Friday, January 27, 2006

Inspiration for Jacking Off...Circa 1953!

I found and purchased an old 1953 copy of Holiday magazine in a used book store yesterday. Holiday was a travel magazine with lots of color pictures in it. My parents subscribed to it for years during the time I was growing up . This particular issue had a couple of photographs that I distinctly remember from my super horny teenage years. I scanned them for your enjoyment. Remember that there was no internet way back then. Hardly any of us had any access to pornography (which was of course still illegal) and even the men's magazines (also hard to find for most of us kids) only showed tits and ass. Display of pubic hair and genitals and any depiction of explicit sex was strictly taboo in all media in those days.

It was hard for us horny young dudes to find visual inspiration for jacking off way back then...not that we really needed THAT much inspiration you understand! The best most of us horny teenage boys could do was find the rare picture of a topless maiden like this from Holiday or National Geographic magazine if we were lucky enough to have it in our house. Our family subscribed to Holiday and particular issue of Holiday made many trips to the bathroom with me and looking at these pictures I can see why. I sprung a boner while looking at these lovely topless maidens in the bookstore yesterday and just for old times sake I think I'll gaze at them again the next time I jack off. That "next time" will probably be right after I make this post. Maybe I'll even take them into the bathroom with me and make it "deja vu" all over again! Enough nostalgia for today! See ya' later folks and as always thanks for reading this nonsense!


Suze said...

Be careful not to stick the page together. Perhaps it would be a good idea to put it in a plastic bag. :)

Horny Old Guy said...

Put WHAT in a plastic bag? LOL Ooooh now I get you Suze! Not a bad idea! It's been such a long time since we had this very same magazine in the house (my teen years!) but I imagine those were some well worn (and maybe stained and sticky!) pages when it finally got thrown away. I wonder if my mom realized why I kept taking it into the bathroom with me. Probably!

Richard Lovel said...

I'm of the same era, where National Geographic was hot stuff. Also bra and hoserie adds. When I finally scored a Playboy I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

By the way, I've cross blogged this to my Onania blog.

Horny Old Guy said...

Those bra and hoserie ads STILL inspire me Richard! I hear you about Playboy too! Thanks for the comment...and you've got a great blog devoted to what obviously is one of both of our favorite pastimes!