Monday, July 24, 2006

More Monday Morning Mental Masturbation

It was another HOT weekend here in Stockton town! It's always hot in the summer here but we've been setting some records lately. I guess that's been the story in much of the country...this is just one hot fucking summer! Wonder if it has anything to do with global warming? For Marcella and myself it was another weekend of staying home, staying cool (thanks to that now wonderfully working air conditioner) and staying naked! Not quite as much sex as last weekend but pretty damn close. Unlike last weekend Marcella did get up to go to church on Sunday morning but she was sweet enough to treat me to a Sunday morning cum-in-mouth blow job before she got up. What a gal! I've said it before and I'll say it again...a full cum-in-mouth blow job is as close to heaven as I'll ever come here on earth...or most likely anywhere else! Thanks Marcy honey!

It's our one month anniversary today. June 24 was our first date and our first fuck. It's been a good month! I'm still not sure how long this thing is going to last. Different races, big age difference (she's 38, I'm almost 66!), not that much in common. I'm enough of a realist to know that it probably won't last forever. So far, so good though! The regular sex with a partner sure beats only jacking off for sexual relief. Of course I haven't stopped the wonderful sport of wanking altogether. Aside from our coffee shop meets in the morning, Marcella and I don't see each other much during the week so once or twice about mid week I usually take off all my clothes, lay down on my bed, whip the old dick out and jack it off. Marcella of course is now in many of my jack off fantasies and I have to admit that Patty, Marcy's younger Filipina roommate is in those fantasies too. Ah a threesome with those two would be sweet! Fat chance of that actually happening but it makes a great jack off fantasy!
I don't think I've ever stopped jacking off completely while in any relationship and I don't see any reason to stop now. Masturbation is just a different feeling than fucking, you can fantasize to your heart's content, it's free and it's fun! What's not to like about that? I hope Marcella is having some mid week masturbation too although that's a subject we haven't discussed yet.

Here is a picture I found on that gave me the inspiration to whip it out last week. This babe was apparently part of a nude bike ride in Vancouver. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Ever see more perfect tithes? More proof that in most cases the average woman on the street is more beautiful and more sexy than all those siliconed babes in porn or hot movie stars. Talk about looking good enough to eat, which among other things is just what I would love to do to her! Oh what I'd give for just one suck on that splendid painted titty! Yummy Just looking at this pic again has given me another hard on. I better finish this post and take care of business if you know what I mean and I think you do!

Some joker e mailed me this picture and asked "Is this you Mike?" LOL Well I'll admit that there is a slight resemblance but no I am actually NOT a weenie waver! Oh I've let it hang out right here from time to time to illustrate a point but that's different. This is a blog clearly labeled for adults only. I have no intention of offending anybody and I have even less intention of going to jail. I've never really understood those weenie wavers. Yeah I know I told THAT story about me and a buddy as teenagers waving our weenies at a few cars on a highway overpass above us but that was just a stupid juvenile prank which came to an abrupt end when we spotted a Highway Patrol cruiser up there. I've been caught a few other times over the years jacking off, like in the laundromat I recently mentioned or in the great outdoors or in hotel and motel rooms, but those times were pretty much accidents. No way I would expose myself in public to someone who doesn't want to see my ancient dong or even my former young dong. That just ain't me and like I said I really have never understood those with that compulsion. If they do get arrested, they have little sympathy at all from me!

Speaking of those wackos who do insist on waving their weenies in public, above is another photo I came across while searching for nude pics on flickr. This is apparently from the recent Gay Parade down there in Sin City (San Francisco) and it shows this nut case gay dude right in the middle of a crowd in the heart of downtown San Francisco not only stark naked but jacking off. The funny part is that hardly anybody seems to be giving him a second glance. That must have really pissed him off! I guess this fits in the "Only in San Francisco" category! I don't think this dude would have gotten away with that here in Stockton and I don't think he should have anywhere. There is a time and a place for everything...and this just ain't the place for jacking off dude, Gay Parade or no Gay Parade! Public nudity is one thing and I think even acceptable on such an occasion but not actual public sex in my humble and ancient opinion. I mean families and tourists do have a right to be downtown without seeing an explicit exhibition like this. This weenie waving asshole should have been thrown in the can but I don't suppose the left wing pandering to gay lifestyle political climate in San Francisco would allow that!

Have a wonderful week y'all! Stay cool and don't do anything I wouldn't do...and believe me that gives you LOTS of latitude! Just do it in private, okay? No waving your weenie or any other private parts down by the schoolyard or anywhere else, okay? Now let me get back to the pic of that lovely young lady on the bike...and the sound of the zipper on the fly of the Horny Old Guy's jeans is heard in the background...see 'ya!


Anonymous said...

OMG I am in love with that bike chick! Those tits are too fuckin perfect! Agree about the fag jackoff guy too. Enjoy your blog man keep it up man!

Tim in Grass Valley
another old fart hehe

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said...

HAHAHAHA....this is some of the funniest shit I've ever read!! How did u stumble upon ME?? Thanks for stopping by...

To answer your question, there's nothing wrong with masturbation, I just don't wanna SEE it...and trust me, I've been with my husband for 11 years and I'M STILL NOT INTERESTED in seeing him jack thanks!!

Horny Old Guy said...

Thanks Tim in Grass Valley! When I lived in Sacto I once had a g/f in your town...but that's a whole different story...and one I'd rather forget.

Thanks the phoenix too! I think it was "that" comment about jacking off that led me to led me to your cool blog, thanks to the Google Blog Search. From my vast experience I've found that some women like to watch us jack off, others are indifferent and still others say "Ewwwww!" It's different strokes (and I do mean STROKES!) for different folks you know! Thanks for reading this nonsense!

The Phoenix aka ThatGirlTam said... vote is still ewwww!

fred said...

I agree with anonymous- that bike chick is really nice. Painted tits are so erotic. That pics got me stroking my cock in lust!