Saturday, March 04, 2006

Love Those Nude Beaches!

It's been a rainy week here in Stockton town with more to come all next week. I'm sure glad that spring is just around the corner and nude beach weather will soon be here. We have lots of nude beaches on the California coast and even though the coast is 100 miles away, I just love to visit those nude beaches each spring and summer and even into fall. I first discovered nude beaches way back in my thirties. The first one I visited was was a lovely spot near Santa Cruz which was frequented by co-eds from the University near there. I thought I had died and gone to heaven looking at all that nubile young stuff. I've been going back ever since!

Lots of luck in enforcing those regulations on the above sign! It's total bullshit to think guys don't go to nude beaches to ogle the naked babes! Oh yeah they are nice places even if you are alone on the beach, but much more pleasurable with scenery of the female variety to savor. Since I truly love women's bodies of all ages, shapes and sizes, I also enjoy the variety of naked bodies you see on the beach. They are not all Playboy models and that is just fine with me. It's much more interesting and erotic to look at just the average woman's nude form than those of the siliconed bimbos in the skin magazines, who all look way too much alike, at least in my humble and ancient little opinion.

It's also a myth that guys don't get boners on nude beaches. Just take a look at the dude in the picture above. Boners certainly don't happen all the time. Every guy isn't walking around with a woody...but from time to time boners happen and it's no big deal. Hey us guys get hard ons at regular beaches where you have to wear swim suits, why shouldn't we get them at nude beaches where there is much more visual inspiration to make "Junior" stand at attention? That doesn't sound like rocket science to me! You can of course just turn over on your stomach (assuming you are sitting or laying down) if a beach woody is really that embarrassing to you. Nobody really cares anyway. The nude beach regulars are a very mellow crowd. You won't be shunned or ridiculed if you spring a boner! Just don't start waving it at the other beach goers and you'll be just fine!

I've had my share of nude beach boners, especially in my younger days. My most embarrassing one occurred one afternoon many years ago when I was laying on my beach towel talking to a woman my age who was laying on a towel close to me. The woman's high school aged daughter who had been swimming in the ocean joined us. The daughter was absolutely stunning in the nude and as much as I tried to avoid it by averting my eyes the inevitable happened. I sprung a big fat boner right in front of mama and her little darlin'.

I could see by the look in mama's eyes that she was not amused and after whispering something to her daughter they both soon got up and moved to another spot. What can I say mama except that boners just happen, sometimes when you really don't want them to, sometimes when you have no place to hide them...sometimes right beside a sexy mom and an even sexier jailbait daughter on the a nude beach! Sorry mama!

You also occasionally see actual sexual activity on the beach but again that's not the norm. Don't go to nude beaches looking for orgies (unless maybe you go to a gay nude beach!) Once in a while you will see a couple, usually down at the secluded end of the beach, getting it on. I've seen pussy eating, blow jobs and fucking...but only about a dozen times in all of the years I've been frequenting the nude beaches. It's almost always been in a secluded spot, not right in the middle of the crowded beach, although I've seen just that a couple of times too!

I've never had the pleasure of having sex with a partner on a nude beach although I came close one time with a girlfriend I took there. However I have found my own secluded spot and jacked off quite a few times. I've found it to be quite a rush although I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the danger and thrill of possibly being seen (the same as it is with any outdoor sex) or maybe it's the sun's rays on your naked body, but I've had some of the most enjoyable jacking off sessions and powerful ejaculations in my life on nude beaches. Suntan lotion makes a great lube too! Of course you definitely have to be discreet! You don't want to offend anyone or be caught be the cops, who would not be amused! Nowadays with everyone having cell phones, it pays to be extra discreet! It's usually not that hard to find the privacy you need though. Just be careful and enjoy sex in the great outdoors, even if you are by yourself!

So I'll be glad when that warm weather comes back and I can start hitting those nude beaches again. Maybe I'll get lucky and fulfill my lifetime dream of getting laid or sucked off on the beach...but at my age and unless I can find a willing girlfriend to accompany and accommodate me probably not! Oh well I'll  still definitely enjoy the "scenery" and most likely find a secluded spot for some solitary "pleasure" by the end of the day. That will more than justify the sort of long drive to the coast!

By the way, it's generally a very mellow crowd on the nude beaches. You almost never see the rowdy and macho behavior you sometimes see on clothed beaches. Maybe because it's sort of difficult to be rowdy and macho with your weenie hanging out! Behave yourself and you'll find yourself among friends! Horny Old Guy (that's me!) says thumbs (among other things!) up for those California nude beaches. Definitely give one a try if you are ever on the beautiful California coast or any other area where you are allowed to go nekkid on the beach! You'll never want to go back to a clothed beach again! Who ever invented those goofy, unnecessary bathing suits anyway?


MrManicDepressive said...

See, now I'm frickin' jealous of you! Nude beaches, relatively nearby, you lucky bastard! I'm still trying to convince TW to go to one, but we have few nearby. Maybe on our next vacation?!?

anu said...

Mike how r u doing? I enjoy your posts so much.

Horny Old Guy said...

Yeah give those nude beaches a try mrmanicdespressive...great places for horndogs of all ages!

I'm doing fine sweet Anu, sexy lady and poet from the great country of India! Thanks for the comment!