Monday, December 19, 2005

My Twenties (Part 3) Back to Jacking Off /Mustang Ranch Memories

Well it won't take long to relate the story of the final years of my twenties and the very limited sexual activity that I experienced during that time, most of it provided by my right hand. After my divorce from Margaret, I went into a funk that lasted into my early thirties and only ended when I found a new love. I was extremely depressed after the divorce and felt like I was a total failure. I missed our daughter Jennie tremendously but she was still too young to take places or spend much time with. I still had very strong sexual urges but didn't even feel like going out to the bars or anywhere else to search for company. It was still a mostly all male environment at work so there was no chance of meeting anyone there. I went back to being a compulsive masturbator, jacking off almost every day, sometimes more than once. Hardcore magazines were now legally available for the first time and I bought a supply of them for visual inspiration, not that I really needed any. I was still a horny teenager at heart!

One night I had a few feet of film left in my 8mm movie camera. Just for the hell of it, I decided to take off all of my clothes and photograph myself jacking off. I wasn't sure if it would get through the drug store photo lab since explicit sexual images were still totally taboo there and everywhere else in our society. I used a phony name and kept my back to the camera just in case my film got seized. I didn't think that the labs would check 8mm movies and I was correct. The film was returned with no problems and I got sort of turned on watching myself jack off on a movie screen. I've repeated that experiment over the years using various movie and video cameras. Of course video made things much easier! What's the harm in taking pictures of your favorite activities huh? Isn't that what movie and video cameras are for? The frame above is from that very first 8mm film, dated 1969 or 1970.

As I said in a previous post one thing that I really missed during my marriage was blow jobs! Margaret seldom gave me head even in foreplay even though she really seemed to enjoy my regular and expert muff diving. She never sucked me all the way off even once in our four year marriage. I had heard about the legendary Mustang Ranch whorehouse just east of Reno and decided to pay it a visit one afternoon after the divorce to get what had been so missing in my marriage, a blow job! It indeed did turn out to be a cheap thrill, picking a prostitute from the long line of young women and going into her room and letting her suck me off with no strings attached. Back then full cum in mouth blow jobs were cheap ($15-20.) The johns had their peckers checked by the whores and the whores had regular medical exams. Herpes and AIDS had not raised their ugly heads yet so condoms were not necessary for fucking or for blow jobs. I made several repeat visits to the Mustang, always opting for a "full French" which was their term for a cum-in-mouth blow job. I had no interest in fucking the whores. It was so much more fun to just lay back and let them suck me off.  Oh how those blow jobs did feel good, especially after four years of not being completely sucked o!

So that was the extent of my sex life for the rest of my twenties. Daily jacking off and a few blow jobs at the Mustang Ranch! Not too exciting I know but that's all there was! I'm not about to make up stories about affairs that never took place. There were better and worse days to come and I'll talk about them at a later date. Thanks for reading whoever you are out there in cyberspace! See ya' next time!

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