Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here Cums The Judge!!!

Click on this article and read all about it:

Have you been reading about 58 year old Judge Donald Thompson of Oklahoma? This judicial old perv has been on trial for doing some mighty strange things while on the bench. Several female witnesses including an attorney and a court reporter testified that they saw his honor jacking off, using his penis pump, pissing in a waste basket and shaving his nut sack (say what?), all during trials, including one murder trial. The court reporter said she saw his honor's pecker at least 15 times. She finally had enough (I don't blame her!), turned the old cocksucker in and Judge Thompson found himself as a defendant on trial himself. This whole story gives new meaning to the phrase "Here comes (cums?) the judge!"

I guess there were quite a few moments of hilarity in that courtroom as witnesses described what Judge Jerkoff was doing. Both the defense attorney and the prosecutor were pantomiming jacking off and examining and playing with the judge's penis pump. A doctor lectured on the lengths (!) the defendant was willing to go to in order to enhance his sexual performance. I would have loved to have been there! Where is Court TV when we really need them?

The jurors found Judge Jerkoff guilty and he was sentenced to a year in prison along with a "stiff" fine. He may also lose his $90,000 pension which serves the old bastard right. These sick old fucks are giving us horny old guys a bad name! I've got the feeling that the judge will have a pretty rough time in prison especially if he meets up with some of the dudes he himself sentenced to be there. He'll probably really miss his penis pump in the slammer too. Instead his mouth may be pressed into service as a "penis pump" on the big dick of that big bad ass black dude they call "Bubba". In the shower room he will also probably be hearing these three familiar words from Bubba and his buddies: "Bend over motherfucker and let me drive you home!" Justice will be done I suppose! Don't drop the soap your honor!

In a somewhat related story, NBA basketball star Eddie Griffin is being sued because he allegedly crashed his luxury SUV into another SUV while driving drunk and jacking off while watching porn on his dashboard mounted DVD player, all at the same time!. He apparently got the "star treatment" from the police and wasn't even tested for his alcohol level, just escorted home by the cops instead! He initially tried to buy off the owner of the other SUV with offers of a new vehicle of his choice but the other guy wouldn't go for it. I thought these jock superstars were supposed to get all the free pussy they wanted but like yours truly I guess some of them need that jacking off on the side too.

Watching DVD porn while at the same time driving down the road is hardly acceptable behavior though, especially when you are fucking drunk! A couple of witnesses reportedly saw his exposed pecker and the porn still playing on his DVD player. The XXX rated DVD covers for "Anal Action" and "Privates" were also seen in his vehicle. Griffin in fact admitted to bystanders that he was "fucked up" and been "jacking off". This should also be an interesting trial! Too bad "Judge Jerkoff" can't preside over it!

Wait until Nancy Grace hears about this! She may ask to personally inspect Griffin's "evidence" if you know what I mean and I think you do! Hopefully she won't have too many orgasms on live TV when she rails against this pervert! Hey thanks for reading, see you next time!


Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy will be all over that "Car Jackers" to Can't imagine watching the road and jerking at the same time. Ha Mike, have you ever gotten head while driving? I had a guy offer it to me one time. We were right downtown and I didnt go for it. Wish no that I did, never got the offer again. And boy could he give head...Bi for now - Bi Johnny (Ha Mike, am I your first Bi male comment guy?) Bi Johnny

Horny Old Guy said...

Yeah Bi Johnny I've gotten head while driving a few times, most memorably while stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the San Diego freeway. My g/f at the time decided to give the truckers a show. At higher speeds you really have to watch your driving when the old "volcano" erupts! I still think it's more fun (and safer!) while you're parked (bring back the drive in movies!) Yeah I believe you are my first bi male commenter, at least the first that mentioned he was bi. You have twice as many chances to get a blow job on Saturday night eh? Thanks for your comments!

P.S. This jockstrap asshole who was watching DVD while driving is a whole other case. He was endangering lives, could easily have killed somebody with both his drunk driving and DVD watching, forget the jacking off part (that can be done relatively safely while driving!). His ass belongs in jail with Judge Jerkoff! (End of editorial!)

Margaret said...

ROTFLMAO! Yes, I read about that horny judge and this is the first blog I've come across that told the story sooo well! Thanks for the laughs, I will be back.


anu said...

Hope you're having a fab weekend Mike :)

Kisses to you

Horny Old Guy said...

Glad you enjoyed that Margaret. Thanks for stopping by and the comment!

The weekend could have been better Sweet Anu. Wish you were here so I could kiss your.....oh you know! Cheers!