Thursday, November 03, 2005

Jacking Off to Ann Coulter!

Horny Old Guy is proud to announce that his Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy for November is the beautiful and talented and fucking nuts Ann Coulter. If you ignore all the right wing nonsense that comes out of her mouth, she looks like she might be a mighty fine fuck though! What a bod! It would be so much fun to fuck her,  to do to a  Republican what they are continually trying to do to the country! If I can only get her to shut up while I am laying some pipe in her in my fantasies! Ann Coulter looks like she would be a mighty fine cocksucker too! I wonder if she is a spitter or a swallower. My sincere apologizes if I have offended any of my Republican friends (either one of them). I love you all! Uh huh! Now let the jacking off to Ann Coulter begin! Annie baby I will be beating my meat to you every Saturday night all month! Hope it's good for you too baby!


Anonymous said...

Hehe! I am going to have to get that book!

kaliblue said...

LMAO. I see you don't have a preference (rep/dem) as long as its wet huh? *LOL*