Monday, June 19, 2006

Some Things Never Change!

Well I really thought I'd have another headline for this post like "I Finally Got Laid Again!" but it ended up as just another Saturday night of jacking off. Some things never change...or so it seems in my life! I had a hot date lined up for Saturday night, postponed from a couple of weeks ago. I hoped that I would come out of it with at least a hand job and hopefully lots more! Thoughts of sucking tits and eating pussy as well as being sucked and fucked were running through my nasty mind all week! I hadn't jacked off for almost a week despite all those boners I had while thinking about possibly getting my first piece of tail since last September. I was saving "Junior" for all that action on Saturday night, wanting "him" to be full charged and ready for action!

 I talked to Marcella on the phone Thursday night and all systems were go. She even gave some subtle verbal hints that she was ready to get laid herself. Saturday morning I cleaned up the place, hid all my porno and dug out my Viagra (although my dick was telling me I wasn't going to need it this night!) Then Marcella calls me Saturday afternoon and says she is sorry but she is not feeling well and wants to cancel our date. Grrrrr!!! Damn the bad luck!!!

Marcella is the Filipino gal that I've gotten friendly with at a coffee shop where we both stop for coffee at the same time almost every morning. She's 38, never been married and works in a medical clinic. She shares an apartment with another Filipino woman less than a mile from my place here in Stockton. She's very pleasant to talk to, quite attractive with long black hair, glasses and a lovely slim body. Every time I look at that shapely young butt I start thinking nasty thoughts and feel a rising in my pants! She's been in my jack off fantasies more and more often lately (sorry Jessica and Lindsay!) Marcella is of course 27 years younger than me and I'm not sure how much we really have in common. Being a realist I truly wonder if there is any long term potential in a relationship such as ours. All I really know is that she really turns me on and if I get the chance I am going to slip the big salami to her! We'll worry about how long the relationship lasts after that.! At my age you just don't let any younger poontang possibilities like this pass you by!

We didn't re-schedule the date when she called. Hopefully she hasn't decided to back out altogether. I'm sure I'll see her this week at the coffee shop and see what develops. I was disappointed about Saturday night of course but it's not the first time I've had a date cancelled. It's almost surely not the last either! As always with cancelled dates there was nothing else to do but whip out the old dick and jack it off which in recent years has become the fucking story of my life!

Oh well, jacking off still works and after not wanking for almost a week, that powerful ejaculation felt especially good to me. The only thing that would have felt better would be pumping it into Marcella's tight young pussy. Only time will tell if that will actually happen (sigh)!


Cheri said...

Hey! I LOVE your blog! Glad I got to stop by and I found you!! XOXO

Horny Old Guy said...

Hey Cheri thanks! I love your sexy blog too! Cheers!