington State for ten weeks of aircraft electronics training. Those weeks were a big improvement over Basic Training. Most of the regimentation and harassment we experienced at Fort Ord was over. We were in class all day but had our evenings and weekends free. No drill sergeants yelling at us all day anymore. The barracks were nicer with cubicles (two bunk beds in each) instead of one big open room. Even the food in the mess hall was better and there was no more long hours on KP to ruin your day. Civilians now took care of that chore.

Most importantly there were doors on the toilet stalls in our barracks and plenty of other places on post that gave me the privacy to jack off regularly. I soon got back to my habit of almost daily whacking off. There wasn't much action in town although some of us went to Seattle on a couple of weekends. Seattle is a nice town but we never found any girls that wanted to associate with us let alone give us any pussy there. Those ten weeks of interesting advanced training went by all too quickly though. We all wondered what our next assignment would be. Some of us were hoping for a place close to home, others wanted to be stationed in Germany or Japan. Unfortunately when the orders came down, we were all sent to the last place on earth we wanted to go....fucking Korea! Damn the bad luck! More about that next time!


Elizabeth said...

Ok, if I have to wait, I have to wait.

I love your writing. It makes me hot. Very direct and no nonsense.

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for those kind words Elizabeth. I think I am a HORRIBLE writer. I wish I had your writing skills! However if it makes you hot, that is cool and makes me hot (and you can guess what that leads to!) Cheers!