Monday, March 27, 2006

Nice Try Dude!

The above cartoon made me chuckle...besides I couldn't think of anything to write about today! You can only do so many posts about your current sex life when it's exclusively limited to jacking off (not that I don't enjoy that wonderful activity!) I sure wish I could find someone to kiss my "nose"! Of course what I really need down there between my legs is more than just a kiss. A nice, juicy cum in mouth blow job would be mighty fine right about now...or any other time!

As I've mentioned here several times before a full blow job is probably as close to heaven as I'll ever come here on Planet Earth. Since I'm unfortunately missing one of the two key ingredients for a blow job (a warm, willing female mouth) I guess I'll just have to take things in hand while I fantasize about that lovely experience that I miss so very much...being sucked off! Thanks for reading you nice people! Hopefully I'll actually have something a bit less whiny to babble about in my next post. Bye bye for now!


SVN, prn said...


Loquacious_Elf said...

You found me on LiveJournal, so i came to find you on Blogger.

I'm a smiler, too ;) And i think i understand why you can't help me move.

Another factoid you might find interesting; when i was 22/23 i had a lover who was 48. That sounds right up your alley after what i've read.

NeverEnough said...

Haha - love it!

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! Keep on "smiling" loquacious_elf...and your 48 year old lover was one lucky dude!!!