Friday, January 20, 2006

My Thirties (Part 3) On the Road to Divorce...Again!

Right after I married Julia we bought a house in the Rancho Cordova section of Sacramento. As it was with my first wife Margaret those first couple of years with Julia were extremely enjoyable. The regular sex was even better than it was with Margaret! Julia liked to fuck much more than Margaret and additionally she gave me the oral attention Margaret never would, including full cum-in-mouth blow jobs. Saturday night blow jobs became a weekly ritual and gave me an extra reason to look forward to the weekend. Oral was always a part of our foreplay too.  I enjoyed burying my face in that lovely red haired muff of Julia's as much as I enjoyed being sucked by her warm, wet mouth.

Julia and I decided in the beginning that we didn't want children so Julia stayed on the pill and condoms were not necessary which of course I liked. We were fucking as much as four or five times a week and Julia would always take care of me with her hand or mouth when she was not in the mood (which was rare!) or when she was having her period. I'd return the favors with my expert pussy eating on demand. There was little reason to jack off for the first time in my life and life was good!
Aside from the great sex, I just enjoyed being with Julia. Going on weekend trips and vacations, going out to dinner and the movies, just staying home and watching TV. I got along well with her family and she got along well with mine. We both made decent money at our on base jobs and had no financial problems at all. I began to finally think I'd found the life long partner of my dreams.

Unfortunately Julia fell in love with an Air Force captain (a fucking lawyer!) in her legal department on the base. I'm not exactly sure when the love affair began but it was about two years into our marriage, in the fall of 1975 I think, that things started to turn sour. I began to get a bit suspicious when she kept talking about the captain at home...what a nice guy he was, how smart he was, how much she liked to work with him, etc. I actually met the asshole once at a dinner and he seemed to me a boring, nerdish type of guy. I didn't think he was any threat to our marriage at all in the beginning. It was only when Julia started coming home later more often that I REALLY became suspicious. She said she was just going out for drinks after work with her girlfriend, which was her ex roommate Shirley, who I knew. She had done that occasionally in the past but now it was much more often, two or three times a week. She also went "shopping" more on weekends, again supposedly with Shirley, but she seldom came back with many purchases, sometimes none at all. She was still pleasant to me, the sex continued to be great but I could tell something was now missing in our relationship. The talk continued at the dinner table and even sometimes in bed (Grrrrr!!!) about how this wonderful Captain Barnett (who she now called just "David") was.

I looked up the captain's address in the phone book and one Saturday afternoon when Julia was out "shopping" I borrowed a friend's car (so my own car wouldn't be spotted) and drove out to his apartment complex in Citrus Heights. I parked as far away from his unit that I could and still see the stairs to his apartment. I had no idea what kind of a car he drove so I didn't know if he was home or not. I didn't see Julia's car anywhere in the area which was a sign that my suspicions might not be grounded after all. Of course they could be parking and making out in a secluded spot somewhere...or maybe there was nothing more than friendship going on and she really was just shopping with Shirley...but I somehow doubted the latter. I sat there for almost two hours, was about to leave when I spotted Julia and "David" coming down the stairs from his apartment, hand in hand. He gave her a big smooch and then they both got in his car and drove away. I can't say I was totally surprised but I still felt sick! Hurt and angry and sick! It's probably a good thing I've never been a gun owner! Looking back I probably should have gone over and punched Captain David out! Ever sense I was in the Army I've had the desire to deck an officer. Then again the Captain could have punched me out instead! I'm really more a lover than a fighter!

I finally got composed enough to drive home but I was rummy. It's amazing that I didn't wreck my friend's car! I got home about an hour before Julia and poured myself a stiff drink and tried to calm down. When Julia came home I asked her if she went anywhere besides shopping and she said no. I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. I then confronted her with what I had seen and started screaming at her. She screamed back that I shouldn't be spying on her and started crying and locked herself in our bedroom. When she came out to use the bathroom I screamed at her some more and called her more vulgar names. I was pissed and I think I had a right to be. I never cheated once in either of my marriages and I don't think I deserved this. I then went out to a bar and got drunk! When I came back Julia was back in our bedroom with the door locked. I slept on the couch that night and never slept with Julia again.

The next day Julia moved out. She went back to her girlfriend and ex-roommate Shirley's place. She came back several times while I was gone to remove her possessions. A couple of weeks later she called me and tearfully apologized. She admitted to the affair and told me she couldn't help falling in love with the captain. She didn't mention us getting back together which was just as well. I didn't want her back.

We agreed to get a divorce and that's just what we did. It took several months but having no children made things a lot easier than the first one. We agreed through our lawyers to sell our house and divide the proceeds between us. We both had our own cars so that was no problem and there wasn't enough furniture or other belongings to even worry about. What neither of us wanted got donated to charity. It was about as simple a divorce proceeding as you could imagine. In July of 1976, three years and one month after our wedding I went back to officially being a single man again. I remember there were lots of celebrations that month. It was 4th of July in the bi-centennial year of 1976...the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. I was definitely independent myself again but in no mood for celebrating! I was still feeling hurt big time! I firmly believe "time heals all wounds" but sometimes it takes quite a bit of that time!

I learned later through Shirley that Julia had moved in with her Air Force captain lawyer lover asshole. I have no idea if she ever married him or not. Of course service people transfer from post to post every few years. If they are still together they could be anywhere in the country, maybe even still in the Sacramento area. It doesn't matter now anyway. I truly don't care! The hurt and anger are long gone and I rarely think about Julia. It was over between us that Saturday afternoon thirty years ago. What started out so promising had once again turned to shit! It was the second and final time that I was to be married to anyone! At this point in my life would I get married again? Uh...probably not!


NeverEnough said...

I don't know if you're really over it. Wouldn't you love to find out that she's this fat, ugly, nasty loser now? Come on, admit it!!

Elizabeth said...

No ending is easy, but those types are particularly difficult.


Mine left me for a man.

Irreconciliable similarities, I guess.

Horny Old Guy said...

Nah neverenough I am over it! It took me a while to completely get rid of the anger but I finally did it. I suppose there is a little curiosity as to where she is now but not very much. Actually it would be cool if she was reading this but I doubt that's likely.

Bummer about your dude leaving you for another MAN Elizabeth! That really sucks...and I guess so does your ex huh?

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

wow...I really love this post: so deep. I am sorry for you, but I guess if it doesn't kill can only make u stronger??

You are right; it does hurt to find your partner cheating when you would never do something like that!

In retrospect, I suspect Julia liked the idea of being married--putitng it into practise was another thing...

To have talked abt David guy, and claimed she "couldn't help it"??? I mean, how couldn't she have helped falling in love with a guy when you are married?!!!

She was never meant for was good, fine, but marriage was not her calling.

I am confident in spite of being the age you say, you might get a better better woman than Julia!:-)