Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jacking Off to Oprah!

The Horny Old Guy prides himself on having an affirmative action friendly, politically correct (yeah, right!) blog so he is proud to announce that his coveted "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month" award goes to the lovely and talented Ms. Oprah Winfrey, the Queen of Afternoon Television.

Yup folks, every Saturday night in March I will be fantasizing about slipping the ancient salami to Oprah as I engage in my favorite solitary activity which is of course jarking off. Oprah really is a babe (well sort of!) as well as being the idol of millions of women and one of the richest and most famous people in America! I tried to find some nude pictures of Oprah on the web but apparently there aren't any (fake pics don't count!) Damn the bad luck! Oh well, guess I'll start videotaping her programs to play back on Saturday night for visual inspiration for jacking off. You da woman Oprah baby! Hell, I might even join your Book Club!


Richard Lovel said...

Perhaps you could be a guest on her show and describe how you spent a month jacking off to her.

Wenchy said...

Well............ can't say I have ever thought about dear Oprah, the sexual being............ thanks for that mental image but I do think she is awesome.

Horny Old Guy said...

Not a bad idea about me being a guest on Oprah's show Richard. She has been having a lot of sex maniac nut cases on lately...why not a dirty old man compulsive masturbator? Wenchy, after looking at your blog, I may trade in Oprah for YOU! (What a babe!!!)

Sorry about spelling Oprah's name wrong in my first post (since corrected). Someone e mailed me and said "If you don't know how to spell her name, you shouldn't be jacking off to her!" Good point!

Suze said...

Horny, perhaps you could take some pics of the results on Saturday. ;)

Missing you come and visit soon.