Monday, February 20, 2006

Damn Right I'm Envious!

I've written about how hard it was to find visual inspiration for jacking off when I was growing up in the puritanical 1950's. This photo of a topless Pacific Rim maiden, probably from National Geographic magazine would have given me jacking off inspiration for months as a teenager if I was lucky enough to have access to it. Just looking at it today gets my cock throbbing and brings an urge to jack off but guess I better finish this post before,,,uh "taking care of business". Ideally your family would subscribe to National Geographic or Holiday. Then those well used hot issues would take many trips to the bathroom with you. Second best was scoring them from copies at the local library before some other horny bastard (young or old!) tore them out first. Modern Photography and U.S. Camera magazines were also primo jack off inspiration material with their fairly regular photos of topless and butt showing young models...all for the sake of ''art" you understand!

I remember finding a primitive nudist magazine once when I was about 10 years old and the pubic area of all the women was completely airbrushed out. Talk about confusing imagery for a pre-puberty kid who had never seen what was below the waist on a post-puberty female. I wondered what happened to that crack that I'd seen between the legs of my sister and on other little girls in the neighborhood. I had no idea that women even had pubic hair back in those days! Shortly after I went through puberty, I got educated in adult female anatomy by an older woman...but that's a different story that I related HERE a long time ago.

Anyway I am so fucking envious of the young dudes of today who have all of this hardcore inspiration for jacking off right there on their bedroom computers. I think I would probably wear out my dick sitting in front of the computer and be jacking off 24/7 if I was a horny teen boy today. Come to think of it I almost wore about my dick in the 1950's too so maybe it doesn't make that much difference after all. In fact I suspect our generation's frequency of masturbation wasn't that much different than that of today's kids...but jerking off is much more fun when you have some visual inspiration! Just think about what I wanted to do to Mary Alice Swenson down the street was enough to make my weenie hard and inspire me to jack off as a teenager but just think if I'd had unlimited pictures of naked babes and fucking and sucking to complement my horny fantasies about Mary Alice! Wow!

Today's young studs don't have to be just content with porn and jacking off either. They have much more chance of getting real life pussy than us old farts did back in the "Ice Age" of the 1950's. There was just about zero chance of getting in a girl's panties for most of us back then. If you got a hand job you considered yourself lucky! Then there was that study that came out last year that said that even if most modern teen girls won't let you fuck them, they will at least suck you off. Blow jobs aren't even considered sex to most of them! Who says nothing good came out of the Clinton administration? You da' man Bubba! Damn right I'm envious! I was just born fifty fucking years too soon! I am so depressed I think I'll just find some porn on this fucking computer and jack off! Might as well make up for lost time! Cheers!


MrManicDepressive said...

That's funny Old Guy, because I'm sorry I wasn't born sooner to take advantage of the wild and wooly sixties! I feel I was born too late. Free love, multiple partners, fewer STDs, yeah, those were the day.

I guess it's all in your point of view, grass is greener and all that other crap we like to say to rationalize our desires away.

Horny Old Guy said...

Hehe! You make a good point Mr. Maniicdepressive! The sixties and seventies weren't so bad after when you really think about it. A couple of bad marriages and too much sitting around playing with my weenie probably limited my opportunites...and that's my own damn fault! Those swinging pre-herpes and pre-AIDS days were pretty cool though! And yet...and yet...when I think of all the head these young dudes are getting...yup I'm still envious!

Suze said...

These days you are probably safer being given a blowjob rather than running the risk of HIV.

So maybe the 50's wern't so bad after all. Not that I was born then but you know what I mean.