Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Twenties (Part 1) Sowing My Wild Oats

Okay so here we are back in the summer of 1961. I had just been discharged from the Army and was back at the family home in Napa again. I got an immediate surprise at home when I found my sister Karen had suddenly got married to her high school boyfriend. The two lovebirds ran away to Reno on a weekend and came back married, much to both set of parents surprise. Later I was to find a little thing called pregnancy had a lot to do with the sudden elopement. The house seemed strange without my Karen around. You may be relieved to know that's about the time my incestuous desire for her pretty much came to an end too. Hey she was married! There was no chance of getting in her panties anymore, not that I ever had much chance I suppose.

The sense of freedom that came with getting out of the fucking Army was great! It felt even better than getting out of high school! I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life so I just decided to loaf the summer away and make my biggest objective finding some new pussy to fuck. At least I had a car now, which gave me a few more options for finding babes and taking them to places where we could do the nasty. Living at home didn't have much appeal for me any more. After three years in the Army I definitely needed my own space but that would have to wait until I found a job. For now it was nightly jacking off in the room I grew up in...and for some reason I felt sort of guilty about doing that there for the first time in my life.

My first piece of tail after the Army was a quickie fuck in the park with a jail bait sweetie pie. I went to the Kay Von Drive In Movie by myself one Saturday night. You always feel strange at a drive in mociw by yourself but I didn't have a date and wanted to see the movie that was playing there. There was a group of high school age girls in the next car and at intermission this young sweetie came over to me and asked me why I was alone. I told her I didn't have a girlfriend and she said "Oh!" and walked away. Her and her friends went to the snack bar and when they came back I asked her if she wanted to watch the movie with me. Her friends giggled but she said okay and got in the car with me. I didn't want a car load of giggling teenage girls watching us so I moved the car to the back row of the drive in, the favorite place for for amorous couples to make out.

It didn't take long before I had my cutie close to me and we were doing some heavy kissing. She was young but obviously had some experience in that department. Copping a feel proved no problem and I soon had my hand in her blouse and under her bra. Of course my cock was soon throbbing like crazy. I laid her down on the front seat, unhooked and removed her bra and felt and sucked on those sweet young titties. Fuck that goddamn movie I came to see! I took her hand and put it on my crotch so she could feel how hard I was. I asked her to take my cock out and she did it. She started to rub it up and down but I wanted and needed more than a hand job this night. I asked her if she was a virgin and she said no. I then asked her if I could fuck her. She said she didn't want to fuck at the drive in. My rear seat was hardly big or comfortable enough for that anyway! I suggested we leave and find another place. She said okay as long as I would promise to take her home before midnight. That was fine with me. All we needed now was a place to fuck! The problem was that I couldn't take her to my house with my parents there and she likewise lived at home and her parents would have frowned on me slipping the big salami to their little darling. I also didn't have any money or a credit card for a motel.

To make a long story short, we ended up fucking in a city park in downtown Napa. I had a sleeping bag in my trunk which we laid down in a dark, secluded spot under a tree and we fucked right there. It was great! Fucking outdoors on a warm summer night! Nasty, juicy unprotected (no condom in my wallet!) sex with a sweet, tight young high school babe! Life just doesn't get much better than that my friends! Yeah I know! She was jail bait and I should have learned my lesson with my El Paso girlfriend after that cop caught us but when you are young you do some stupid fucking things. "A stiff prick truly has no conscience!" as that old saying goes! After we got through fucking I took her home. She hadn't told me before but she lived way up valley in Calistoga and we barely made it to her house before midnight.

My jailbait sweetie pie gave me her name and phone number and told me to call her but I decided I better leave well enough alone. As much as I wanted some more of that sweet, tight young pussy, I started thinking about what would happen if I had knocked her up or if she told her parents or anyone else that I had fucked her. I could end up in fucking jail! I stayed away from the Kay Von Drive In for the rest of the summer. Thankfully, I never saw her again anywhere in town. I still get hard thinking about that night although I regret that unsafe sex! I'd be the first to admit that my condom-less jail bait fuck was a stupid and irresponsible act but of course "it take two to tango" and boy that was one fine tango! Thanks darlin' and sorry I don't even remember your name!

When I turned 21 that summer I immediately started hitting the bars around Napa. Of course I had visited bars in Korea, Japan and Mexico while in the Army but now I could finally drink legally in California. I was hoping to find some hot young poonie in them of course but most seemed to be full of mostly grumpy, chain smoking old men and a few middle aged to elderly couples. I finally found a country bar on the highway between Napa and Vallejo which had live music, dancing and quite a few young single women. I quickly found that on Friday and Saturday nights it was pretty easy to hook up with one of those single women, especially after midnight. Dance with them, buy them a couple of drinks and there was a pretty good chance you would be going out the door with them.

If you were lucky your new found friend would take you her place, assuming there was no hubby, kids or roommate there! With a little more luck and some expert pussy eating you'd soon have your cock buried between her legs fucking her brains out. At the very least you could usually make out in the parking lot and hopefully come away with a hand job or better yet a nice juicy blow job, which were still sort of hard to come by in those days. Since I was still living at home, it had to be their place, not mine, to do the nasty in. I had several nice one night stands that summer including a couple in motels when their was no way we go to their places.

One quickie roll in the hay with a nurse from the Napa Mental Institution named Marlene even led to a short term relationship that suddenly ended as quickly as it started when she decided to go back with her ex. Frankly Marine and I had nothing in common anyway, except that I loved to bury my face and my dick between her warm thighs and she seemed to like me doing both! Marlene gave great head in foreplay too although like most American women in the early 1960's she drew the line at full blow jobs, damn the bad luck!

Living at home was really starting to get to me. After living in a family environment until I was 18 and then three years of fucking Army barracks life, I desperately wanted my own place. I needed a place to bring the babes too! My parents were also beginning to get on my nerves with complaints about me coming in late or not until the next morning, and sometimes half drunk. My unemployment checks were also running out. It was time to get to work and get my own place! I decided that it would be best to make a complete break from the family and from Napa. My Army electronics training qualified me for several civilian employment opportunities. I considered Pacific Gas and Electric (the local power company) and the telephone company but decided to first apply at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield (about 40 miles from Napa) and to my surprise was immediately offered a pretty decent job, similar to the work I'd done in the Army. I commuted home to Napa nightly for about a month but as soon as I had a little money saved up, I got an apartment in Fairfield and closed the door on my boyhood home in Napa for good.

Just as getting out of the Army gave me an amazing sense of freedom, so did my first apartment. I could do everything that I wanted to do in peace and privacy now. Just simple things like eating what I wanted and watching the TV programs I wanted without my dad saying "Change the channel!" I could go to bed when I wanted and get up when I wanted and stay out all night if I wanted. I could sleep in the nude, walk around naked with a boner all day and jack off to my heart's content, and believe me I was doing just that! I bought a stash of dirty books and magazines for visual inspiration for daily jerking off. Of course what I REALLY wanted to do was bring some babes back to the apartment and fuck their brains out! That initially proved a little more difficult than I imagined though. I worked in an almost all male environment (mostly uniformed Air Force personnel) at Travis and I had yet to find a bar with lots of available babes like the country joint between Napa and Vallejo. There was lots of jacking off in those first few months in Fairfield but even that was more fun in my new apartment!

About Christmas time in that year (1961) I became friendly with a woman who lived two doors down from me in my apartment building. At first it was just "Hi" when we saw each other outside but we soon started making small talk more and more. She was another (sigh) older woman...in her mid 30's, divorced with a 12 year old daughter Sarah. June had blond/brown hair, wore glasses and was what you call "pleasantly plump" I suppose. She at first seemed just "nice" rather than sexy and I really didn't expect to end up so quickly in her bed and between her legs but that's just what happened. She invited me to dinner one Sunday afternoon when her daughter was at her dad's for the weekend. A few glasses of wine loosened both of us and she was the one who started coming onto me as we sat on the couch. It almost seemed like I was a 13 year old paper boy with Barbara (the older woman who introduced me to sex) again. Being seduced by another older woman! Deja vu all over again! My shyness was now gone for good though and I was ready, willing and able to eat that pussy and fuck her! We were soon naked in her bed and making out like a couple of horny teenagers.

We didn't have any condoms so we didn't go beyond fondling and oral sex that afternoon. June gave great head and unlike Marlene let me cum in her mouth beginning with the first time she sucked me. That alone was a big incentive for me to continue our relationship! I had learned to love those full cum-in-mouth blow jobs in the service but in the 1950's and early 1960's, most young American women (that I encountered anyway and other guys have told me the same thing) just did not think blow jobs were ladylike...it was something that only whores and sluts did in their minds and at the time not far from the absolute truth. Fortunately that idea was to go by the wayside in the sexual revolution that was soon to come. June, like Barbara didn't have any reservations about sucking cock during every round of foreplay and was willing to give me a full blow job once or twice a week. June was just what I needed at the time Wow!!

June also loved to fuck so I soon purchased and o kept a supply of rubbers in my apartment for when she came over. Her daughter was home most of the time so my place became our main screwing place. We would fuck as much as 4 or 5 times a week, mostly quickie fuckathons because she didn't want to be away from her daughter that much. When her daughter spent the weekends with her dad, we had the luxury of more prolonged lovemaking and I usually slept over at her place. She wanted to stay in her own  apartment in case her daughter called and that was okay with me. When she was having her period or didn't feel like fucking she was always willing to suck me off and I sort of looked forward to those times even more than the fucking Oh my God could June suck a cock! Wow! I still get hard when I think of those juicy blow jobs of hers!

Of course I returned the favor with lots of muff pussy eating and I think that it was between June's legs that I sort of became an expert at that activity. June was the first woman that had let me know exactly how she wanted to be pleased orally and with with instruction and practice comes perfection I think. I've had lots of compliments and no complaints on my oral skills over the years so I must be doing something right! To this day, I just love to eat pussy...almost as much as I love to get sucked off!

The relationship with June lasted a little more than a year. I never strayed during that time. She was pretty much keeping me pussy whipped! I also just liked being with her, going to movies, out to eat, even shopping. I also got along well with her daughter Sarah. Somewhere around the one year mark, June began to get way too serious for me though. I didn't mind all those "I love you"'s in and out of bed but she began to throw the "m" word (marriage) around way too much for me. "When are we going to get married?" became a familiar refrain in bed, usually right after we fucked. That was a question I really didn't want to answer! In my mind our relationship was mainly sexual, with a lesser but still very pleasant friendship factor. I liked June but I didn't love her. Anyway she was almost 15 years older than me and at that point in my life I really didn't want to become a husband or a step father to a soon to be teenage girl.

There could have been some major complications regarding June's daughter Sarah too. She was just starting to go through puberty and noticing her budding breasts and more shapely body I was having some feelings I probably shouldn't have been having, particularly when her curvy little rump was sitting on my lap, her buns straddling my dong. She also had the habit of walking around in various states of undress, mostly with at least panties on but I saw her completely nude coming out of the shower a couple of times which caused the reaction in my pants you would expect and prompted me to go in the bathroom "take care of business" if you know what I mean.''

Hey I'm only human you know and show me a man, even a (gasp!) father who wouldn't have been aroused at such a lovely sight. Sarah had one cute little butt...among other things! I'm happy to say that I was a perfect gentleman around Sarah at all times though! Even as a young man I understood the concept that "look but don't touch" is the best policy with jailbait! Sarah was Lolita like but I knew I had to keep my distance, not only because of fear of going to jail but also out of respect for her mom June...and well just because I knew it was the right thing to do! I have nothing but contempt for guys who do the wrong thing in situations like this!

As much as I enjoyed fucking June and getting sucked off by her I finally had to tell her that I just wasn't ready to get married. She got pretty pissed off. Things started to cool considerably between us. The fuck fests got reduced to a couple of times a week and just weren't what they once were. She tried one final time to get me to take her to get Reno and get married one weekend when Sarah was at her dad's. Once more I just flat out told her I wasn't ready to get married to anyone. She responded by saying she didn't want to see me anymore. I said okay and left her apartment for the last time, feeling both sad and yet relieved at the same time. It was now definitely time to move on! I figured the best thing was to move out of that apartment and get away from June altogether. I gave my 30 day notice right after that. I didn't even tell June I was going to move (she wasn't talking to me anyway!) and at the end of the next month moved out in the daytime when I knew she would be working and Sarah would be in school. I never saw either of them again. June was a good gal though and was just what I needed at the time! I hope both she and Sarah had a good life!


Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

I so much love your blog!
enjoy every word and even visualize.
you are so blunt and it's very refreshing.

Listen I just open my new page hope you can visit.

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for those kind words Anastasia! Check out Anastasia's sexy blog y'all! She is a definite babe and is making me forget Martha Stewart as my Jack Off Fantasy of the Month!

Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

Thanks for that! I never thought I would be going up against Martha on that one. jajaja
Well maybe Martha and I can share the month, I wouldn't mind going at it with her a couple a times.