Friday, April 07, 2006

My Sixties (Part 1) Jackin' Around the World!

Yours truly, the Horny Old Guy, turned 60 in August of 2000. Ordinarily this probably would have been a traumatic event, just as my fortieth birthday was but I had decided earlier that my sixtieth birthday would also be the day that I retired so I was actually looking forward to this landmark birthday. I joined the Army right after I graduated from high school and afterwards put another 39 years into civil service, mostly on military bases and by now I was getting burned out by the whole fucking military scene and my job in particular. It was an easy decision to take my pension just as soon as I could!

To celebrate my new state of permanent loafing, I took a three month trip around the world immediately after I retired. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Oslo, Munich, Geneva, Paris, Rome, Barcelona...yes I jacked off in all of those places! (Romantic, isn't it?) Seriously, masturbation was the extent of my sex life on this trip. No whores in Amsterdam, Bangkok or anywhere else! I had given up whoring for good by now. Sorry but I don't want to fuck a whore who just might have AIDS even with a condom! I'm not even sure I could get it up if I had any doubt she might not be disease free! No playing russian roulette with my weenie! I'd rather just stay home and beat my meat!

I met several women along the way but no relationships really developed. At my age I didn't realistically expect much but I suppose I was secretly hoping I would "get lucky" with a sexy young (or old) traveler or foreign resident somewhere on my long journey. The closest I came was in Hong Kong where I met a thirty something Chinese woman on a bus tour of the city. Her home was actually in LA but she was temporarily teaching English in mainland China  We became friendly and I invited her to dinner that night.

We had a nice dinner, rode the Star Ferry across the harbor and roamed around the beautiful city, stopping for drinks several times along the way. We got along great and despite our age difference I thought I had a pretty good chance of scoring young Asian poontang at the close of the evening. Visions of at least a nice juicy blow job danced around in my dirty old mind all evening! No such luck though! A hug and a thank you was all I got at her hotel room door. She made it clear with her body language that I was not invited in. In fact I almost got the door slammed in my face! Oh well, it was back to my own hotel room with a throbbing cock to jack off! What else is new?

And jacking off is all I did on the rest of that fucking trip! Damn the bad luck! Despite not getting laid once, I still greatly enjoyed that around the world jaunt. It was especially nice to know that when I returned home I never had to go to work again. That wonderful thought along with all the jacking off got me through the nights in sometimes lonely and not so pleasant hotel rooms. I sure would have liked to have fucked that cute Chinese babe though! Oh Hell yeah I would!


Meg said...

Wow! Wish I was with you on that trip! I don't think you would have had to masturbate as much hehe!

Horny Old Guy said...

Believe me I wish you were there too Meg! Thanks for that comment!