Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Forties (Part 2) Last Tango in Bangkok

My trip to Europe in 1980 whetted my appetite for more foreign travel. My buddy at work Steve kept telling me I ought to go to Bangkok Thailand which in his humble opinion was truly a bachelor's paradise because of all of those lovely young Thai women who just loved to fuck and suck you for not very much money. Since I hadn't had much luck finding any female companionship in the year since I returned from Europe I decided to give Bangkok a try in the summer of 1981.

Bangkok, which I'd heard referred to as "the Paris of the Far East" turned out to be a miserable hell hole! The heat and especially the humidity were almost unbearable, at least in the hot summertime that I chose to go there. You could actually see the pollution in the air, primarily caused by the horrible automobile traffic, the worst I'd ever seen in my life, that clogged the streets 24 hours a day. Furthermore, every time you stepped out of your hotel you were accosted by various touts trying to sell you everything in the world, from illegal drugs and all varieties of sex to custom made silk suits. The Thai people were very nice and polite (even most of the touts!) but otherwise I hated the whole stinking place!

Sex was then and probably still is really big business in Bangkok! Besides the designated sex districts I was constantly offered poontang for pay from the minute I left the airport.  The attractive Thai woman who met me at the airport (arranged by my travel agent) immediately assumed I was looking for poontang and started offering me her pimp services on the way to my hotel. I politely declined and told her I wanted to just see the city and look around. I went to get a haircut the next morning in the hotel barber shop and the female barber took me into the back room and offered me a blow job (for a substantial tip of course!) She was cute and I was tempted but I wasn't quite ready to engage in sex. I still wanted to look around first.

I took a tour of the city and viewed the spectacular Royal Palace. The tour included all kinds of shopping opportunities for things I had absolutely no interest in buying. I do not go on vacation to shop! After walking around in the sweltering afternoon heat and being approached by tout after tout I decided to go back to my room and drink some cold beer. I was drenched with sweat from that miserable humidity which was like nothing I'd ever experienced, even in my Army days in Korea and Japan. Napa, Sacramento and Stockton can be hot but at least it's a dry heat. I suppose people from Florida and other humid places could handle Bangkok better than this Northern California dude!

After taking a nap and a shower I took a walk to one of the sex districts that night. Before I even arrived at the area I had been offered  every type of sex known to man or beast by touts on the street. There was something on the sex menu for everyone, some of it like sex with minors strictly illegal in most of the rest of the world but apparently tolerated in this city of sex where anything goes. I stopped in at a couple of bars where I was propositioned by cuties before I got a foot in the door. I had several beers but the humid conditions in and out of the bars was not putting me in the mood for pussy. I was still trying to get over a severe case of jet lag too. I decided to go back to my hotel and try for a good night's sleep. The pussy would wait until tomorrow.

There was a message on my phone from the woman tour company employee who drove me from the airport. Her message said it was important so I called her back. She wanted to know how I was doing and if there was anything she could do to make my visit more pleasant. She suggested other tours of the city and outlying areas but I said I really wasn't interested. She then asked me if I wanted some female company to make my stay more pleasant. She said she could send me one of her finest escorts to spend the week with me and "take care of your every need! (Giggle Giggle!)". I told her no thanks. I still intended to do some fucking but wanted to do it my way once I became more familiar with the city. She persisted and finally convinced me that I should at least meet one of her girls for lunch and the first day and night's "entertainment" would be free. I wouldn't have any other obligation. If I liked the girl, she would be my escort for the week. I asked her the price for a week and was surprised how cheap it was. I told her to go ahead and send the young lady to my hotel at noon the next day. Then I went to bed and slept soundly.

The next day the young lady turned out to be a real doll! Thai women are generally quite lovely but this one was absolutely stunning! Tall and beautiful and only 19 years old! I could feel my cock getting hard as she came into my room. We fucked before we went to lunch and ended up spending the whole week together. She showed me the city, we ate lots of good Thai food in nice restaurants, went to several hot night spots but mostly we just stayed naked in the hotel room and had sex. By my preference it was more blow jobs than fucking. Those Thai babes are indeed experts at the fine art of sucking cock! I wish I'd had my camcorder with me. I could have made a great home made X rated video called "Last Tango in Bangkok"!

I spent quite a bit more money than the agreed to amount but it was well worth it. By the time I went back to the airport a week later I was totally pussy whipped...but also glad to get the fuck out of that miserable hot and humid city! I doubt I'll ever go back but if I do it won't be in the summer time!

This debauchery on my part was well before the AIDS epidemic had spread to Thailand and taken it's tragic toll on the people and the sex industry. I've heard that the male tourists continued to pour in from around the world even afterwards and that many of them still played "Pussy Russian Roulette" by fucking the Thai whores without condoms, as unbelievable as that may seem.

The AIDS epidemic pretty much put an end to my days of whoring and substantially cut down on my looking for casual sex too. I also went back to carrying a spare condom in my wallet again and used it even if my new found sex partner was on the pill. As for Thailand's whores and whores everywhere, sorry but I wouldn't want to fuck them even with a condom if I suspected they might have AIDS. I'm not even sure I could get it up in such a case! Rather than take any chance of receiving a death sentence, I'd rather just stay home and be content with jacking off. That's been my philosophy for the last 20 years!

Considering all of the whoring and fucking around that I have done in my life, I've been real fortunate in never catching anything worse than a one time urinal tract infection, quickly cleaned up by antibiotics. When I heard about herpes (which apparently stays with you for life!), that scared the shit out of me! And then along came AIDS, to this day still pretty much a death sentence!  No more trips to Bangkok or Tijuana or even the Mustang Ranch (if it's even still there!) for this Dirty Old Man! I'm clean and I'm going to stay clean, even if I have to do nothing more than jack myself off for the rest of my life, which frankly seems like a fairly strong possibility at this time! Jesus that sucks!


Anonymous said...

That Bangkok story brings back some good memories for me. I did R&R there during the Vietnam war and I came back pussy whipped too! Best fuckin week I ever had in the Army! I like your blog man!

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comment anonymous dude! Maybe I was just expecting too much. No way I would go anywhere near that place now though. From what I understand, AIDS has spread to not only most of the hookers but to the general populace too (since the local guys also visit the whores). I've heard those sex tours for horny bachelors are now called "suicide tours" by some. No thanks, I'll stay home and beat my meat, thank you! At one time it was great though...I'll admit that!