Thursday, June 01, 2006

Jacking Off To Lindsay Lohan!

Well now that National Masturbation Month is over I'll try to give the subject of jacking off a rest for a while...right after I name my "Celebrity Jack Off Fantasy of the Month". This great honor for the month of June goes to Lindsay Lohan, whoever the fuck she is! I haven't got a clue but when I came across a couple of pictures of this sexy babe with her boobs hanging out (and very nice boobs they are!) I knew that she was indeed my kind of woman! Every Saturday night in the month of June I will be jacking off with nasty fantasies of slipping the big salami to sweet Lindsay running through my ancient mind. At my age it (unfortunately) just doesn't get much better than this folks! Enjoy the month y'all


Anonymous said...

When am I going to be your jack off fantasy Mike? Better yet when are we going to f--- hehe?


p.s. answer your mail!

Horny Old Guy said...

You're ALWAYS in my jack off fantasies Cyn! Name the day that we are going to do the nasty (PLEASE!!!) Think I answered your last e mail babe...send it again if I didn't!