Friday, April 14, 2006

My Sixties (Part 3) The Rest of the Story!

Well there isn't much more to report on my life story to bring you up to date! I'm now 65, will be 66 in August and there has been very little sex for me except jacking off in the first half of my sixties. I hate to admit it but I've only been with a woman sexually twice in this entire time period. Otherwise it's been just me, my dick and my right hand! Damn the bad luck! The first time there wasn't even any fucking involved and I've already written about the second hopefully this won't take very long!

I met a woman on the bus to Lake Tahoe in the fall of 2003. She got on in Sacramento, sat by me in the crowded bus and we talked most of the way to the lake. Her name was Lily and she was a quite lovely dark haired woman in her late thirties or early forties I would imagine. She was a nurse just taking a two day break for a little gambling and relaxation. She was a very nice gal and by the time we approached the state line I felt comfortable asking her to dinner that night. Since I was at least twenty years older than Lily I wasn't sure that she would go for that but she readily accepted my invitation. We had a nice dinner that evening at Caesar's where I was staying and then went our separate ways. She wanted to do some gambling and I needed to call my real estate agent friend in the area. I was seriously thinking about buying a condo at the lake at the time.

About 10 o'clock I went out and took a walk in the chilly fall air. I met Lily coming out of another hotel casino. I asked her how she was doing gambling and she said not very good. We chatted for a few minutes on the street and I asked her if she wanted to take a walk with me. She said okay and we walked away from the casino areas and down towards the lake itself. We were searching for direct access to the lake but never found it. It's a bit difficult to get to the lake from the casino area, Much of it is apparently private and fenced off which is a shame. We had a nice walk though and talked about many things. One of the things I learned is that Lily had been married for almost 20 years and then had her husband leave her for a younger woman. I invited her to a bar for a drink when we got back to Caesar's. Lily was staying a couple of blocks away in a motel.

After more talk and several drinks we ended up in my hotel room. I didn't know how far I would get but I decided to at least try  to "get lucky" with Lily. The kissing and hugging was fine with her but she quickly laid down the rules with me. No fucking and no oral sex tonight! She was strictly into safe sex and that was okay with me too. As I said before by now I had given up all my whoring and one night stands altogether. She was willing to spend the night with me though and that was good enough for me. I'd had a hard on for her ever since we sat in the bar! We got naked and had a long hugging and kissing and fondling session before we eventually brought each other off with our hands. I kissed her all over except for her pussy and admit that as I kissed her thighs I so much wanted to bury my face in that warm muff but I respected her wishes and moved on, turned her over and kissed her soft, round butt instead. I've always liked hand jobs and her warm soft hand felt so good as she gently and slowly jacked me off. I had the most powerful and rewarding ejaculation I'd had in a long time that night. It was a very nice night! There is really something to be said for safe sex and mutual masturbation!

I had to get up early the next morning to have breakfast with my real estate agent friend Mark. Lily stayed in bed in my room and that was the last I ever saw of her. I came back to the room late morning and she was gone. No note or anything else left in the room. She had talked about taking the afternoon bus back to Sacramento (the same one I was going home on) but she wasn't on it. Maybe she finally hit a jackpot in a casino or found her rich Prince Charming...I don't know but I never saw her again. I had hoped to get her phone number and maybe continue a relationship since Sacramento and Stockton aren't that far apart. I suppose she considered me too old for a steady relationship though and didn't want more than that one night of safe sex. She probably went home on an earlier bus. Maybe she had a steady beau back in Sacramento. Whatever...the one night with her was nice while it lasted!

So it was back to jacking off for the next two years for yours truly. Yeah I know...what else is new? My old ex girlfriend Gloria visited me last fall and believe it or not we actually had oral sex and fucked! I wrote about that when it happened in September in a post entitled "Damn! I Actually Got Laid!" HERE so I won't bore you with the details again. Briefly, I hadn't seen Gloria in about 15 years. We had a rather stormy steady relationship when I was in my late forties and she lived right next door to me. She now lives in Oregon, has been married and divorced twice and was in Stockton to visit her mother. She came over just for old time's sake and we soon ended up in bed...we fucked again just for old time's sake. Since it had been a long time (don't ask!) since I'd engaged in that wonderful sport of fucking, it was absolutely GREAT!

Just like with Lily, it was over all too quickly though. Gloria couldn't spend the night. No going back for seconds or a blow job in the morning! She had to get home to "mommy" (Gloria is in her mid fifties!) and then she was heading back home to Oregon in the morning. We promised to keep in touch by phone or e mail but we've done neither since that night. Our relationship was over a long time ago and yet that one night of fucking was a welcome change of pace from whacking off. At my age, you have to take your thrills when and where you can find them!

That's about it my friends! One hand job and one fuck in the first five years of my sixties! Remember that the final years of my fifties were pretty much limited to jacking off for sexual release too. And you wonder why I am the self proclaimed Horny Old Guy? I'm not going to make stories up about things that didn't happen though. Nor am I complaining or looking for sympathy either. I'm still pretty content with my life. A steady partner for sex and everything else would be welcome and I'm still looking for that but for now I do enjoy my independent lifestyle...and just as it did when I was 13, jacking off and my sexual fantasies still get me through the lonely and not so lonely nights! Hey thanks for reading this goofy blog!


SVN, prn said...

Hang tight, life is by no means over for you. Lots of folks find love (and sex into their 80's) Keep busy. Volunteer tons. You never know where you might meet someone. And remember there are WAY more single women then men over the age of 65. Simple reality men die sooner.

Try volunteering at the hospital, from what I see the ratio of men to women is about 6 to 1. As long as you don't mind wearing a pink smock (*kidding* they have another color for the men)

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comment and encouragement svn. Yup, I am well aware that life (and sex!) ain't over yet! Not as long as my right hand still works anyway! LOL