Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well That Makes Sense to Me!

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So this 81 year old gent in downtown Ridgewood, New Jersey is jacking off in his car when a woman comes by, spots gramps whacking his ancient pecker/ She is not amused and I can't say that I blame her! She calls the cops who come and arrest the old jerker. He tells the cops that it was not possible that he was masturbating because he doesn't have a penis. Well, that makes sense to me! How the hell can you jack off without a dong? He said he had dry skin and was just "itching" it. (Nice try dude!) One smart ass on the web said that the judge ought to go easy on the old guy because there really isn't much to do in New Jersey but jack off in your car! LOL I've been to Bew Jersey and have to agree!

As for me, I'm at least encouraged that some old fart almost old enough to be my freaking father is still able to beat his meat. It gives me new hope for the future! Still I readily admit that it's best to keep it zipped in public at any age and Gramps ought to find a more private place to practice his "hobby". You really don't want to make some nice lady who just had her lunch have to say "Ewwwwww!" do you? Come to think of it, I've probably done just that right here in this blog more than once! A thousand apologizes to all who have been offended! I'll try to keep it zipped myself in the future. Then again...maybe I won't! LOL

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Anonymous said...

Too freaking funny!!