Saturday, December 03, 2005

Flickr'ing and Jerking!

One of my guilty pleasures is going to every night and typing in the word "nude" in the "Find a photo of" box. On the next screen click on "most recent" and then click on "show thumbnails" to make browsing easier. You can then click on any thumbnail that looks appealing to enlarge that picture. There is always a nice selection of brand new nekkid babes which never fail to make my ancient but still functioning weenie come to life. The photos are the work of both amateur and professional photographers and are of generally extremely good quality. Not really porno, more just artistic and candid nudes of lovely, natural mostly non-model women which I find extremely erotic! If you are looking for pics of nekkid guys (not my thingy!) you can find those there too. There are thousands of pics in the nude archive for your browsing pleasure. Use your imagination and type in other erotic words and explore other archives. You can run slide shows of different groups of pics or works of individual photographers. I really love this site and needless to say, it gives me lots of inspiration for my favorite solitary activity...jacking off! Horny Old Guy says check out I think you'll like it!

For your viewing pleasure here are a few more pictures from the web that, if you are a straight horndog like me, will inspire you to join me in my favorite solitary activity:

So check out guys (and gals too!) ! Hope the resulting "happy ending" will be as good as mine! Cheers!


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Shay said...

thanks for the tip!

jungle jane said...

i guess girls are wired differently - it's great fun looking at the pictures but few of us stare at pictures in order to flick the bean:-)

great blog, Horny!