Thursday, July 27, 2006

Careful With That Knife Doc!

Well I talked about it before and now I'm going in on Friday to get a vasectomy. Marcella telling me that she could never have an abortion because of her religion last weekend was my final incentive to make the big move although I was heading in that direction anyway. Marcella is Catholic (ugh!) but at least she is in favor of birth control and in fact had already started to take birth control pills herself. Now she can forget those things. We've also been using condoms every time we fucked so there is no pregnancy to worry about yet. I don't want to take any chances way I am about to be a daddy again at my age...and I do want to get back to bareback fucking just like in the good old days so the time has come to go get that vasectomy done! Am I nervous and apprehensive about it? Oh Heell yes! I mean it's the first time I've had anything cut "down there" since I was circumcised and I don't suppose I was thrilled about that either!

The vasectomy is something that I should have done over 30 years ago but you know how us men are about even going to the doctor, let alone let the doc take his scalpel to our private parts! It's not only the worry about physical pain, there is something psychological about it too. You won't be ejaculating any more sperm and for some reason that seems to affect your manhood, at least your perception of it. Yeah I's all silly and I don't worry about things like that let's go get it over with! I took the first appointment that my urologist had open. Let the snipping begin! Just be careful with that knife doc (please!)

I've read all the handouts that the doctor gave me and researched the subject on the web a bit. Basically it looks like I go in, the nurse gets me ready (oh oh!), then the doc gives me a shot of anesthetic in the nut sack (OUCH!) and then makes a couple of small incisions there. The doctor I'm going to uses a "no scalpel" procedure which is supposedly much less invasive than the old scalpel way. He cuts the tube that carries the sperm and sews me back up. I have Marcella drive me home and then expect to have some discomfort, even pain for a few days. Not even a shower for a couple of days, no tub baths for about a week. No big deal so far!

The really bad news is no fucking or jacking off for at least 72 hours, maybe up to a week (Damn!) Lots of fucking and jacking off once the pain is gone (Yeah!) because many ejaculations are necessary to make sure that the sperm in the ejaculate is gone. I also have to go back to the doc's office several times and jack off in a bottle to confirm that I'm shooting only "blanks". Finally (in about a month I believe) the doc gives me the "all clear" sign for condom-less bareback fucking! That will definitely be a day for celebration! I can hardly wait!

Marcella is coming over tonight for a fuck-a-thon since there definitely will be no fucking this weekend. Hopefully another sweet blow job from her warm mouth in the morning before she drives me to the doc's office. This is one time I don't think I have to worry about springing a boner in the doctor's office, even if he has the hottest nurse on the planet. By noon tomorrow it will be all over, aside from the recovery of course. Unless the operation kills me, I'll be back in a few days with more incoherent babbling. Have a nice weekend y'all and for your own sake, DON'T think of me!


Jess said...

If it makes you feel any better, my ex-step-father-in-law (big title I know) had this done..and he went out and got laid that So it all depends on the man I reckon. Good luck! You'll do fine :p

Anonymous said...

Ha Mike don't sweat it. I had it done years ago, and was back to fucking in no time flat, with little pain. Its great your gettin some pussy now, with bj's on the side. She sounds like a great lady. Drop a line when your back,,,Bi for now Rob..

Anonymous said...

Hey, you somehow found your way over to my Live Journal, so I thought that I would return the favor.

Good luck on the snip-snip. I just went through this last weekend with my boyfriend, and we were back to having sex 3 days later (albeit carefully, her on top seems to work best). Just remember to stock up on your frozen peas and tighty whities.

And yes, of course we women masturbate, and sometimes we even fantasize about our own men. ;-)

~ Quick Chick

Cynthia said...

Yo Mikey is that really your dick? Nice!!!!!! :) More guys should do what you are doing. Hurry back hon!

Your friend Cyn
who still wants to do it wit u hehe

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks for the comments and encouragement folks! Nice to know I'm not the only one who is going through this!

Yeah Cyn that is my dick alright. Where else am I going to find a pic of a 65 year old weenie? LOL Ah where were you when I needed you darlin'? Cheers!

MrManicDepressive said...

Good luck with the healing. You'll be fine.

MistressRegina said...

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