Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Army Years 1958-61 (Part 4) Whores, a Nympho and Jail Bait!

Fort Bliss, my final Army duty post was a very nice Army post compared to what I had experienced in Korea. Modern two story barracks, nice facilities on post, adequate private places to indulge in my passion for jacking off, the big (although somewhat dumpy) city of El Paso right outside the main gate and Juarez, Mexico where the cheap booze and cheap pussy flowed freely right across the border. Between Korea and Juarez, I suppose the Army made sort of a whoremonger of me, thanks in great part to the places they sent me. There was a good group of guys in my barracks, no KP or guard duty and a light work schedule. Aside from having to wear a uniform and salute those goddamn officers, it was pretty much like civilian life. Our evenings and weekends were free to do what we wanted. The year and a half at Fort Bliss went by quickly.

Of course one of my first visits across the border was to the nightclubs and whorehouses of Juarez. They were pretty sleazy, as anyone who has visited Mexican border towns will testify to. As in Korea, the girls were friendly though and after a few cheap  drinks, many of us found ourselves upstairs with our dicks buried deep inside their hairy Mexican pussies. The girls were checked for diseases regularly and there didn't seem to be much danger of catching anything, at least in the better class of joints near downtown. They also checked your pecker to make sure you didn't have anything obviously wrong before you went in a room with a girl. That duty usually seemed to be performed by a fat middle aged or elderly Mexican woman, to whom you paid 50 cents for her inspection and approval of your pecker as I recall. I always felt pretty pretty silly during this procedure, especially when I had a semi-woody or full hard on in anticipation of the main event! It was like showing your stiff dick to your grandmother!

One time the required pecker check was a total embarrassment. I was pretty drunk and had a beer hard on from this whore playing with my dick under the table in the club. I had a full boner when I went for the check and as this poor woman was skinning me back to check me out, I shot off all over her. A premature ejaculation I suppose! Probably not the first time that happened in that whorehouse but they kicked me and my two buddies out of the club when I refused to pay for the fucking I didn't get. I never heard the end of that incident in the barracks. For the first few months at Fort Bliss I made regular trips across the border but it started getting old. The whores were OK but I wanted something what I had with Vicki in our prime high school days. I needed another real girlfriend!

A woman kept coming to our barracks to pick up a couple of the guys and take them with her in her car. I thought she was just one of their girlfriends but it turned out she was sort of a GI groupie nymphomaniac named Diane. She was in her mid 30's and worked at the base PX where she met many of the guys who soon ended up in her bed with their heads and cocks buried between her legs. Diane was particularly fond of two guys in my barracks. When they were gone one night, she started a conversation with me and soon invited me to have a drink with her off post. After a few drinks at a local watering hole she invited me to her apartment. I hadn't heard the story about her being a nympho cockhound at the time and was sort of surprised when she started coming on to me. Of course a stiff prick has no conscience so I was soon doing the nasty with her. I later found most of the rest of the guys in the barracks found themselves in the same position that I did at one time or another. She was sort of dumb but she sure liked to fuck and was a first class cocksucker too!

One night two other GIs I didn't even know showed up at her apartment while I was there drinking with her and we all got totally wiped out and took turns on her. No abuse whatsoever. She was the one who suggested the gang bang, the only one of those things that I've ever participated in. I think we all went back for sloppy seconds (or thirds!) and the party didn't break up until almost morning. She was a bit old for me though (I'd already done my older woman thing when I was 13!) and I also worried that there was more danger in catching something from her than from the Mexican whores so I started avoiding her most of the time. Again I wanted someone more my age to play "suck and fuck" with...and maybe have a romance along with the sex too. I bought a car to hopefully give me a few more opportunities.

We used to stop at an Oasis drive in restaurant which had the old fashioned car hops who we all flirted with. I dated one of those for a couple months. Dolores was a nice Mexican gal but I never got beyond kissing and copping a feel of her tits with her. I never got my hand or anything else below her waist. I begged for a hand job at the drive in movies we went to but she firmly told me to put that nasty thing away. She was pretty religious and straight laced, probably a virgin but I don't know that for sure. Dates with her always ended with sore nuts and jacking off in my car or the a toilet stall back on the post. I finally gave up on getting in her panties and stopped going out with her. Probably just as well because her parents hated my gringo guts!

I got talked into going to a square dance one night with a couple of buddies. It sounded like an absolutely awful idea to me but when they mentioned there being a lot of sweet young Texas poontang there, I felt a rising in my pants and decided to give it a try. Hey I'll be glad to that "Do-see-Do" and "Allenmande Left" stuff all night long if it might get be laid afterwards!  It turned out to be fun and there actually were lots of nice young women there by themselves in addition to the older ladies who were there with their boyfriends and hubbies. I had a good time!

I met a cute little red haired girl named Carolyn there. I danced with as much as possible with that sweetie that first night. I first thought she was college age but it turned out that she was only 16 and still in high school. Of course I was only 20 so there wasn't that much of an age difference back then. It's not like I was the dirty old man that I am today! I asked Carolyn out and she consented but told me to meet her downtown at the plaza instead of at her house because her parents didn't like her dating servicemen. We only had daytime dates at the beginning. It was usually a movie at one of the downtown theaters followed by a coke or snack at the Oasis drive in. We started parking and making out in secluded places around town. Carolyn had a boyfriend before so was used to kissing and petting but told me from the beginning that she was a virgin and intended to stay that way until she got married. Damn the bad luck!

Carolyn found an excuse to stay away from her house until midnight one night. We went to the Fiesta Drive-in Movie and did some heavy making out. Things were off to a good start with lots of kissing, some tit sucking and stinkfinger but I had to settle for a reluctantly given hand job to end the evening. No way she was going to get in the back seat with me and let me fuck her. She let me know that first night she was a virgin and intended to stay one until she got married. Damn the bad luck!

I rented a motel room on a several Saturday nights and we got naked and did some more heavy petting. Carolyn's body was absolutely luscious! Freckles all over and a delicious patch of red pubic hair (which I just love!) between those lovely young legs! Medium sized titties and one of the softest, cutest little butts I've ever seen in my life.

I spent hours kissing and sucking on those firm young tits and was soon burying my face between her legs and feasting on that sweet young virgin pussy. Unfortunately for me Carolyn never once returned the oral favors and yes I did ask! This was not all that unusual behavior for girls and young women in this time period (the early sixties.) Most of the "good girls" just didn't want to suck your dick. They thought it was something that only whores and sluts did...and back then they probably weren't too far from wrong! Fucking remained out of the question with Carolyn. The brand new condom in my wallet went unused.

Carolyn was however willing to jack me off at almost every one of our make out sessions though. Those frequent hand jobs in the car and the motel room and even once in her parents bed when they were out of town by her soft little hand definitely felt a lot better than than jacking myself off. I looked forward to our dates just for those hand jobs alone! Being an optimist I also figured that it was just a matter of time before I popped Carolyn's cherry or at least talked her into putting her sweet young mouth on my throbbing cock and giving me some head. Alas neither of those lovely things was not about to happen.

The good times with Carolyn came to an abrupt end one night when we got caught making out in my car which was parked on a dark street near her house right before I delivered her home. My fly was unzipped and Carolyn was rubbing my exposed cock, giving me a lovely good night hand job when this fucking El Paso cop came up to our window and shined his flashlight in. The cop saw what was going on and told me to put my dick away and zip it up and then asked for my ID (both California driver's license and military ID). He then asked Carolyn for her ID. She didn't have one so he took her name and address. He also asked her how old she was and she honestly told him 16. He took me aside and gave me a lecture about indecent exposure and public sex, especially with underage girls. I just kept answering "Yes sir" to everything he said to me. He told me to take her right home and he better not catch us like this ever again. I guaranteed to him that it would NEVER happen again. Unfortunately that was the truth!

I had hoped that cop's lecture would be the end of it but the following week I was called into our company commander's office. The fucking cop had told Carolyn's parents what she was doing, given them my name and told them that I was a soldier at Fort Bliss. They went right to the post commander, a general. Our captain who was a pretty good guy called me in and seemed a bit amused but did tell me that statutory rape is a serious charge. I told him we never went beyond what we were doing that night but he didn't seem to buy it. He told me that Carolyn's parents didn't want me to have any more contact with her whatsoever and those were his orders to me too. Again my repeated response was "Yes sir! Yes sir!" I tried calling Carolyn's house several times but her mom or dad always answered so I just hung up each time. A couple of weeks later I got a sweet letter from her saying that she was sorry but she couldn't go out with me any more. I kept that letter for a long time and I missed Carolyn a lot. She was a sweet, innocent young Texas girl and oh yeah how I would have loved to have stuck my cock in that sweet young red haired virgin pussy. A chance to pop my second cherry was now gone for good!

I also think that I was falling in love with Carolyn and might have even married her when I got out of the Army. Right now I might be an old fart grandfather down there in El Paso town driving a pick up truck. What a horrible thought that is! In retrospect it was a lovely few months with Carolyn even if I didn't get in those sweet panties, easily the highlight of my time at Fort Bliss. I wonder what ever happened to Sweet Carolyn? It's hard to imagine her as a 60+ year old grandmother now! I hope that she has had a good life and maybe even still has some fond memories of that brief relationship with that good looking and horny young GI named Mike a long, long time ago.

It was back to jerking off in toilet stalls and being sucked off by the Mexican whores for the rest of my time at Fort Bliss. I tried to connect with some more local El Paso girls but it never got beyond flirting. I got desperate and had a couple more pieces of Diane the nympho GI groupie's tail too. By the way, after I got out of the Army I heard from a buddy that Diane actually got married to one of the young GIs she took to bed and shortly thereafter the marriage had a baby. Who knows who the actual father was? Diane was a good gal though, lots of fun to be around in and out of the sack! Hope she had a good life too!

I was discharged from the Army in June of 1961, right before I turned 21 years of age. I said goodbye to my buddies at Fort Bliss and friends in El Paso and headed back to California wondering what the future would hold for me. The only thing I was sure of is that I wanted some more pussy! I remember pulling off to the side of the road several times to celebrate my new freedom by jacking off. I threw my Army uniform out of the car window while crossing the Arizona desert at night. In retrospect the Army wasn't so bad and probably matured me considerably. I was still damn glad to be out though!


Desireous said...

My goodness, you've certainly had some very interesting times haven't you?!!


socoolhoward said...

You are someone that I can related to because I now know the meaning of dirty old man because young women look so much better to me now. Where I use to turn up my nose, now I check out that butt first. With you about can't screw everyone now day, much as I love good Pu__y, not worth my life.

The Venting Housewife said...

You have lots of experiences to write about, I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. Definitely book material.

BrooklynCowboy said...

I agree, excellent post. I'm a decade + behind ya, pal, but I enjoy reading your material.

Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

Oh come on El Paso is not that bad and Juarez, well what can I say, it's my hometown. It's still the best place for night life and you should see how beautifull the girls are down here.

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comments people! Anastasia I didn't mean to come down too hard on El Paso town! After a year in Korea, this California boy was not too thrilled to be next assigned to Texas (although at least it was the pre-Bush era!). I really grew fond of the area and the people on both sides of the border during my year and a half there though. Forty three years later, I still have fond memories of that time in my life.