Thursday, April 20, 2006

Yet Another Dirty Old Bastard!

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Hey these old pervs are giving us horny old guys a bad name! First we had Grandpa Jerkoff (see post below) jacking off in his car right in the middle of downtown and now we have this old fart Phillip Winikoff, 76 years old from Miami, going door to door posing as a doctor and offering free breast exams. Of course what he really wanted to do was cop a feel and he didn't stop at the breasts. The amazing thing is that at least two women accepted his offer! One woman became suspicious because he didn't even wear gloves while he was doing his "exam". I'll bet right now he's sitting in a jail cell (quite rightly!) and wishing he'd just stayed home and jacked off while he just fantasized that he was a doctor and Dolly Parton just walked into his office. I'm not making this stuff up folks...the news is getting very weird!


CP said...

Please. I am a nurse in a very respected cancer center in Florida. I get my sweet old men dropping their drawers for full body exams all the time. Often, they have the cutest little boners because they know they are allowed to show their penis to the nurses. I've had more than my fair share of itchy old men. I tell them to rub some cortisone on their penis...WHEN THEY GET HOME.

They usually get the hint.

I'm just thrilled that someone still finds me masturbation worthy.



Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comment cp! I think all of us guys have had fantasies about nurses ever since we were horny teenagers. I've sprung a couple boners (one not too long ago!) in front of nurses myself. Not that I wanted to but boners just happen! It sounds like you are a babe and inspiration for masturbation indeed...but I agree it's only proper that those horny old codgers rub those itchy boners WHEN THEY GET HOME! Better yet, let their wives or girfriends do it for them! Cheers!