Friday, January 13, 2006

My Thirties (Part 2) Love and Marriage...Again!

In the spring of 1972 they shut down the department I was working in at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield CA. I had already invested ten years in Civil Service and liked the aircraft electronics work I was doing so I immediately applied for a similar position at another Air Force base in Sacramento, about 40 miles away. After about three months of collecting unemployment  and compulsive jacking off, I was accepted and moved from Fairfield to Sacramento. There my four year dry spell without even kissing, let alone fucking came to an end. Oh I had had those occasional blow jobs up at the Mustang Ranch whorehouse near Reno and lots of jacking off but I had really missed the hugging, the kissing, the tit sucking and pussy eating and fucking and all the other good things that go along with regular female companionship. I was even ready to be in love again!

I met Julia just before Christmas 1972 at the base Christmas party. She was one of the many civilian office workers on the base, a secretary in the legal department. She happened to be seated right across from me as we were having a buffet dinner. She was alone so I started talking to her, just about our jobs and life in Sacramento...the usual small talk. She was a tall, quite attractive redhead and I had an immediate desire to jump her bones! We talked for quite a while and then danced a couple of dances when the live music began. Just being that close to a woman was very pleasurable after so many years of being alone. I distinctly remember getting a hard on as we danced. There was no alcohol allowed at the party so I asked her if she wanted to go to a bar and have a drink towards the end of the evening. She said she would love to.

We went to a bar and after a couple of drinks I asked her back to my apartment for one more drink. Again she said yes. To make a long story short, we fucked that first night! Just like when I fucked my first girlfriend Vicki after my year in Korea, it was absolutely fucking GREAT! No comparison with those quickie blow jobs at the Mustang Ranch even though those were a nice change of pace from jacking off!. Real live soft skin and tits and pussy never look or feel or taste as good as when you haven't had them for a while! Same with burying your cock in a tight warm pussy and fucking it! I didn't have any condoms but Julia said she was on the birth control pill, which was something relatively new to me. It was great being able to go bareback and finish by pumping her full of cum without worries about getting her pregnant, also great not having to pull out immediately after the sex to pull the condom off. Another bonus was the sweet oral sex Julia gave me during our foreplay. Unlike Margaret, she didn't seem to have any hangups at all about sucking cock which was a big plus in my book. I wanted Julia to spend the night but she said she had to get home because her female roommate would worry about her.

Julia soon became my steady girlfriend and fuck buddy. She was still in the process of breaking up with another guy and thus was still on the pill. I was jealous and worried about them getting back together for a while but she soon severed all ties with him. The old boyfriend in fact dated her roommate Shirley for a while but they soon broke up too. This dude seemed like a real asshole to me the couple of times I met him! Of course I hated him even more because he's been fucking Julia! Julia was 24, 8 years younger than me, red hair, lots of freckles, an average figure with medium sized breasts, a cute little butt and oh how I loved that lovely red haired pussy! Red pubic hair has always been a major turn on for me. Julia enjoyed sex much more than Margaret and was always willing to take care of my sexual needs...if not by fucking, she would do it orally or with her hand. For a while I wasn't jacking off at all, and for me that is extremely rare as I think you have figured out by now. I was also delighted that from time to time she would give me a full blow job and let me cum in her mouth, something I dearly love and something Margaret would never do. In short, I was in sexual heaven with Julia! No need at all for trips up to the Mustang Ranch to get sucked off anymore!

Within a couple of months Julia started talking the "m" word. I was pretty uncomfortable with the whole concept of marriage after my first failure and definitely uneasy so soon in this new relationship but I was also falling in love with Julia and the sex was absolutely super so I began to seriously entertain the thought of marrying her. We had only been together three months when I agreed that we should get married. I wanted to just go to Reno and tie the knot as I had with Margaret but Julia said that was tacky and her parents wanted a church wedding. I reluctantly agreed to that and we went to meet her parents who lived in Placerville, thirty miles away. They were not exactly thrilled and advised us to wait a while (which would have been okay with me!) but Margaret told them she wanted a spring wedding so we set the date for early June of 1973. I hated that whole goddamn marriage ceremony with a passion and furthermore suddenly felt like I was getting into something that I shouldn't...but it was too late to back out now. I was almost 33 and I now had my second wife! More about what went right and what went wrong next time!


ohohgaga said...

your one cool horny old man.

anu said...

and i second that :)

Addy said...

I appreciate your honesty. And hey, I'm my husbands second wife...he was 32, I was 23.
Nothing wrong with seconds, especially if you're talkin' sex! :)

NeverEnough said...

How long did the marriage last?

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comments (and compliments) ladies! The marriage lasted three years neverenough...not a happy ending when I caught Julia cheating, as you will hear about in another posting.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

with a woman who could suck and fuck like that, not surprised she was cheating:-(