Monday, January 02, 2006

Jacking Off to Paris Hilton!

Well folks, my previous Jack Off Fantasies of the Month have been Ann Coulter, Nancy Grace and Martha Stewart. There was no where to go but up from there...but in this case not too far up! I am proud to announce that my Jack Off Fantasy of the Month for January 2006 will be the lovely, somewhat talented and frequently nutty Paris Hilton. Hey she is not afraid to play with her pussy in public (at left...or is she searching for crabs?), let her boyfriends shoot video of her sucking them off and them eating and fucking her. Furthermore she is a babe, a TV star and a one helluva rich bitch! What more could any dirty old man ask for? Yes my friends sweet Paris Hilton will be my Jack Off Fantasy every Saturday night this month. Life just doesn't get much better than this for the Horny Old Guy...well at least until I can actually get laid again!

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny sometimes!