Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Yup! I Know Women Masturbate Too!!!

I received an e mail from a nice woman named Ellie who told me that I was concentrating way too much on male masturbation and asked "Don't you know that us women masturbate too?". Yes my dear Ellie I am well aware of that fact! I really didn't mean to slight women in any manner but I guess that because I'm a guy and jacking off is what us guys do and at present jacking off is my only means of sexual release that's what I frequently babble on about in this lame ass blog. I'm not quite as obsessed with jacking off it as it might seem though. Now as a teenager I was truly obsessed but I've matured...a little bit...I think. At least it's not on my mind 24/7 anymore!

Women are much more qualified to discuss the fine art of female masturbation than us men are anyway and I'm happy to see it mentioned and even discussed in detail in so many female written blogs, and for that matter in society in general. I grew up in an era when most women wouldn't admit that they EVER masturbated, even to their husbands and boyfriends. It's great to see the subject now candidly mentioned by women, often in blogs that don't even have that much to do with sex otherwise.
In my own personal life, my last couple of girlfriends have admitted that they used vibrators and that's a major change from the women I used to date and have relationships with. Admittedly the subject is a major turn on for most of us guys too...we love to hear about it, read about it and of course love to see pictures and videos of women masturbating. Even better is seeing our partners do it in front of us in real life! Very, very erotic to most of us!
In honor of National Masturbation Month the Horny Old Guy officially recognizes and fully approves of the wonderful act of female masturbation. Masturbation is certainly equally normal, healthy and fun for both sexes! Come to think of it multiple orgasms actually make it MORE fun for women! Now I'm jealous! All women are cordially invited to join in the festivities and excuse me for not making the invitation more clear before! Let the jacking AND the jilling begin!!!


Shay said...

Hurray for Masturbation month (again)!! ^_^

(glad you liked the hentai pic) ^_~

Ellie P. said...

Thanx Mike hehe!

Horny Old Guy said...

My sentiments exactly Shay darling! (Yeah that hentai pic was cool...thanks for letting me steal it!)

You're welcome Ellie hehe! Thanks for reminding me I was ignoring the women who share my "hobby"!