Monday, December 26, 2005

Caught by the Maid!

Have you ever been caught in the nude or engaged in a sex act (jacking off, eating pussy, being sucked off, fucking or whatever) by a hotel or motel maid? I don't know what made me think of this subject but since I did let me blog about it since I have nothing else on my feeble and dirty mind this morning!

When I was in my early 30's, I was on a cross country road trip by myself. I checked into a motel in Needles California on a hot summer afternoon. It was hot and and uncomfortable in the room so I took off all of my clothes and laid on the bed while I watched TV and drank a beer. Something on the TV must have made me horny. As you probably know by now it doesn't take much to do  that! Any female clothed or unclothed past the stage of puberty will usually do the trick! Whatever it was on the TV that gave me a stiff dick, I decided to have a little afternoon jack off session. I was whacking it pretty good and close to cumming when all of the sudden the door opened and a tall young Mexican maid started to walk in. I still remember the shocked look on her face!

I didn't have anything close by to cover up with. My clothes were all on a chair across the room. I tried to cover my boner up with my hand but there was no way! She stared for what seemed like several seconds and then closed the door without saying a word. A minute later there was a knock on the door. I got up, quickly put my pants on and opened it. She apologized and told me she thought the room was vacant and needed making up. I said it was okay but she should knock first. I noticed she glanced down at my crotch where I still had quite a bulge and then she turned and walked away and I closed the door. She truly had a look in her eyes that made me strongly suspect that she was sexually aroused, like she wanted to fuck! In retrospect I should have invited her in or attempted to make a date for later! The very least I should have done was to finish what have started...kept jacking off until I shot my heavy load all over my stomach. I think she would have watched my little show until it's...uh...climax! Alas I'm too much of a gentleman (really I am!) to put on a vulgar show like that though!
I couldn't believe what a rush it was to have been caught jacking off by that maid! The only other previous time that I got caught was when my younger sister Karen walked in on me sitting naked on the toilet and whacking off when we were both teenagers and that was of course a total embarrassment. This was different though...unexpectedly getting caught jerking by a stranger! I wasn't embarrassed at all this time, only extremely turned on! My throbbing cock was about to bust out of my pants!  I pulled my pants off again and got back on the bed and finished what I had started, this time fantasizing what it would be like to fuck that young maid or to be sucked off by her. Oh what a rush and what a powerful ejaculation! From that day forward I have been sexually turned on big time by fantasies of being caught by the maid naked with a boner or better yet doing something nasty with that boner!

A couple of years later, me and a girlfriend were in a motel room in Southern California. As I was enjoying an afternoon fuck with my girlfriend on top I saw the door open and a middle aged African American maid started to come in. The door was behind my girlfriend and she didn't even realize what was happening. I could see the maid silently mouth the word "Oh!" and I just smiled at her. She closed the door most of the way but I could see she was still peeking through a crack. That REALLY turned me on and made the rest of the fuck a real rush. She watched the whole remainder of our sex show and only closed the door completely when my girlfriend started to get off me and my still oozing cum hard on. I then told my girlfriend what happened but she was not amused. She thought we should turn the maid in! It took a lot of persuasion on my part to talk her out of that notion. Just like the time in Needles, I had been extremely aroused by the whole experience of being caught with my pants down and my dick out...or should I say in this case dick "in"?

Still later, just a few years ago, I was in Winnipeg, Canada laying on my hotel bed, my cock exposed while enjoying a late evening jack off when there was a knock on the door. I didn't know anyone in town or the hotel and thought whoever it was had the wrong room so I just kept quiet and kept jerking. Suddenly the door opened and a sweet young Canadian maid actually stepped into the room for a second. Just like the Mexican maid in Needles, she had a shocked look on her face too. Haven't these motel babes ever seen guys with boners? The lights were low but she got a good look before saying "Sorry!" and closed the door. I was beyond the point of return and shot my wad as the door was closing. To this day I don't know what she wanted in my room...maybe she was delivering the mint for my pillow! I sure would like to have delivered something to her!

Those are the only three times that I can remember being caught in the act of jacking off or fucking by a maid although I have been caught in the nude a couple of other times, at least once with a full hard on. I usually walk around in the nude in hotel and motel rooms all the time just as I do most of the time at home. Most of the time maids knock before entering and I always answer them if I hear them but once in a while especially in late mornings they just walk right in and I always enjoy the cheap thrill of being caught buck naked, even more so if the old pecker is standing at full mast! I suspect we are all exhibitionists at heart, not to be confused with those crazy weenie wavers who deliberately show their "equipment" to people on street corners.
Apparently I'm not the only guy who gets turned on by fantasies of getting caught by the maid! When I was looking for some illustrations for this post I found a whole bunch of self made X rated videos of dudes being "surprised" (uh huh!) by the maids while beating their meat. They just happened to have their camcorders running and didn't answer the door when they heard the knock at the door and the call of "Housekeeping!" This appears to be a fairly widespread fetish. Do a search of "caught by maid" on one of the adult video sites like X Tube or Hamster and you'll see what I mean!  It's quite obvious that I have lots of company in getting a rush out of this particular fantasy. Maybe I'll start bringing my camcorder on my trips to hotels too. Then again maybe I won't! See you next time!


David said...

When I was at University we lived in dorms similar to a cheap motel. The Cleaner would had a key and never bothered to knock. She regularly interupted myself (and many others) as we fucked our girlfreinds, never even pausing as she came into the room to empty the trash. The only comment she ever made was when she cam in as I was fucking a girl in the arse.
"You should wear a jonnie (condom) for that" she muttered as she left!

Love the site - will link it to my blog if thats ok.

dirty girl said...

I fantasise about being caught masturbating all the time. The thought gets me hot.... I did (almost) get caught in a car once, not masturbating but getting eaten out by a boyfriend. It was mid day and we parked up in a car park to have some lunch and one thing led to another and his head disappeared. i must have let my eyes close for a few seconds and didnt notice two guys walk past our car.... I think they saw, and they sat on a bench quite close to us. I came long and hard as I was trying to remain discreet!!

I love your site too.... love the idea of fucking some horny older guy!