Monday, January 30, 2006

My Thirties (Part 5) Back to the Bars!

The first sex (aside from jacking off of course!) I had after my divorce from Julia was a blow job from one of the whores up at the Mustang Ranch near Reno. The price had doubled, from $20 to $40, since I was last there but the "full french" cum-in-mouth blow job felt as good as usual. I didn't miss Julia that much after I caught her cheating but I sure missed her warm mouth on my cock! A few miles east of Reno was a long way to drive just for a blow job though and I soon decided to go out and try to find someone more local to take care of my sexual needs. I wasn't all that eager to get in another serious relationship at the time, definitely not another marriage! I just wanted some PUSSY!

I started to hit the bars again. It had been fifteen years since I experienced those one night stands resulting from frequenting the country western bar between Napa and Vallejo. That was right after I got out of the Army. My buddies on the base in Sacramento now clued me in to some swinging joints out in the North area and I was soon checking them out one by one. Once again I found that the best time to score was on a Friday or Saturday night after midnight. Dance with the babes, buy them a drink or two and with any luck at all you would be going home with them before closing time. The late 1970's, before anyone had heard of herpes or AIDS, were some pretty wild times. The sexual revolution was in full swing. Most of the women were on the pill or other birth control and ready and willing to suck and fuck. It was a very good time to be a horny single guy!

I must have gone home with several dozen women in the next couple of years. Usually it was just for a one night stand but sometimes I would see them in the bar again and go home for a repeat performance. Sometimes there were follow up phone calls and dinner dates and other times where I'll admit I didn't even get their names. Sometimes I couldn't even remember where they lived after I drove home and a couple times I woke up and said "Where am I and who the fuck is that in bed with me?" to myself. Admittedly heavy drinking was involved and I regret the times I was driving when I shouldn't have been. Fortunately I was never involved in any accidents.

The sex was generally super! Most of the women were much wilder in bed than my first wife and earlier girlfriends. Julia my second wife did have quite an appetite for sex of course...but she was gone now (and good riddance to her!)

You could take it for granted that you were almost for sure to get some oral action in this much more sexually permissive era which certainly appealed to me. Of course you were expected to return the favor with some professional muff diving and I was more than willing to do that too. By then there were few women that wouldn't suck your dick at least in foreplay and thanks to the sexual revolution and porn most of them didn't regard full cum-in-mouth blow jobs as something that only whores and sluts performed. Some of them would even suck you off on a first date! Not quite as good as today when apparently even teenage girls look at blow jobs the same way teen girls of my generation looked at good night kisses (Well Hell yes I'm envious!!!) but at the time I was pretty happy! I didn't even need to take any more trips all the way up to the Mustang Ranch to get my weenie sucked!

The excess alcohol did take it's effect a couple of times and I lost my boners but most of the women were very understanding and helped me get hard again with their hands or mouth. I have to admit that I greatly enjoyed the variety of sexual partners I had and all the fucking I did in those couple of years! It was sort of fun wondering who your next no hassle piece of tail was going to be. There were of course some times that I went home alone and relieved my horniness by jacking off but more often than not I would find a partner before the 2:00 am closing call. There was a fat but nice woman named Louanne at one bar who was always good for going home with and getting a blow job from if you found yourself horny and alone at closing time. She didn't even expect you to go down on her and she definitely didn't want you to fuck her. She would just be content to suck you off if you would just be nice and talk to her and pet her beloved cats.
I was very surprised when one of the women I took home during those years turned out to be a virgin. Virgins are hardly what you expect to meet and take home and fuck at a swinging country bar but of course virgins do go to bars, younger ones in particular. I would guess most of them have the intention of just having fun, maybe meeting someone new, rather than getting fucked for the first time in their life. This gal I met and hooked up with was in her mid twenties, rather plain and thin with glasses, what we used to call "the librarian type". I think her name was Leslie. She was with some girl friends and one of them actually whispered to me that Leslie was a virgin. I thought her tipsy friend was joking but it turned out to be true.

Leslie admitted her virginity as soon as we got into bed and started making out. Fortunately we were at my place where I had condoms and K-Y Jelly available. Lots of foreplay (especially oral!) and lots of K-Y did the trick and the popping the cherry and first fuck went much more smoothly for both of us than it did with my first girlfriend Vicki and my first wife Margaret. Leslie was a sweet gal and quite lovely with her clothes off. She stayed all night and we fucked again in the morning. I hoped to see (and fuck!) Leslie again, maybe even have a long term relationship with her, but I never saw her or her girlfriends at the bar again. I wondered if her friends brought her there just one time to hopefully get her laid. I didn't even get Leslie's last name or phone number that first and only night with her, which was quite normal for me in those days. As I mentioned above there were other times that I didn't even get a first name!

The worst thing that happened during that time was getting caught in the act a couple of times. One woman's teenage daughter caught her mama sucking on my cock and was was quite shocked. At that age I guess it's hard to imagine your mother doing anything as nasty as that, especially to a stranger. Even more embarrassing and potentially deadly to myself, I got caught by a woman's husband while I was pounding the pork to his wife one drunken Saturday night. I'm pretty sure the gal told me that she was separated from her ex earlier that night but old Bubba walked in on us while I had my cock buried deep inside his old lady and was fucking her brains out. Holy Shit! Bubba was not a happy camper and I can't say that I blame him!

Thank God that dude didn't have a gun handy and that I was bigger than he was! Lots of screaming between the two of them and him at me. I just kept saying "I'm sorry man!" It was like a scene from a bad movie as I ran out of the house half dressed, my shoes in my hands. It's funny now but not then, believe me! I met the woman again in the bar and she told me Bubba was now out of her life for good. She wanted me to come home with her again but I said "No thanks baby!" I'm not sure I that would have been able to get it up after what happened that first night with her! Talk about losing your boner in a hurry!

Another embarrassing incident was when I started to take what I thought was a woman home and it turned out to be a man! Fortunately we were still in my car in the bar parking lot when I put my hand down between his/her legs and felt a bulge bigger than my own! WHOA DUDE! He wanted to suck me off right then and there but I told him no thanks! It thankfully didn't get as far as it did in the cartoon at left. This was the thing you might expect in San Francisco but I wasn't expecting it in Sacramento. I must have been very naive back then! I'll have to admit that this dude had me fooled. Of course I was pretty drunk on my ass too. I did tell him in no uncertain terms to get the fuck out of the car . He apologized and jumped out and headed right back into the bar. I saw him there several times after that but needless to say gave him a wide berth! I warned a few guys who were getting cozy with him too, maybe even saving him from getting beat up by guys a lot more macho than I am! Surprises like that I can do without!

I met a waitress named Trudy in one of those bars. She became more than a one night stand and actually lived with me for a while in 1978 and early 1979. That of course put an end to my looking for action at the bars for a while. She was a short dark haired Puerto Rican gal, divorced and in her early 30's with a 6 year old son. I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a rental house to accommodate them both. We split the rent and utilities. The kid got on my nerves from the beginning and after a while his mama did too. We didn't have that much in common besides the sex to begin with and having the kid around often even made that difficult. Trudy was very religious and very conservative politically when she was not in bed. I also couldn't stand the ethnic food she regularly prepared. I soon found I'd made another big mistake and told her it just wasn't working out and we should really split up. She didn't seem to object that much but said she wanted to stay in the house. That was okay with me. The decade ended with me settling into another apartment and back trolling the bars for more one night stands. I was also still drinking way too much!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Inspiration for Jacking Off...Circa 1953!

I found and purchased an old 1953 copy of Holiday magazine in a used book store yesterday. Holiday was a travel magazine with lots of color pictures in it. My parents subscribed to it for years during the time I was growing up . This particular issue had a couple of photographs that I distinctly remember from my super horny teenage years. I scanned them for your enjoyment. Remember that there was no internet way back then. Hardly any of us had any access to pornography (which was of course still illegal) and even the men's magazines (also hard to find for most of us kids) only showed tits and ass. Display of pubic hair and genitals and any depiction of explicit sex was strictly taboo in all media in those days.

It was hard for us horny young dudes to find visual inspiration for jacking off way back then...not that we really needed THAT much inspiration you understand! The best most of us horny teenage boys could do was find the rare picture of a topless maiden like this from Holiday or National Geographic magazine if we were lucky enough to have it in our house. Our family subscribed to Holiday and particular issue of Holiday made many trips to the bathroom with me and looking at these pictures I can see why. I sprung a boner while looking at these lovely topless maidens in the bookstore yesterday and just for old times sake I think I'll gaze at them again the next time I jack off. That "next time" will probably be right after I make this post. Maybe I'll even take them into the bathroom with me and make it "deja vu" all over again! Enough nostalgia for today! See ya' later folks and as always thanks for reading this nonsense!

Monday, January 23, 2006

My Thirties (Part 4) Back to Jacking Off...Again!!!

I went into a funk after my divorce from Julia just like I did after the divorce from Margaret. This one wasn't nearly as bad though and only lasted a short time. It's probably because I really wanted to get out of the marriage this time because of Julia's cheating on me. There was also no young daughter that I dearly loved and missed to complicate my feelings as there had been with my divorce from my first wife Margaret. I felt like a failure both times even though this time the divorce was definitely not my fault. Divorce can be painful regardless of the circumstances involved. I was pretty determined that I would never make the marriage mistake again...and to this day I haven't! Time heals all wounds though...or at least most of them!

Soon after Julia left I began feeling horny again. The first  couple of times I tried to jack off I couldn't even get my dick hard, although I was eventually able to ejaculate since you don't need a full erection to jack off. I wondered if I was becoming impotent at such a young age. There were still porno theaters around so I started going back to them and soon had no trouble springing big boners and jacking off while watching the porn. Soon I didn't even need the porn to get my pecker to spring to attention and be ready for some exercise. However the VCR had just been introduced so I bought one of those things along with a few porno tapes for my at home viewing and masturbating pleasure. Every little bit of diversion you can find helps when you're trying to get over a personal crisis, a marriage break up in particular!

Later I bought a black and white video camera and occasionally videotaped myself performing my favorite solo activity. The video frame above is from the first jack off video I ever shot of myself with my video camera, in 1977 I believe. Of course I'd done the same thing with my 8mm and Super 8 movie cameras a few times but video made it much easier for us horndogs to produce our own home made porno, even when we were just by ourselves...and yeah I know...that's silly!

So it was back to almost daily jacking off again. It felt strange after four years of Julia taking care of almost all of my sexual needs but I soon got used to doing it myself and jerking off still felt just as good as it always did. Something was missing though. Once you get used to regular blow jobs and pussy as well as the other non-sexual benefits of female companionship, it's sort of hard to do without them. After about six months of moping and jerking off I was about ready to go out and search for some new poontang again! This time I was determined there would be no wedding rings involved!

Friday, January 20, 2006

My Thirties (Part 3) On the Road to Divorce...Again!

Right after I married Julia we bought a house in the Rancho Cordova section of Sacramento. As it was with my first wife Margaret those first couple of years with Julia were extremely enjoyable. The regular sex was even better than it was with Margaret! Julia liked to fuck much more than Margaret and additionally she gave me the oral attention Margaret never would, including full cum-in-mouth blow jobs. Saturday night blow jobs became a weekly ritual and gave me an extra reason to look forward to the weekend. Oral was always a part of our foreplay too.  I enjoyed burying my face in that lovely red haired muff of Julia's as much as I enjoyed being sucked by her warm, wet mouth.

Julia and I decided in the beginning that we didn't want children so Julia stayed on the pill and condoms were not necessary which of course I liked. We were fucking as much as four or five times a week and Julia would always take care of me with her hand or mouth when she was not in the mood (which was rare!) or when she was having her period. I'd return the favors with my expert pussy eating on demand. There was little reason to jack off for the first time in my life and life was good!
Aside from the great sex, I just enjoyed being with Julia. Going on weekend trips and vacations, going out to dinner and the movies, just staying home and watching TV. I got along well with her family and she got along well with mine. We both made decent money at our on base jobs and had no financial problems at all. I began to finally think I'd found the life long partner of my dreams.

Unfortunately Julia fell in love with an Air Force captain (a fucking lawyer!) in her legal department on the base. I'm not exactly sure when the love affair began but it was about two years into our marriage, in the fall of 1975 I think, that things started to turn sour. I began to get a bit suspicious when she kept talking about the captain at home...what a nice guy he was, how smart he was, how much she liked to work with him, etc. I actually met the asshole once at a dinner and he seemed to me a boring, nerdish type of guy. I didn't think he was any threat to our marriage at all in the beginning. It was only when Julia started coming home later more often that I REALLY became suspicious. She said she was just going out for drinks after work with her girlfriend, which was her ex roommate Shirley, who I knew. She had done that occasionally in the past but now it was much more often, two or three times a week. She also went "shopping" more on weekends, again supposedly with Shirley, but she seldom came back with many purchases, sometimes none at all. She was still pleasant to me, the sex continued to be great but I could tell something was now missing in our relationship. The talk continued at the dinner table and even sometimes in bed (Grrrrr!!!) about how this wonderful Captain Barnett (who she now called just "David") was.

I looked up the captain's address in the phone book and one Saturday afternoon when Julia was out "shopping" I borrowed a friend's car (so my own car wouldn't be spotted) and drove out to his apartment complex in Citrus Heights. I parked as far away from his unit that I could and still see the stairs to his apartment. I had no idea what kind of a car he drove so I didn't know if he was home or not. I didn't see Julia's car anywhere in the area which was a sign that my suspicions might not be grounded after all. Of course they could be parking and making out in a secluded spot somewhere...or maybe there was nothing more than friendship going on and she really was just shopping with Shirley...but I somehow doubted the latter. I sat there for almost two hours, was about to leave when I spotted Julia and "David" coming down the stairs from his apartment, hand in hand. He gave her a big smooch and then they both got in his car and drove away. I can't say I was totally surprised but I still felt sick! Hurt and angry and sick! It's probably a good thing I've never been a gun owner! Looking back I probably should have gone over and punched Captain David out! Ever sense I was in the Army I've had the desire to deck an officer. Then again the Captain could have punched me out instead! I'm really more a lover than a fighter!

I finally got composed enough to drive home but I was rummy. It's amazing that I didn't wreck my friend's car! I got home about an hour before Julia and poured myself a stiff drink and tried to calm down. When Julia came home I asked her if she went anywhere besides shopping and she said no. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. I then confronted her with what I had seen and started screaming at her. She screamed back that I shouldn't be spying on her and started crying and locked herself in our bedroom. When she came out to use the bathroom I screamed at her some more and called her more vulgar names. I was pissed and I think I had a right to be. I never cheated once in either of my marriages and I don't think I deserved this. I then went out to a bar and got drunk! When I came back Julia was back in our bedroom with the door locked. I slept on the couch that night and never slept with Julia again.

The next day Julia moved out. She went back to her girlfriend and ex-roommate Shirley's place. She came back several times while I was gone to remove her possessions. A couple of weeks later she called me and tearfully apologized. She admitted to the affair and told me she couldn't help falling in love with the captain. She didn't mention us getting back together which was just as well. I didn't want her back.

We agreed to get a divorce and that's just what we did. It took several months but having no children made things a lot easier than the first one. We agreed through our lawyers to sell our house and divide the proceeds between us. We both had our own cars so that was no problem and there wasn't enough furniture or other belongings to even worry about. What neither of us wanted got donated to charity. It was about as simple a divorce proceeding as you could imagine. In July of 1976, three years and one month after our wedding I went back to officially being a single man again. I remember there were lots of celebrations that month. It was 4th of July in the bi-centennial year of 1976...the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. I was definitely independent myself again but in no mood for celebrating! I was still feeling hurt big time! I firmly believe "time heals all wounds" but sometimes it takes quite a bit of that time!

I learned later through Shirley that Julia had moved in with her Air Force captain lawyer lover asshole. I have no idea if she ever married him or not. Of course service people transfer from post to post every few years. If they are still together they could be anywhere in the country, maybe even still in the Sacramento area. It doesn't matter now anyway. I truly don't care! The hurt and anger are long gone and I rarely think about Julia. It was over between us that Saturday afternoon thirty years ago. What started out so promising had once again turned to shit! It was the second and final time that I was to be married to anyone! At this point in my life would I get married again? Uh...probably not!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Jacking Off to a Drug Store Sales Clerk!

There is a chain drug store close by that has one of the most lovely sales clerks that I've ever seen in my life. She is a blond, in her late 20's or early 30's I guess and has that perfect "girl next door" look. She almost looks like she came from another era, before body piercings, tattoos and siliconed breasts. The picture at left (yummy!) shows you the type I am talking about. She reminds me of the girls I used to fall in love and lust with back in my high school days, sort of like my first real girlfriend Vicki in fact. I'll bet she was very popular in her high school. All the dudes wanted in her panties and jacked off to her regularly. No rings on her fingers but I imagine she is living with someone or at least has a boyfriend and possibly has been married before. She is very friendly too, always has a warm smile and a greeting for me. God I'd like to eat  her pussy and fuck her!

As a realist I'm of course sure that I am just a customer to her. I'm almost old enough to be her fucking grandfather and have no chance in hell of getting anywhere near her sweet panties let alone in them but that's exactly what I fantasize about as I stand in her line. I stare at her trim young figure and gaze at her cute, round butt with lust. I glance between her legs hoping to see a little camel toe (no luck there so far!) and imagine myself burying my face and my cock in that sweet young muff. By the time she is giving me my change I usually have a throbbing hard on. Last night I woke up and 3:00 am and couldn't get back to sleep. I started thinking about my drug store sweetie and jacked off while I again fantasized myself fucking her. They don't call me the "horny old guy" for nothing! At my age, I take my cheap thrills where I can get them! Life is good, thanks in part to my drug store sweetie!

Friday, January 13, 2006

My Thirties (Part 2) Love and Marriage...Again!

In the spring of 1972 they shut down the department I was working in at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield CA. I had already invested ten years in Civil Service and liked the aircraft electronics work I was doing so I immediately applied for a similar position at another Air Force base in Sacramento, about 40 miles away. After about three months of collecting unemployment  and compulsive jacking off, I was accepted and moved from Fairfield to Sacramento. There my four year dry spell without even kissing, let alone fucking came to an end. Oh I had had those occasional blow jobs up at the Mustang Ranch whorehouse near Reno and lots of jacking off but I had really missed the hugging, the kissing, the tit sucking and pussy eating and fucking and all the other good things that go along with regular female companionship. I was even ready to be in love again!

I met Julia just before Christmas 1972 at the base Christmas party. She was one of the many civilian office workers on the base, a secretary in the legal department. She happened to be seated right across from me as we were having a buffet dinner. She was alone so I started talking to her, just about our jobs and life in Sacramento...the usual small talk. She was a tall, quite attractive redhead and I had an immediate desire to jump her bones! We talked for quite a while and then danced a couple of dances when the live music began. Just being that close to a woman was very pleasurable after so many years of being alone. I distinctly remember getting a hard on as we danced. There was no alcohol allowed at the party so I asked her if she wanted to go to a bar and have a drink towards the end of the evening. She said she would love to.

We went to a bar and after a couple of drinks I asked her back to my apartment for one more drink. Again she said yes. To make a long story short, we fucked that first night! Just like when I fucked my first girlfriend Vicki after my year in Korea, it was absolutely fucking GREAT! No comparison with those quickie blow jobs at the Mustang Ranch even though those were a nice change of pace from jacking off!. Real live soft skin and tits and pussy never look or feel or taste as good as when you haven't had them for a while! Same with burying your cock in a tight warm pussy and fucking it! I didn't have any condoms but Julia said she was on the birth control pill, which was something relatively new to me. It was great being able to go bareback and finish by pumping her full of cum without worries about getting her pregnant, also great not having to pull out immediately after the sex to pull the condom off. Another bonus was the sweet oral sex Julia gave me during our foreplay. Unlike Margaret, she didn't seem to have any hangups at all about sucking cock which was a big plus in my book. I wanted Julia to spend the night but she said she had to get home because her female roommate would worry about her.

Julia soon became my steady girlfriend and fuck buddy. She was still in the process of breaking up with another guy and thus was still on the pill. I was jealous and worried about them getting back together for a while but she soon severed all ties with him. The old boyfriend in fact dated her roommate Shirley for a while but they soon broke up too. This dude seemed like a real asshole to me the couple of times I met him! Of course I hated him even more because he's been fucking Julia! Julia was 24, 8 years younger than me, red hair, lots of freckles, an average figure with medium sized breasts, a cute little butt and oh how I loved that lovely red haired pussy! Red pubic hair has always been a major turn on for me. Julia enjoyed sex much more than Margaret and was always willing to take care of my sexual needs...if not by fucking, she would do it orally or with her hand. For a while I wasn't jacking off at all, and for me that is extremely rare as I think you have figured out by now. I was also delighted that from time to time she would give me a full blow job and let me cum in her mouth, something I dearly love and something Margaret would never do. In short, I was in sexual heaven with Julia! No need at all for trips up to the Mustang Ranch to get sucked off anymore!

Within a couple of months Julia started talking the "m" word. I was pretty uncomfortable with the whole concept of marriage after my first failure and definitely uneasy so soon in this new relationship but I was also falling in love with Julia and the sex was absolutely super so I began to seriously entertain the thought of marrying her. We had only been together three months when I agreed that we should get married. I wanted to just go to Reno and tie the knot as I had with Margaret but Julia said that was tacky and her parents wanted a church wedding. I reluctantly agreed to that and we went to meet her parents who lived in Placerville, thirty miles away. They were not exactly thrilled and advised us to wait a while (which would have been okay with me!) but Margaret told them she wanted a spring wedding so we set the date for early June of 1973. I hated that whole goddamn marriage ceremony with a passion and furthermore suddenly felt like I was getting into something that I shouldn't...but it was too late to back out now. I was almost 33 and I now had my second wife! More about what went right and what went wrong next time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thoughts on Inflatable Women

It always sort of tickles me when I see those silly looking inflatable love dolls in the sex shops. I can just see some lonely, fat middle aged dude fucking one of those balloons. Oh I will admit that way back in my horny thirties, between relationships, I was tempted when I saw an ad in a sleazy skin magazine for the "Linda Lovelace Inflatable Love Doll With A Vibrating Pussy and Three Love Holes" (LOL) ($59.95 plus shipping and handling, batteries not included) but then I thought about what if one of my future girlfriends would find it and either be outraged or have a laughing fit. I thought about what if I died and my friends or family would find that damn thing! I decided I just better just keep using my hand to get myself off.

I did buy a masturbation sleeve one time. It was called a "Pocket Pussy" and was a tube shaped thing with a vagina like opening. You put your lubricated dick in that opening and put the device and your body up against a pillow and did the fucking motions. It felt just a bit like the real thing (fucking) but not nearly as good as soft, warm flesh. It was a change of pace from jacking off but I worried about someone finding that goofy red colored thing too and finally as a joke threw it in a box of stuff for Goodwill, complete with original carton and instructions. I would have loved to see the face on the guy or gal who unpacked that box! Who knows, maybe that thing is still in use today!

I've also experimented with various standard vibrators over the years, even shower massagers. They all work to bring you an ejaculation and can be a change of pace from regular jacking off but I haven't found anything yet that works as well as my good old right hand combined with a little Lubiderm lotion (or equivalent) to bring me the regular sexual relief I need...unless it's the warm mouth or pussy of a real live woman...but at present the latter is just a fantasy for me (sigh) I beat my fucking meat! Hey the end result is still the same...SPURT!...even if getting to that point definitely ain't as much fun! Thanks for reading this CRAP! I'll be back soon with more of the same. Bye for now!

Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Thirties (Part 1) Off To A Slow Start / Jerkin' At The Movies

My thirties (which was decade of 1970 to 1980) started pretty much as my twenties ended. I was still in a funk from the break up of my marriage to Margaret. My sex life consisted of nothing more than almost daily jacking off and occasional trips to the Mustang Ranch near Reno for a $15 or $20 blow job. Looking back, I should have done more looking for female companionship even if I had to resort to the bars as I did briefly after the Army. I still worked in a pretty much an all male environment at Travis Air Force Base so there were no opportunities to find a new love/sex interest there. I hadn't had much luck either in the local bar scene.  I just wasn't meeting any women, even though I sure fantasized enough about them when I jacked off. Playboy magazine as well as the newly available hard core pornography became my best friend for visual inspiration for my compulsive masturbation!

Up until the early 1970's, hard core pornography was strictly illegal inthe United States and I believe most of the world. Men's magazines like Playboy did not even show pubic hair until the latter part of the 1960's. Nudist magazines were the first to break the pubic hair and genitals barrier in the early 1960's as I recall. By about 1963 "beaver" films with full frontal female nudity (some spread legged) were beginning to appear in the adult theaters that had previously shown only tits and ass material. Then various boy-girl or girl-girl films began to replace the "beaver" flicks. The only sex in these films was simulated. Erections and any kind of explicit genital or oral penetration were still taboo. Of course the old black and white "stag" films with hardcore sex had been around since the beginning of the movies but they were strictly under the counter and also totally illegal. I had only seen a couple of those stag flicks in the whorehouses of Juarez Mexico while I was in the Army. Around 1970 some new short, silent 8mm hardcore color films started appearing in the adult book stores. Some cities raided these adult book stores and seized and banned the films but it was the beginning of over the counter hardcore porn being available to the general public. The movies in adult theaters continued for a short time with softcore material even as the 8mm home movie hardcore films were more and more becoming available throughout the country.

It was in was in the larger, more liberal cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco that the hardcore films first made their way into the adult theaters. At first it was just short silent loops, similar to the 8mm movies available in stores. In fact sometimes those very same 8mm films were shown but 16mm soon became the norm for the theaters. Sound films also soon replaced the silent films. There were many police raids at the beginning, even in places like San Francisco and for awhile even the audiences were arrested along with the proprietors of the theaters. There were numerous court battles but within a year or so hardcore films were here to stay in most large and even middle sized cities in America. The quality of these early hardcore films was mostly pathetic with poor camera work and lighting, minimal plot and amateur acting...nothing more than "fuck and suck" for 10 or 20 minutes but the novelty of hardcore was enough to bring hordes of horny men (including myself) into these theaters time and time again. The short 16mm "loops" soon were replaced by full length 16mm features and finally 35mm features with "Deep Throat" becoming a major milestone and ushering in a new era of legalized (in most parts of the country at least) porno features. Linda Lovelace became the most famous cocksucker of all time. well until Monica Lewinsky came along! Linda, Marilyn Chambers, horse cocked John Holmes and the Mitchell Brothers (of "Behind the Green Door" fame) became household names, mentioned in Time Magazine and on the Johnny Carson show.

Some of the theaters were sleazy storefront joints and some were more luxurious former downtown and neighborhood movie palaces. The Pussycat Theaters operated a chain of originally soft core but now porno theaters that extended from coast to coast. The films themselves kept improving and soon looked as good technically as any Hollywood feature although the artistic quality varied considerably. Some were crap and some were artistic gems. Examples of the latter variety would be Henry Paris' "The Opening of Misty Beethoven" and the Mitchell Brothers' "Autobiography of a Flea".

The better films in the classier theaters attracted some male-female couples but it was mostly an all male audience which is no surprise I guess. On the hottest day of the year, you would see guys go in carrying jackets. The jackets were for putting over their laps while they masturbated of course. Jacking off was very common in those theaters. Most guys were pretty discreet but once in a while you would see some dude with an exposed cock, whacking it off in full view of anyone interested in watching. I readily admit I was one of the discreet masturbators in my early thirties. VCRs were still a few years away and for most of us and it was impossible not to get highly aroused by all that porno up on the big screen. You can only put up with a throbbing cock for so long you know! It was usually double features too and I sometimes jerked off once in each feature. In some cities, undercover cops patrolled these porno palaces and some poor bastards like Pee Wee Herman found that out the hard being arrested. I never heard about raids or arrests in the places I frequented though and hopefully the cops were busy with more important things than busting some horny guy playing with his weenie in a darkened theater. I always used napkins to take care of my eruptions but you had to watch the sticky floors in those wasn't Coke that was causing that stickiness!

When the VCR came along in the late 1970's, the end of the road was in sight for the porno theaters. It was much more convenient to buy a Betamax or VHS VCR, buy or rent the tapes and jack off at home. Better yet you could watch them with your wife or girlfriend and have your own fuck-a-thin when the fuck flick was over (or even before it was over!) No worries about being seen playing with your dick or worse being busted by some cop and charged with indecent exposure and lewd behavior. No more sticky floors or the smell of stale jism either (although the better theaters were kept quite clean.) One by one the adult theaters started closing as the porn industry began to move to videotape. Within a few years, only a few of the porno theaters were left and most of them switched from 35mm film to poor quality projected VHS video.

The artistic quality of the movies went way downhill at the same time. Thousands of titles were released each year on video with most of the budget put into the four color packaging (the tape box). It seemed like anyone with a camcorder, a motel room, a couple of whores and a guy whose dick would stand up for ten minutes could and did go into the video porn business. A few quality titles were produced but they were extremely hard to find in the tons of garbage that flooded the market. Nothing much has changed up until current times. The only difference is VHS has been replaced by DVD. The product itself is still mostly shit!

The golden age of the porno theater and quality porno unfortunately only lasted about 15 years but it was fun being part of it and I value those days sitting in the balcony of the old Pussycat Theater watching John Holmes slip his humongous dong to Annette Haven while I was whacking off under my jacket fantasizing it was me, timing my ejaculation to be simultaneous with Big John's. Ah yes those were the days! Well I didn't really intend to get in a history of porn but that was about the extent of my sex life in my early thirties...jacking off and watching porno in the adult theaters, sometimes doing both at the same time! Yeah I's fucking pathetic!