Monday, November 21, 2005

Army Years 1958-61 (Part 3) One Last Time with Vicki

After my tour of duty in Korea had ended I arrived via troop ship back in the good old USA in late November 1959. I had a month's leave before my next duty post so I headed home to Napa to see my parents and sister Karen. Eight days at sea from Japan to Oakland with no privacy for jacking off made me super horny. It was strange being back in American civilian society after that year in Korea. Everything looked so good in the USA and nothing looked better to me than American women. I took the Greyhound bus from Oakland to Napa and couldn't keep my eyes off the young women on the bus. I fantasized eating and fucking them for the entire ride home. If that bus had a toilet, I'm sure I would have gone in and taken care of my throbbing cock right then and there, Damn I was horny!

Everyone was glad to see me at home of course. I gave my sister Karen, who had grown into a beautiful, sexy young woman a passionate kiss on the lips, probably for the first and only time in my life. Karen's fully developed breasts which I could feel when I hugged her were making my cock as hard as a rock. If my mom and dad were not in the house I think I probably would have been tempted to try to go even further, and most likely would have been quite properly rebuffed by Karen! The whores in Korea and Japan had temporarily satisfied my lust but what I really needed now was some good old American pussy! Even my sister looked just absolutely good enough to eat...among other things!

As soon as I had the chance, I went into my room, locked the door, took off my uniform and underwear, laid down on the bed naked and jacked myself off, most likely with fantasies about Karen in my dirty young mind! Oh did that jack off and that powerful ejaculation feel good!  The jacking off was to be repeated at least once a day, usually several times a day, during my month long leave. You really appreciate the small things like having the privacy of your own room after being in the barracks in Korea or (on the way home) the equivalent of a cattle ship for more than a year! Just being able to jack off totally in the nude was a luxury and knowing that it would be another year and a half until I could do it again made me take full advantage of that luxury. If anything the frequency of my masturbation during that leave exceeded that at the peak of my pre-Army years!

I was hoping to "get lucky" with some American girl on my leave and it finally happened with my old girlfriend Vicki but not until almost the end of my leave. I was still only 19, couldn't go in bars and there were few young pussy prospects in Napa for this guy who didn't even own a car. Lots of looking at the babes, lots of fantasizing about them and lots of jerking off to those fantasies! Karen told me that she thought Vicki was going to get married to some guy she had been going with for a while. That bummed me out big time so I didn't even think of calling her.
Just by coincidence I finally did meet Vicki at the Payless drug store in downtown Napa about a week before I was to head for my next duty post, Fort Bliss Texas. She surprisingly seemed really glad to see me. She was alone and wanted to know all about my experience in the Army and in Korea. I didn't even ask her about getting married and we said goodbye after a short conversation. I was surprised when she called me the following day (a Sunday) and asked me if I wanted to come over for lunch. I said yes of course. I expected her parents to be there but they were in Reno for the weekend. Vicki told me about junior college and brought me up to date on some of our high school friends. I finally asked her if it was true she was going to get married and she said she broke up with the guy. I suddenly felt a rising in my pants! Maybe I was going to "get lucky" during this leave after all!

 Even before we had lunch Vicki was the one who cuddled up to me on the couch and with that encouragement we started making out. Her warm lips tasted so good. Of course you don't kiss whores. You do nothing more than stick your cock in the pussies or mouths of whores and I hadn't done anything more than that with a girl since Vicki and I broke up. The kissing was nothing compared to the thrill of taking off our clothes, of seeing that lovely nude body again, of feeling and sucking her tits, of feeling her warm mouth on my cock again, and best of all of putting my face between her legs and eating her pussy. I don't think pussy has ever tasted so good in my life as on that Sunday afternoon!
I didn't have any condoms and suggested we just take care of each other orally but Vicki wanted to fuck. She said this was the time of month she didn't think she could pregnant (famous last words eh?) so I fucked her bareback for the first and only time in our relationship. We were smart enough to always use condoms when we went steady. I still remember how good it felt to cum inside her and not have to pull my dick out to take the condom off before it came off or some sperm loaded cum leaked out. We laid and talked for a while. Eventually Vicki started playing with my cock and I got hard again.  We fucked for the second time that day and for us as a couple the last time ever.

As good as the sex was, there was something missing. She was still the girl that had suddenly dumped me for another guy. I kept thinking about that and was still somewhat pissed at her. I wanted to tell her that but I didn't. Her parents were due home in early evening so I went home in late afternoon, sexually satisfied but still feeling sort of uneasy about the whole encounter. Since then I've learned it's a normal reaction after a breakup for's hard to go back to where you once were after you have been least for me.

Vicki and I promised to write each other and we did that a couple of times. I think she stopped writing first and in a phone conversation my sister told me she saw Vicki with another guy around town. Then in a later letter sent to me while I was still at Fort Bliss Karen told me she saw in the Napa Register where Vicki got married. She even enclosed me the clipping. The guy was another student at junior college and he was from Calistoga, at the other end of Napa Valley. I decided it was pretty much time to put Vicki out of my mind, although once in a while before I got a new girlfriend I still thought of her and even jacked off thinking of of what we used to do together. Hell, sometimes I still think of her today although she's no longer a jack off fantasy!

You just never forget your first girlfriend! I never saw or heard from Vicki again. Maybe she and her new hubby moved up valley or anywhere else in the state or country. I went to a couple of high school reunions and she wasn't there and nobody seemed to know what happened to her, even her best friend from high school. She's not registered on Classmates either. She's probably a grandma now. I suspect she would be very upset at me for giving the intimate details about our relationship here. Vicki darlin' if you ever stumble on these words, my apologies but I did love you during our all too short high school romance...and I'll never forget you! I hope you've had a good life!

I only had a few days leave left after that Sunday afternoon fucking session with Vicki. A few final jack off sessions in the room I grew up in and then I headed for Texas for my final year and a half of Army life.


Elizabeth said...

You know what? She probably still thinks about you, too. She might even think about you while she masturbates...yes, there are horny old women out there, too. Some of them look entirely respectable. (g)

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks Elizabeth! It would be good to know that Vicki was still thinking of me, while masturbating or even washing the dishes...good to know there are some horny old women out there too...I may be able to retire my right hand after all...nah on second thought I don't think I'll ever retire that right hand! Cheers!