Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Forties (Part 1) Turning 40 Sucked Big Time!

I turned 40 in August of 1980 and it really sucked! Turning 30 never bothered me (nor any birthday since 40) but the big 4-0 really bummed me out for some reason. Maybe it was my mid-life crisis coming a bit early, I really don't know for sure. I was still reasonably satisfied with my job, was financially secure and enjoying the carefree single life complete with frequent one night stands and casual relationships. I had very little responsibility compared to most of my married friends. I really can't pin point the reason but I remember being very depressed that summer, before and after my birthday. Even jacking off didn't feel as good as it used to (so you just know something was wrong!) I was still still drinking quite a bit at the time. Maybe that had something to do with it, but I think there was more to it than the excess booze.

In September of that year, partly in an attempt to bring me out of my blue funk I took an extended two month vacation and went on my first independent tour of Europe. London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Munich, Zurich, Salzburg, Rome, Barcelona...yes I jacked off in all of those places! Romantic isn't it? LOL

Aside from all of that that compulsive jacking off, I only had sex with a woman twice during the entire trip. The first time was in Amsterdam when I couldn't resist those whores in the open windows of the famous whorehouses. I treated myself to a rather expensive blow job there. It was all pretty mechanical and over way too soon. The gals at the Mustang ranch were far better at the fine art of cocksucking! Not that there is really such a thing as a bad blow job you understand! When I realized how many equivalent American dollars I had spent in that whorehouse, I was sorry that I didn't just stay in my hotel room and jack off.

Later on while riding on a train from Denmark to Germany, I met an American tourist named Beverly and we traveled together for about a week through Germany and Switzerland. Bev was a teacher, in her late 20's or early 30's, dark haired with glasses, quite attractive, very smart and very nice. Of course I wanted to get in her panties right away! That didn't happen until our last night together in a small hotel in Bern, Switzerland. Up until then, we had separate rooms in hotels and bed and breakfast places. I offered to get us a room with two beds together in Bern and since Switzerland was pretty expensive she agreed.

The bottle of French wine we had with dinner probably helped but we ended up sleeping in just one of the beds. Bev initially wanted to limit our activities to mutual masturbation and oral sex but after some nice oral in the "69" position (none too comfortable in that small bed!) she decided she wanted to fuck too. Thank God I packed those condoms in my toilet kit! It was really quite a romantic as well as a sexy night. The next morning Bev had to take the train back to Paris where she was going to fly home. I continued my journey south to Italy and really missed Bev's companionship as well as that nice night of hot sex! It was back to jacking off (what else is new?) for the rest of the trip. Bev and I exchanged cards and letters for a while after I got back. She lived in Illinois so meeting again was pretty impractical and we eventually just stopped corresponding. I wonder ever what happened to that nice gal Bev.

I had fantasies on joining the "Mile High Club" (fucking or getting sucked off at 10,000 feet!) during either long flight to our from Europe but alas that didn't happen unless you count whacking off over the Atlantic! Do I at least get partial credit for that? On that long flight home from London I got aroused staring at the curvy butts of the flight attendants and other female passengers going up and down the aisle so I decided to go into one of the unisex toilets in the rear of the plane and rub one out. Hey those trans-Atlantic flights are long and boring you know! Jerking off sounded better than watching that lame ass movie! I also was curious as to whether an ejaculation at 10,000 feet felt any different or better than an ejaculation on the ground. The results of my experiment: Nope they feel pretty much the same but since all ejaculations feel GREAT that's not necessarily a bad thing. It was sort of a rush jacking off with several hundred of passengers just outside the door too. I'm not sure those very small rest rooms are ideal for fucking anyway although they might be adequate for a blow job or eating pussy. What I'd really like to do someday is stretch out with a willing female partner in the whole middle section of one of those 747's and do the nasty there in the middle of the night when the other passengers are asleep. Fat fucking chance of being that lucky though...although I'm sure we wouldn't be the first couple to accomplish that lovely goal! Just ask any flight attendant on what they have seen in "the friendly skies" during their career! Let me tell you it's just about everything and it definitely includes fucking and sucking! !

The European trip, an education in itself, and the week and the sex with the lovely Bev definitely did cheer me up. By the time I got back to the USA (which also felt very good!) in November I was pretty much over my funk. During my European trip I'd cut down substantially on my drinking so hitting the bars didn't seem all that appealing any more. Oh when I got super horny I would go to my favorite country western joints on a Saturday night and hope to go home with some young, warm and tight pussy to lick and fuck but that bar trolling  wasn't nearly as often as it had been, even right before I went to Europe. Once again I was back to mostly jacking off to relieve my sexual urges and even that familiar solitary act felt better without all that booze!


Suze said...

You cetainly have led an interesting life. I am going to have to do the Shag around Europe thing one day. I would love to visit Amsterdam or Prague. ;)

CJ said...

Are all older dudes so horny as you are?????? You blog is cool!!!!!!!