Monday, January 30, 2006

My Thirties (Part 5) Back to the Bars!

The first sex (aside from jacking off of course!) I had after my divorce from Julia was a blow job from one of the whores up at the Mustang Ranch near Reno. The price had doubled, from $20 to $40, since I was last there but the "full french" cum-in-mouth blow job felt as good as usual. I didn't miss Julia that much after I caught her cheating but I sure missed her warm mouth on my cock! A few miles east of Reno was a long way to drive just for a blow job though and I soon decided to go out and try to find someone more local to take care of my sexual needs. I wasn't all that eager to get in another serious relationship at the time, definitely not another marriage! I just wanted some PUSSY!

I started to hit the bars again. It had been fifteen years since I experienced those one night stands resulting from frequenting the country western bar between Napa and Vallejo. That was right after I got out of the Army. My buddies on the base in Sacramento now clued me in to some swinging joints out in the North area and I was soon checking them out one by one. Once again I found that the best time to score was on a Friday or Saturday night after midnight. Dance with the babes, buy them a drink or two and with any luck at all you would be going home with them before closing time. The late 1970's, before anyone had heard of herpes or AIDS, were some pretty wild times. The sexual revolution was in full swing. Most of the women were on the pill or other birth control and ready and willing to suck and fuck. It was a very good time to be a horny single guy!

I must have gone home with several dozen women in the next couple of years. Usually it was just for a one night stand but sometimes I would see them in the bar again and go home for a repeat performance. Sometimes there were follow up phone calls and dinner dates and other times where I'll admit I didn't even get their names. Sometimes I couldn't even remember where they lived after I drove home and a couple times I woke up and said "Where am I and who the fuck is that in bed with me?" to myself. Admittedly heavy drinking was involved and I regret the times I was driving when I shouldn't have been. Fortunately I was never involved in any accidents.

The sex was generally super! Most of the women were much wilder in bed than my first wife and earlier girlfriends. Julia my second wife did have quite an appetite for sex of course...but she was gone now (and good riddance to her!)

You could take it for granted that you were almost for sure to get some oral action in this much more sexually permissive era which certainly appealed to me. Of course you were expected to return the favor with some professional muff diving and I was more than willing to do that too. By then there were few women that wouldn't suck your dick at least in foreplay and thanks to the sexual revolution and porn most of them didn't regard full cum-in-mouth blow jobs as something that only whores and sluts performed. Some of them would even suck you off on a first date! Not quite as good as today when apparently even teenage girls look at blow jobs the same way teen girls of my generation looked at good night kisses (Well Hell yes I'm envious!!!) but at the time I was pretty happy! I didn't even need to take any more trips all the way up to the Mustang Ranch to get my weenie sucked!

The excess alcohol did take it's effect a couple of times and I lost my boners but most of the women were very understanding and helped me get hard again with their hands or mouth. I have to admit that I greatly enjoyed the variety of sexual partners I had and all the fucking I did in those couple of years! It was sort of fun wondering who your next no hassle piece of tail was going to be. There were of course some times that I went home alone and relieved my horniness by jacking off but more often than not I would find a partner before the 2:00 am closing call. There was a fat but nice woman named Louanne at one bar who was always good for going home with and getting a blow job from if you found yourself horny and alone at closing time. She didn't even expect you to go down on her and she definitely didn't want you to fuck her. She would just be content to suck you off if you would just be nice and talk to her and pet her beloved cats.
I was very surprised when one of the women I took home during those years turned out to be a virgin. Virgins are hardly what you expect to meet and take home and fuck at a swinging country bar but of course virgins do go to bars, younger ones in particular. I would guess most of them have the intention of just having fun, maybe meeting someone new, rather than getting fucked for the first time in their life. This gal I met and hooked up with was in her mid twenties, rather plain and thin with glasses, what we used to call "the librarian type". I think her name was Leslie. She was with some girl friends and one of them actually whispered to me that Leslie was a virgin. I thought her tipsy friend was joking but it turned out to be true.

Leslie admitted her virginity as soon as we got into bed and started making out. Fortunately we were at my place where I had condoms and K-Y Jelly available. Lots of foreplay (especially oral!) and lots of K-Y did the trick and the popping the cherry and first fuck went much more smoothly for both of us than it did with my first girlfriend Vicki and my first wife Margaret. Leslie was a sweet gal and quite lovely with her clothes off. She stayed all night and we fucked again in the morning. I hoped to see (and fuck!) Leslie again, maybe even have a long term relationship with her, but I never saw her or her girlfriends at the bar again. I wondered if her friends brought her there just one time to hopefully get her laid. I didn't even get Leslie's last name or phone number that first and only night with her, which was quite normal for me in those days. As I mentioned above there were other times that I didn't even get a first name!

The worst thing that happened during that time was getting caught in the act a couple of times. One woman's teenage daughter caught her mama sucking on my cock and was was quite shocked. At that age I guess it's hard to imagine your mother doing anything as nasty as that, especially to a stranger. Even more embarrassing and potentially deadly to myself, I got caught by a woman's husband while I was pounding the pork to his wife one drunken Saturday night. I'm pretty sure the gal told me that she was separated from her ex earlier that night but old Bubba walked in on us while I had my cock buried deep inside his old lady and was fucking her brains out. Holy Shit! Bubba was not a happy camper and I can't say that I blame him!

Thank God that dude didn't have a gun handy and that I was bigger than he was! Lots of screaming between the two of them and him at me. I just kept saying "I'm sorry man!" It was like a scene from a bad movie as I ran out of the house half dressed, my shoes in my hands. It's funny now but not then, believe me! I met the woman again in the bar and she told me Bubba was now out of her life for good. She wanted me to come home with her again but I said "No thanks baby!" I'm not sure I that would have been able to get it up after what happened that first night with her! Talk about losing your boner in a hurry!

Another embarrassing incident was when I started to take what I thought was a woman home and it turned out to be a man! Fortunately we were still in my car in the bar parking lot when I put my hand down between his/her legs and felt a bulge bigger than my own! WHOA DUDE! He wanted to suck me off right then and there but I told him no thanks! It thankfully didn't get as far as it did in the cartoon at left. This was the thing you might expect in San Francisco but I wasn't expecting it in Sacramento. I must have been very naive back then! I'll have to admit that this dude had me fooled. Of course I was pretty drunk on my ass too. I did tell him in no uncertain terms to get the fuck out of the car . He apologized and jumped out and headed right back into the bar. I saw him there several times after that but needless to say gave him a wide berth! I warned a few guys who were getting cozy with him too, maybe even saving him from getting beat up by guys a lot more macho than I am! Surprises like that I can do without!

I met a waitress named Trudy in one of those bars. She became more than a one night stand and actually lived with me for a while in 1978 and early 1979. That of course put an end to my looking for action at the bars for a while. She was a short dark haired Puerto Rican gal, divorced and in her early 30's with a 6 year old son. I moved from a one bedroom apartment to a rental house to accommodate them both. We split the rent and utilities. The kid got on my nerves from the beginning and after a while his mama did too. We didn't have that much in common besides the sex to begin with and having the kid around often even made that difficult. Trudy was very religious and very conservative politically when she was not in bed. I also couldn't stand the ethnic food she regularly prepared. I soon found I'd made another big mistake and told her it just wasn't working out and we should really split up. She didn't seem to object that much but said she wanted to stay in the house. That was okay with me. The decade ended with me settling into another apartment and back trolling the bars for more one night stands. I was also still drinking way too much!


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Hi! Love your site! Thanks for visiting my blog. It's always great to meet new people. BTW my church is unitarian so it's pretty "out there" in terms of accepting/openness about sexuality and other issues. Have a great day.

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very interesting 70s.