Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who Wouldn't Want to Fuck Debbie Lafave???

This story has been all over the sensation seeking cable TV networks lately. I think Nancy Grace got so outraged she was actually having orgasms on air while talking about it. Is that Nancy Grace woman weird or what? Yeah I'd still like to fuck her!

It seems that a 25 year old teacher named Debra Lafave was playing "Hide the Salami" with one of her 14 year old students. I'll bet he got an "A" on his next report card! One look at the sexy teacher and you can understand why any horny young stud would jump at the chance for that kind of extracurricular activity. Dudes all over the country are probably jacking off right now wishing it was them that became this teacher's pet! Debbie is a babe! I may even consider her for the great honor of becoming a future Jack Off Fantasy of the Month.

This kind of story always hits sort of close to home for me. As I wrote about HERE, my introduction to the wonderful world of fucking came from an older woman, a customer on my paper route. I was 15 and Barbara was in her mid thirties. There were some feelings of guilt (should I be fucking a woman old enough to my my mother?) at the time but more important and scary was the fear that my parents or friends would find out. It only lasted a few months but when it was over I truly missed Barbara and to this day I look back on the experience fondly. How can you ever forget your first fuck and first blow job? It was a great early sex education and gave me some confidence with girls later on too, just what I needed at the time. Those juicy fucks and blow jobs from Barbara were a welcome change of pace from my compulsive jacking off...just as they would be today in fact!

I suppose things like this are wrong. In this case Ms. Lafave was a teacher and we have to take that into account. Teachers shouldn't be fucking their underage students, whether they be male or female. I do however think that there is a double standard in that we sort of snicker at the thought  of older women seducing young guys but are outraged by the thought of older men seducing young gals and of course I'm talking about the seduced participants being minors in both cases, students of the seducer teachers in particular.
Can you imagine a 25 year old male teacher walking away from justice after being caught fucking one of his 14 year old female students? I don't think so! He'd be in jail right now, probably with a big black dick up his butt! And yet it does seem sort of different when the seducer is a woman. I'm sure I wasn't the first teenage boy to learn about sex in the bed of an older woman and this dude won't be the last. The big difference between then and now is that most of us guys kept it quiet in the old days. Nowadays these young dudes seem to like to fuck and tell way too often. Incidents like this get reported in the news with increasing regularity and I think sometimes lives are ruined that really shouldn't be.

My advice for older guys and gals, especially those in positions of authority, would be just to keep your desire for young stuff in the fantasy stage. It's not worth having your personal life or career ruined or spending jail or time over some hot young pussy or hot young cock. Nothing wrong with fantasy and masturbation if you do get attracted to some jail bait of either sex though. Let's face it, both males and females are pretty damn attractive (and sexy!) in their mid to late teens but it's better for all concerned to resist temptation just look and not touch unless you want to end up in jail listening to Nancy Grace rave and rant about you on TV

To you young studs who do happen to be playing "Hide the Salami" with a sexy older gal (you lucky bastards!)...Yo dude! Just keep your fucking mouth shut, enjoy that pussy and those blow jobs and keep a good thing going! It will all be over before you know it! You know what I'm sayin' homie? Now if you will all excuse me, I need to go jack Debbie Lafave! Hubba Hubba! What a babe!


MrManicDepressive said...

Not that I condone her choice, but what kid wouldn't WANT to do her? I know I would! I find it funny and also sad that if that 14 year old had killed someone, he'd be tried as an ADULT, but, he's a poor innocent child because he had sex with an older woman (yeah, I KNOW she was in a position of power, I'm NOT disputing that nor am I disputing it was wrong) Kids these days know so much more than we did as kids and are not as innocent as some folks would like to believe. Hell, they're blowing one another on the school buses where I live.

Oh, and it's a nice double standard isn't it? If Mz. Lafave was ugly or a man, it'd be PMITA prison for sure.

Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

The truth is that teenagers these days are much more experienced than we would like to admit and it hasn't been to long since I was in high school myself so I know what I'm talking about and I tell you, both guys and girls fall in love or have crushes on the younger more attractive teachers and sometimes they act on those feelings, it's not all the teachers fault.
Of course the adult should never let this happen it's simply unetical.