Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So Much For Computer Dating!

Well I guess I should have known what my ideal computer date would be, huh?

Seriously I tried computer dating way back in the late 1970's. That's of course before we all had our own personal computers. You sent your profile to a company that fed your data into their gigantic computer (and I still wonder if some of those companies even had an actual computer!) and supposedly the computers kicked out some names of ideal dates for you. For about $20 per year they would send you periodic lists with phone numbers...and the rest was up to you! It was just okay. I met a couple of nice women and a couple that were totally incompatible with me...and no I don't mean that they just wouldn't let me fuck them! Actually I never fucked any of them, not that I didn't try with all but the goofiest and ugliest ones. I was just uncomfortable with the whole concept...and I still am today! I don't even like blind dates set up by friends, let alone  by a fucking computer!

Back then, us computer daters were rare and we sort of felt like freaks. At least I did. I mean you felt like you were a fucking loser, the only guy in town who couldn't find women any other way and had to resort to that damn computer in your pathetic attempt to find a date and get laid. I doubt that many of us even told our friends that we were involved in computer dating. It would have been worse than admitting that your hobby was jacking off (which in my case was also true!) I was relieved when I finally got involved in another relationship and could cancel my membership. Today it's a whole different story of course and millions of us do computer dating. No shame any more and I think it's a good thing! Hell if I didn't think the computer would come up with a match for me like that in the top cartoon, I might even try it again. Then again, I might not!


SVN, prn said...

Go for it.

I find it to be a great way to meet people (men). My philosophy is, when was the last time I met anyone in the produce isle at the grocery store? --never!

It is a great way to weed out the deal breakers (example; no smokers for me)..and narrow down my search for a guy with the qualities I am looking for.

Also, time is precious to me and this is a way to save time.

Horny Old Guy said...

Good points svn! I think it's healthy computer dating (and just meeting people you've met on the web) is widely accepted now. I think it definitely does increase your chances of meeting a compatible partner. It sure would have been better than those bars I used to hang out at!

Amelia Sartoysha said...

I met my husband online. Not on a dating service, but randomly in a chat room many years ago. We've been happily married for almost 6 years now. It can be done! I like your blog, and thanks for stopping by mine.

madman said...

Great picture! Woody Allen once said... (kidding) Go for it!

anu said...

Dropped in give you little kiss Mikey..


Anastasia Beaverhousen said...

Hey I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that met my husband online! Good for you Amelia I'm on my forth year of marriege.